all my aphorisms

Coffee doesn't make you smarter. But it does make you arrive at the wrong answer more quickly.

People have people smarts.

We need a Viagra for the mind. Rush blood to that organ.

YEAR 2001

An insight is not a realization of how the world is. An insight is a way of looking at the world that makes sense of the world for you.

All ed is special ed.

As I age I must learn to absorb the punishment caused by my reaction to other people's impressions of me.

One mirror is what others see, the other mirror is what I see when I look in the mirror.

Not only TV psychics, but all the religions, should put at the bottom of their appeal: "For entertainment purposes only."

YEAR 2002

A third eye for a third eye.

Am I half-aware? or half-unaware?

Don't believe everything you think.

Here we remain, overstimulated and unilluminated.

I am always pretending to be me.
Usually I get away with it.

If you're tired of the Internet you're tired of life.

I'm living my life away.

Let us not reinvent the square wheel.

The opposite of thank you is fuck you.

We are caught up in the wisdom of the moment.

paraphrase software

The baseball hat is another stupid national costume, like the fez.

A useful word: exuxoriphobia.

I do not share the romantic view of the cowboy in American mass culture. They were food-handlers!

If there were not any four-letter words, people would have to invent them.

Well constructed sentences, free of superfluous and meaningless words, are still the best way of communicating.

When it comes to religion, why is it so hard to say "But that's only my opinion..."?

Actors are enjoyable to watch, even just sitting around. They are charismatic and likable.
I am neither. I can't even play myself very well.

Whatwould be a test for watching a movie correctly?

"that's just the mind talking"

I've got growing (old) pains.

Men want to have sex with most women.
Women may not want to have sex with most men, but they want most men to want to have sex with them.

A prayer to Fate: Please don't let this decade too, in hindsight seem like a golden age.

Another thing I hate about God: he does not exist.

It is not your fault, but it is your problem.

Canned food: crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

One of life's guilty pleasures is taking delight in one's job.

We all have a blind date with the future.

Life is an awkward dress up party.

You can't go home once.

a miniature Stonehenge for your yard

Facts are like noisy children the mind can drag almost anywhere it want.

Maybe people would like winter more if we changed the name of snow to syes.

YEAR 2003

I am going to say the word fuck until it loses all shock valued: fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...[oh never mind]

I love the name Shakespeare. Maybe I should call myself Wavegun.

Whatever you say about the moon, looking at the moon trumps it.
Unless it's a really crappy moon.

Divorce is often about fighting over who will get stuff that nobody actually wants.

Don't tell me that good food is just a matter of taste!

a franchise of stores selling colored socks and colorful yet stylish men's clothing. it could be called The Gay Store, or HOMO.

bad breath mints - that make your breath smell bad (useful for getting rid of a bad blind date)

Everything points to nothing.

Exercise recklessness.

Why the fuck should God bless America? Anyone?

a pin-on heart for my sleeve

Everyone is wearing falsies.

It's not exciting being normal — but that's normal.

Napping, the most gentle exercise

Platonic sex

programmable shoes that squeak, make farting noises, beings and other sounds while you are walking.

The omen came and the omen went.

United we stand?
No, united we usually lie down.

When people connect they open up a broadband connection between each other for all the good things. When things go bad in a relationship, the same conduit is still there for all the bad things to come through. We are undefended.

Where the fuck are we?
Here the fuck are we!

Who is the patron saint of sex?

A good book is an alternate reality that enriches the one in which I live.
It is a wine of understanding that goes well with life.

Fun idea: soda pop that opens violently no matter what you do.

My depths are trompe l'oeil.

The examined life is difficult to live — it's been examined to death.

A philosopher is just anyone who makes a lot of sense.

Marriage is often a way of not dealing with the relationship.

Sometimes you cannot see because the car ahead of you is swirling up dust on the dirt road. The dust then becomes your guidepost.

a turn signal for cars that turns itself off automatically after say sixty seconds

Annoying Safety Tip©:
All passwords must contain at least 2 Chinese characters

Annoying Safety Tip©:
always drive with your horn on, so other drivers will always be aware that you are coming.

Annoying Safety Tip©
really big lights on all stoplights.

Annoying Safety Tip©:
The world is a hard-hat area, with hard-gloves and hard underwear

artificial fire-flies for your house, flying in patterns- for ambiance

deodorant for dogs, put it on his balls and refresh his breath as well

"I piss on your farts"

I spend a day at the lake. Between the heat of the sun and the calming chill of the water, I become all sensation.

One of the defining characteristics of a good summer day — you have no thoughts.

Perhaps we would crush a child between two school buses as the beginning of the school year to insure school route safety. We are after all willing to sacrifice Iraqi children to insure safety from terrorism, or ruin the lives of drug-users to appease the gods of retribution and uncertainty.

Road rapture: the opposite of road rage.

Stupid Safety Tips™: label every rock in every park as something you might trip over.

The American flag does not belong exclusively to conservative bigots. Whenever I see someone displaying the flag, I now assume they are secret socialists and lovers of peace. The flag can stand for gay pride, pride in the gay American soldier, socialized medicine, universal tolerance. The flag stands that for the hope that one day conservative selfish assholes will not rule the government.

A flashlight doesn't flash! A strobe light flashes. A flashlight should be called a steadylight.

the Germans have a word for it: "pig-dog!"

With today's technology, why are cars still painted in monochromatic colors? what about cars: painted like an appaloosa, mottled with spots? or painted like a beagle, with a black top, a brown front, and a white underbelly? painted like a python fish, a Gila monster, a neon tetra, or an angel fish?

Perhaps I would like it more if it were called the Department of Motherland Security

Spokane — no hip people to annoy you.

The word modern dates from 1585. What is a more modern word for modern?

A mid-life crisis is at bottom a life-crisis.

Books flow over your pigeonholes and fixed ideas
like people do.

Here's a good idea - the seven day weekend

I'm tired of the future being the same as the past.

The take-off is the orgasm of plane rides

When you dress in the latest hip style, you are wearing modernity clothes.

After having had three wives, I am finally "spousebroken."

a service to provide food packages from countries you have visited. For example, Gwen and I visited Guadeloupe. We would like a package of common Guadeloupian food: sugar, paté, matches, etc.

I seek the truffles of truth.

Please — tell me a satori.

To become a hipster it helps to like what others really do not.

YEAR 2004

couldn't someone make a cute Plimsoll line to stick on the side of the tub so you would know how high to fill it for a nice full submersible bath?

Happiness does not only come from doing what you want to do, happiness also comes from doing what you should be doing.

If you can't believe in cynicism, what can you believe in?

Isn't that why we are put here one earth, to write novels?

new school punctuation Old School punctuation, sometimes called "proper" or "correct" grammar, likes its punctuation nested. For example: "I ate my lunch (and it was delicious)" said John. New School grammar, or "hip" or "experimental" grammar, wants to write things like : "I ate my lunch (and it was delicious" said) John. We can expand communication by adopting an atonal grammar, a nu skhool grammar. These are not false notes but differently enabled notes for a new kind of communication. We might explore the possibilities of: Random ap'ostrophes. Punctuation in the !middle of a sen.tence Bob ,he said .I love your. ca'r. A period inside a long pronounce.itation. —em-dashes every.—where

Some people believe that most slang comes from young, inner city kids. Not always. Tonight [January 26, 2004] I invent the phrase: "That is so fuck!"

something had gone terribly right

Style is when you spend money to replace perfectly usable clothes.

A dress made entirely out of dress labels.

Annoying Safety Tip—:
the edges of all paper should be coated with plastic, so you don't get paper cuts.

No matter how bad you look in a photograph, a few years down the road, you will think you looked pretty damn good.

We talk about the weather. It puts us in the same world. It's a kind of sex.

Books are shoes for the mind.

It is easiest to forgive the past if you don't know very much about it.

Seeing gets in the way of thinking.

Couldn't (shouldn't) we teach people to be interesting?

for the ladies, a combination phone, vibrator and stun gun

Today is not yesterday.
It never is.

I need to fly under my own radar

Part of aging gracefully is to fight against aging gracefully.

Starbucks does not sell coffee — it sells urban peace.

the Lazy-Boy reclining toilet

the New England rocking toilet

The therapist pulls the monsters out from under my bed.

A little of me goes a long way.

a tattoo made with pigments you can turn on and off

After you have made love, what is the right amount of time to wait until you start thinking of other things?

Birdsongs are lovely in part because they indicate that it's a safe world.

Don't tell me about your reality, and I won't tell you what an asshole you are.

Is the division between deep and shallow, deep or shallow?

My body is my personal Titanic.

Parenting is the only job where you start out at the top, as God, and work your way down to janitor.

In a novel:
Arggh! Plot. The sign of desperation.

Being normal - how hard can it be? Most people do it. (How hard can it to swim underwater? Fish can do it.)

Cell-phones are the parasols of our time: they let women be looked at while they keep women from being bothered by being looked at, and they let women hold their heads at a cute angle while they show off their voice.

Creationism is monkey science.

Here in the chapel of the castle, we are in the feelgood part of the oppressor's domain.

How come the Europeans didn't invent summer wear or casual wear?

a picture in a museum that takes your photograph

If there were a drug to get rid of our fear, the drug would be outlawed.
Fear keeps us appropriate.

In the past you had adventures.
Today you have vacations.

Museums are the restrooms of the mind.

Religion says, and does not argue.

(Shopping, like planning a vacation, is a kind of preparation for life.
(A lot of our life is preparation for life.)

Size matters (in art).

Wasting time brings the future faster.

We travel to visit the tombstones of the rich and famous.

Who needs alcohol to make bad choices?

Why didn't the communists have better architecture?
Oh yes, they killed the architects.

Without music a cathedral is just an empty tomb.

Without sexual interest, traveling on a train is like traveling on a cattle car.

Am I not shallow enough?

Eye-contact with women is a bridge where we meet to negotiate without coming to any conclusions.

I have another me in sex.

Most of us aren't heart-warming stories.

the Harley-Davidson walker

The narrow streets of the old town make me feel human, which is to say, larger than life.

We beat against the world with our little thoughts.

Driving in our cars we have the right of weight.

God is (obviously) not the solution to most of our problems.

If everyone thought I was beautiful, would I be beautiful?

Not only can a man stand up and pee without taking down his pants, he can also sit down and pee without taking down his pants.

We have all been given one magic power — life.

Whatever it is that keeps us from screaming in anguish at the pain and suffering that is always all around us -
I want that. I need that.
(Oops, I have that.)

Why is it not acceptable for us as strangers to play with each others hands?

I don't know what prejudice to adopt with respect to the recent election in the nation of Ukraine. Am I losing my touch for holding snap opinions on matters I know nothing about?

I hate mankind from the inside, the way I hate myself at times.

Isn't it a moral duty to get fucked-up on the holidays?

novel bloopers

People don't want to think what they don't want to think.

What is the opposite of Thanksgiving? Mockgiving? Hategiving? Sarcasticcommentgiving? Takeitforgrantedgiving? Whatevergiving? Don'tgiveashitgiving? Takeingseriouslythanksgiving?

Worrying about gay marriage is like worrying about who was voted off Survivors.

Christmas is the time of the year when you hide away from those you love so you can give them something to show how much you love them.

food for anxiety

Pillows are cats for people who can't handle cats.

Religions disagree by killing each other.

speed friendships (like speed dating)

The Internet is a huge dialog of equals. How exasperating!

Without women, the world is just a big set of Cartesian coordinates.

YEAR 2005

Just because something is sung repeatedly by a chorus, doesn't make it true.

A candle is the minimal pet.

I am depressed.
I have lost my faith in beautiful women,

I think therefore I am.
You respond and therefore you are.

Radical tolerance would be to see how those who disagree with you could be right.

The opposite of The Enlightenment is The Obscurement, or The Darkening.

Why do people not think (like I do?)

a business opportunity for our time: fake senior ids (to get the senior discounts)

All's well that ends swell

Guess who owned the least slaves, Thomas Jefferson or George Washington?
Jefferson!!("The American Voltaire") Yea!
In 1774, Jefferson owned a total of 187 slaves on 7 holdings. In 1786, Washington owned 216 slaves on 6 holdings.

If a typo is "an error (as of spelling) in typed or typeset material," then an error in speech would be a speako, and an error of thought a thinko.

Put your mouth into it.

Reading an intelligent book is just like thinking.

Some days I'm hot shit; other day's I'm just regular, room-temperature shit.

The candle: a wee bit of danger

You can lead a man to the Internet, but you can't make him think.

a book of deathbed readings

Anyone can be an expert on religion. You don't need a high school degree. You only have to be think you are an expert on religion.
It is the same way I am an expert on religious experts.


I am getting older Who haven't I been?

I do not like to lose my luggage.
My clothes are the nesting material of my me-ness.

I don't even have a theory of me!

I must find my fifteen minutes of enlightenment.

I will never be a saint. Perhaps I could be a patron saint, the patron saint of those who will never be a saint. Or the patron saint of those who will never be a patron saint.

Instead of a get-well card, how about a get-over-it card, or a get-over-yourself card? for more extreme conditions we could use a here's-hoping-there's-an-afterlife card

It should be spelled: freeeedom!

Of course I read books. I need help.

People are boring — everyone of us. We know it. We want to be loved in spite of being so boring.
We want others to find our boringness interesting.

Perhaps all I can do in this world is to change myself, and see who comes out to play.

The question is not only what Jesus would do, but how would Jesus think about this.

To be up-to-date, you would think souvenir shops would begin to sell not only souvenir shot-glasses, but also souvenir bongs and souvenir hypodermic needles.

To the educated person, a historical museums tumble down an avalanche of historical memories.

What is the exact opposite of flying the American flag?

You aim to be creative but you are just interesting. That's actually enough.

Love thy neighbor as much as you can.

"Don't love me for my music," said Mozart, "Love me for myself."

Admiration is not what posterity wants; posterity wants to be amused.

As we age, at some point, out of sheer curiosity, we reacquaint ourselves with our former selves.

Asking "How are you today?" is like asking "How many fingers am I holding up?"

Heaven or Hell?: You are sitting sit on a couch with grandma, while dad talks about his golf scores. Everyone is watching TV.

I am not meeting my analyst's expectations,

If animals are representations of consciousness, beautiful women are representations of truth.

In my future you could wear a bright red button that would say something like "Talk To Me." It would then be permissible for strangers to speak to you. The button might have a transmitter that shows others what you want to talk about.

Is finding happiness too easy? Or too hard?

It's Yahweh or the highway.

My higher powers is my higher power.

Please stuff me in the right pigeon-hole, the one with enough room to change.

The rain cleanses the world —of frisbee-playing yahoos.

Today I cannot buy happiness; today I can only buy tomorrow's happiness.

We are interested in the sex life of Hegel (or any famous person), not because we are interested in Hegel, but because we are interested in sex.

Who understands me? I would like it to be a beautiful young woman.

You may not loiter, but you may shop forever.

I struggle for the illusions of clarity

Kiss me! I'm foolish.

My body: I'm riding this baby down to the bitter end.

The actual world, your world, is a strange and wondrous one, and among its strangest aspects is that it appears ordinary and mundane.

Those not able to repeat the past, are condemned to remember it.

Uh-oh is me.

Which is worse: listening to the news and being upset over things you can do nothing about, or, listening to the news and not being upset?

You've got a point there (of no return).

Cities look the same all over the world. This is in part because of their monochromatic fluorescent lights and tan furniture. If buildings used more colored lights and they would be more festive.

Could the multinationals and banks buy up everything and just rent it back to us?

I can only be myself for so long.

If religion is a delusion, then puzzling out the role of religion in life is the meaning of life

If we can export jobs to where workers get pain a dollar a day why don't we export whole companies to where the CEO's would work for $22.50 a day? That would save a lot of money.

In all cities there are tall massive towers, run by cadres of intelligent unformed people, dedicated to getting your money from you, and accumulating it.

Peaceful coexistence, or the even more peaceful non-existence?

Scientists are our elders.

The me I like is the illusion of me.

What I like about the world is puzzling it out. Life is sometimes a beach, bit life is also a library of oceanography.

With religion, life is becomes an obstacle course, a golf course with difficult pin placement.

You say tomorrow, and I say tomorrow. (Let's call the whole thing off.)

a new kind if dance club: everyone is wearing headphones, all broadcasting the same dance music. each person is free to control they're own volume, or even take the headphones off. with a suitable device, people could communicate intelligently with each other while dancing, avoiding the hopelessly loud shouting that goes on in the current venues

Ask not for whom the laughter peals...

capitalism: covetism.

Fantasy is my favorite part of reality.

Happiness has no memory. When we are not happy we barely remember it and we cannot imagine what it could possibly feel like.

Humans communicate by using sounds emanating from their heads. We''relike dolphins that way!

Oh that? That was just something my brain thought.

There are no stupid questions? In 20 Questions there are.

There are two sides to every face

When someone sneezes we say "Bless you." or "Gesundheit." Yet when people fart there is an awkward silence. I think we should extend the "God bless you" to those times when someone farts or burps.

"Am I the only one here pretending to work?"

"For god's sake man, where is your sense of denial."

a car whose surface is a mirror. a car that is all chrome

If Shakespeare had been paid what he was worth, he wouldn't have written so many plays.

If you must speak the truth, write fiction.

In theory I would like to sleep with her. In practice it is a different story.

It's not that we have visions of who we are, each deep and pure. It's more like we have a feeling about what is in reality a partially decorated house.

Movies are not an education. Movies are an experience.

Sometimes it is a matter of politeness to not understand the world.

The meaning of life is that there is no meaning of life. There are however meanings of lives.

The times demand the imprimatur of appropriateness

The world is an unsettling place.

We need to search for the truth as we would search for a magic key, or a hidden door. We don't really know what we are looking for.

We should change the phrase..."If we can put a man on the moon..." to "If we can't put a man on the moon...", as in "If we can't put a man on the moon, we certainly can't provide health care for our citizens.", or "If we can't put a shuttle into space, we certainly can't provide food for the homeless."

What is a nature hike without a little fear?

Emotions are chemical reactions.

Feelings are but momentary truths.

Is hope a kind of faux memory?

People like their prejudices presented rationally.

Sinéad O'Connor : Skinhéad O'Connor

The search for happiness is itself a kind of happiness.

We may not be living in a safe world, buy we live in a world with ready availability of safety.

another car design: a copper car! perhaps nicely riveted.

Be happy. Be very, very happy.

Change happens

For our protection, we should launch a huge statue of Jesus and place it in a synchronous orbit over the USA.

I am a 709 month old fetus.

I populate my world with people from fiction.

I think I think so I don't have to think. (I think therefore I think not.)


mindfelt words

Of all the women I can't have, I separate out the ones I want from the ones I don't.

Reality will never have the no-downside side of my fantasies.

Sex is the existential game.

Sometimes I am granted a book that thinks for me.

Spare changes?

The accumulated writings of all mankind are the books of my Bible.

A gorgeous view from a living room won't save a relationships.

Being human is a vague and ambiguous concept.

Democracy, some people think, gives you the right to think whatever the fuck you want, regardless of it being sensible, true, silly or frivolous.

Generally speaking I don't believe in people who agree with me.

Happiness can be off-putting: "Don't speak to him. He is happy for no visible reason"

How can I make happiness seem hip and cynical?

I don't admire people who have been married for 25 years. I admire people who have been in love for 25 years.

a conversational cafe (eat and meet) where you go to have discussions with random strangers. you could sign up on a computer who would tell you what other topics people want to discuss and, possibly, the age of the conversationalist

IDEA: a plot machine computer game. you could play all sides, result could be a novel. takes place () the present () year _______. at certain places you could add a powerful quote. at the end, the novel is played back as a video, complete with dialog, or produced as a written book, which you could edit, or as a screen play

someone should make well designed, professional looking faux book covers for your non-existent novel

Virtual Church - have a service, meet your fellow worshipers, whose stories, a little more real and interesting that people's real-life stories, are based on real people, people from all over the world. The software makes any song sound like a congregation in church that is singing along with you

If others are to think like you, you must first of all think.

MOFO: Museum of Fine Objects

So I can simply change myself? Well, fuck! That changes everything.

The airplane liftoff is a gentle brush with the end of your life.

We don't feed the starving poor, because we would be jealous of poor people if they were to get some money for free.

We should not care about the Nazi Holocaust because the victims were Jews. We should care about the Nazi Holocaust because the victims were human.

Which is more depressing? That no one out there thinks like you? Or that many people out there do think like you but it makes no difference?

A whore's shoe is good luck.

Religion can be rational.
But religion cannot be both rational and traditional.

Everything is cheap if you have money.

How am I doing?
Stress me out a bit and let's see.

Two women are discussing "men."
"Look," I tell one of their husbands, "they sure seem to be experts on men,"
"Yes," he replies, "they think of men as incomplete versions of themselves."

Life gets scary when you think about it.

Self-pity is one of life's guilty pleasures.


The meaning of life is a direction.

We each have our own private war on terror.
We can never win that one either.

We go to movies and pay to see pretty people suffer.

YEAR 2006

Arguing with religion is like shooting immortal fish in a barrel.

Best new line in a relationship fight: "No, I'm not a total asshole. I just seem like one today."


I self-medicate my depression with my favorite delusions.

I want a mate.
I don't want a checkmate.

I watch the world as it twists in the wind.

Non-Dummies for Dummies and it's companion volume, Things a Dummy Will Never Know for Dummies

One good cure is the hide of the dog that bit you.

What is the risk of being overly risk averse?


I am not thinking locally, but personally.

I can now see that writing song lyrics is one more thing I'm no good at.
At the end of my life, I will see that I'll be no good for anything.

I seek novelty — what else is new?

Not "growing up," but "growing on."

Periodically we need to flash our sex-appeal…
to see if it still is legal tender…
if the data is still readable from the disc.

Surely our aim in life is not to sit here satisfied with ourselves?

The future is not necessarily in your interest.

When being introduced to someone for the first time ask them: "What do you wish I really wanted to talk about? (What things do you wish I would take a deep interest in?") This is something I also need to answer for myself.

"That is so old age."

A generic protest sign: "Fuck you! Fuck you!"

Doing things that no one sees is another part of being humans.

My shadow has not aged.

North Amiracle

There is nothing like irritation at the world to take my mind off my real problems.

There were no passwords when I was growing up, except for "open sesame."

"Can I help you sir?"
No I'm just thinking.


Books distract us from thinking.

I am at the art museum. What are we supposed to think here?

have someone create an idealized 3D portrait of you

I'm at the beach. (What does this remind me of?)

In conversations we toss frail ropes awkwardly across the abyss.

In Roman sculpture, the gods are the really pretty ones.

Leather pants: I am an animal. Vinyl pants: I am a doll

Modern art is all about nothing.

Museum talk can be so irrelevant. It is like looking at a beautiful and mysterious women, and someone tells you she is wearing Channel No 5, has a dress of rayon woven in state-of-the-art factories in China and featured in the spring 2004 Gap collection.

Of course Cupid is a baby!

On my love of novelty:
Do I want nothing but a first impression?

Prejudice is most offensive when it lingers into postjudice.

PUSH read backwards through a glass door is PULL.

Rich people still have their retinue. Today it consists of Mexican builders, Latin housekeepers and their Asian gardeners.

No matter how much you know, being surprised by the unexpected is a part of being in the world

The future will judge us on what happens in the future.

The modern equivalent of the idealized oil portraits of the rich: What if they made a movie of themselves, or at least a movie-trailer?

The physical world is not the best metaphor for the world.

The tao is down twenty-six points.

Usually the choice is between having an awkward conversation or having no conversation at all.

We suck the teats we find.

What if we gave free wet t-shirt contests, NASCAR races, loud rock concerts and nobody came?

When I see a Rembrandt I do not simply see a painting: I also see a Rembrandt.

Why would a 19th century home need a clock in their home? It's not that they would miss their favorite TV show.

Wisdom and happiness are free, yet we spend so much money on them.

(After driving behind a car traveling 55 miles per hour:) There ought to be a law against people who follow the law.

Another benefit of aging: more young people, less old people.

Art idea: People carrying various strange things down a street

Been there done that. Am there; doing that. Will be there; will do that. Will have been there; will have done that. (Should have been there; should have done that.)

designer fire detectors

I have been condemned to death by aging.

Life is very high-resolution.

Since T-shirts are always popular, so how about T-shorts and T-pants?

Strangers are mostly made of fantasy.

The "Three R's" are actually one R, one W and one A.

There is a good chance it has all been said already.
But will I ever understand it?

Today used to be so tomorrow. Today it seems to be a lot like yesterday.

Would you rather have the feeling of profundity than be profound but unable to appreciate it?

YEAR 200

All understanding is tentative.

Do NOT overunderstand!

Drugs and diet are chemical prayers.


One part of life is to pretend that everything is OK.

There are stories about monsters in all civilizations. Why is that? After all there are no monsters.

This is not my ideal life at all.
This is the life I live my life around.

What is a non-pejorative, value free word for pornography? What about VTSN: visual taboos of a sexual nature?

YEAR 2006

An aging person lives on the shrinking ice flow of the present.

Are you just who you happen to be?

As we age, we will need new dreams.
My new dream is to have a kick-ass Estate Sale.

Books are beer for the mind.

By the time we can afford the fantasy (the big car, travel, the cute clothes) we no longer fit the fantasy. (Why am I traveling to Italy with these old farts? This was not what I wanted)

Clearly God does not find human life sacred.

Compared to humans, pets increase your chances of success in being a successful caretaker.

Death Vader

Do we have a moral duty to be lovable? Do we have a moral duty to be tolerable?

Does the salmon wonder what he is doing as he battles waterfalls up a cold surging river?
If he could speak, would he find agreement among the other salmon?


Family pictures, trophies and certificates of a successful life.

For most of history, the proper answer to the question say of why the sun rises is "I don't know."

How do you know what Jesus would do?

I am but the tip of my iceberg.

I thought that with modern communications, everyone would think like me.
Why didn't that happen?

ring tones for cars: a unique tone and volume for when you lock your car with the remote control

Just because you can no longer climb Mt. Hood is no reason to grow up!

Life in general, and parties in particular, are not long enough.

Life isn't hard but it is hard for me not to make it so.

Oh the things I think without thinking...

Reason has its own Bible.

Sometimes you don't realize what an asshole you are until you actually talk to someone.

Spiritual insight is a momentary delight.

the fantasy of the moment — the Zeit-mirage.

We only learn in old age what happened to us in our youth.

Are the limits to what we can legitimately be offended by?

What makes us think that love is the answer?
(Our heart?)

Why don't primitive people remember that long ago they came into a new valley and overcame the adverse elements?
Why do they speak of gods?
Do people think in gods?

Why would women dress up in a way that would attract any male in the world?

With extra bandwidth available in the future, we could make a movie (say of a train-ride) where the viewer can focus in more on the part of the film scene they want to look at! This could be done using a joystick or a device that tracks eye movement.

You know what is good? Diet soda with sugar!!

"I dare you to talk to me."

Do I dare to eat a genetically modified peach?

For all their fancy words and balanced compound sentences, the sages of the past still couldn't figure out they couldn't figure things out.

Government security is first of all security for the government.

Having an interest in sports is not bad, but having an interest only in sports is.

Honesty is not always the nicest policy.

How did cowboys get to be so conservative? Shouldn't they be open, fearless and liberal?

How hard is life suppose to be anyway?

I struck out and I struck out.

I want to see if I can pretend to grow up.

a cable channel of Civilized People®: There could be alternative versions of this concept. Alternative mind-styles. Alternative models of being normal. You could simply show groups of like-minded friends who had been hanging out together over time, interviewing them, picking their brains. Let us see them us.

a new Hallmark card: "Get Real Soon"

slowly blinking light bulbs for your home, which blinks stately every several minutes or so

To discourage common cheating in schools: someone should invent software that you can't copy or paste into, or even open pages not created in that particular software. You would however be able to copy and edit inside the document.

In hindsight the Cold War was the Cool War: the posers war, all nerves and strategy.

Life involves going into a box and staying there a lot.

Many people lack a working awareness of the arbitrariness of it all.

Much of growing up is just pretending that all the other people aren't there.

My body wants to be comfortable and warm.

My task is to add and subtract and change the slender silly set of routines I call myself.

Our understanding reaches an aesthetic compromise with the world.

People frighten you into acting old.

Regrettably, the box I think outside of is Pandora's.

the bongomobile: a car with a drum-pad built in all along the roofline for your fingers to tap a rhythm along with your favorite song. the drum could come out on the speakers, blended with the music

the wonderbounce™: a bra that simulates the bounce of a young girl not wearing a bra.

These days my idealism is expressed in a great sadness and the occasional tear.

What was the pre-computer word for multitasking?

When I am traveling by myself there are no assholes, except, of course, the invisible one.

Who gets to make the politically correct terms?
Shouldn't this should be a job for our Poet Laureate?

Who is the world's richest blues singer?

Why does insomnia always have to happen at night? It would be better if I were wide awake and couldn't sleep say at two in the afternoon.

Wisdom is metadata: Attachments between experiences existing in ones own experience, using our own cryptic tags.

a new orifices: your nuthole

Are we all special? We all readily feel special.

Emails to my congressmen are like prayer flags. They are prayer mails.

faith-based violence | faith based intolerance | faith-based terrorism

I am becoming who I am. I'd rather be sinking into who I'd like to be.

I live locally but I listen globally.

In the future one form of privacy would make it so you cannot understand language any more.

Maybe the sign that the world is at peace is when ALL the news is about Brad and Angelina and the baby..

Our forefathers were mostly stupid, ignorant bigots.
Which is what our descendants will think of us.

People agree enthusiastically with each others vague statements.

Religion does honor important moral concepts, but does so almost accidentally, because religion honors trivial taboos in exactly the same way.

The ability to work depends on The Will to Drive (to work).

The voice of the dollar: Vox pecuniae, vox populi.

There is never enough time to enjoy the moment.

We are living in an era of thoughtless overreaction and snap judgments.

"We're bending over and we're talking it like men."

After a certain point, things do not get any more simple.

Always be inappropriate in an appropriate manner (or they will punish you).

How much of being is human is over-riding human behavior?

Humans are constituted to believe in monsters and beasts.
Go out into the woods at night by yourself and see what you believe.

I am no longer rattling the bars of my cage, but playing little songs on them.

a chalk outline rug

audio ear-buds styled as earrings

self-tuning, self-synchronizing guitars, and pianos.

In a bad relationship you become the flaw.

In a group of 50 people, and you had to pick out the person who most like you, how would you choose?

Is this holiness, or assholiness?

Less than useful phrases: "To gay or not to gay."

Religion turns morality into rules.

The ultimate sport team mascot names: the Men,
and of course, the Lady Men.

When Jesus turned water into wine, did Jesus turn water into really good wine?

Why do I worry less about my own failings than about the failings of George Bush?

Writing is guitar playing of our culture.

Your jokes are laughable!

amusement drugs

Beautiful people are symbols for the people we are drawn to in our lives.

By living on the same land and experiencing the same weather, Native Americans are my ancestors as well: they are my foredwellers.

Having people like you is more pleasant and much easier than liking yourself.

Higher education is a cult: it is part of the Diffi-Cult.

I have no time to live my life.

Idea for an Art Exhibit: Go Ahead and Touch Me: People of all kinds stand in a big room. People may come up and touch them, gently, anywhere. The people being touched look at the people touching them, but they do not say anything. A variant of the above: People may touch or they may volunteer to be the ones being touched.

A movie that lasts say 8 hours, on "real time," about someones life for 8 hours,
yet it's an exciting 8 hours.

It may help us in navigating ourselves through the world not to understand our emotions.

Life is interesting because no one understand it.
It has so many undiscovered aspects.

Local news in too hysterical. What about having the morning news as three or four people sitting around a table, with coffee, tired, reading the AP bulletins to us. They are making intelligent, sometimes tentative, comments.

New Curse-word: fuckadoodle!

Our dreams are not usually our dreams.

Poverty seems natural, though it is not a part of nature at all.

Reality is like a really well photographed movie, although the plot is weak. The special effects are great; it feels like you are right there!

The only way I can hold on to the conceit that I am not old is by adopting the view that there are no old men.

To be normal, it is not enough to act normal. You have to take the arbitrary rituals of normality seriously.

To break off a relationship you have to be a asshole, or be very very boring. It's easier to be an asshole.

We communicate best in our imagination.

We should not use the word "mankind." Instead we should use the word "manunkind."

We take our little solo. It lasts but a lifetime. (You're on.)

We think in monsters and we think in gods.

We wear the baseball hat but we can't face a curveball. We wear the mortarboard, but we don't have a clue.

We're all driving on black ice.

"Have you lost weight? You penis is so nice and slim."

A movie idea: Put a small portable video recorder on a person and record eight actual hours in their day. Do this to ten people. Then refilm the actual events, minute by minute, in Hollywood quality movie.

After the illusion comes the disillusion.

As I age I deal with the fact I am myself only some of the time.

Can you believe two religions at once? If religion is not a matter of reason, you should be able to.

Christmas: the Superbowl of gift-giving.

Fake or real, people love significance.

Here are some expressions of affection from you kids, performed by members of the Hartford Drama Club.

Humans are always scamming for the best habitat.
We want that habitat for humanity!

I am an atheist; please don't make me call upon my mystic powers.

I don't know about the long-term safety of milk. I have been drinking milk for sixty years. Now I look like an old man.

a carrying case for books and computers and things in the shape of a big book

Inflatable/deflatable breast implants! Breast implants can be heavy and this can lead to back problems. Why not have a way to reduce them (or inflate them) as conditions dictate? "This crowd is too old; I think I'll deflate my breasts."

My feelings about my feelings are as fleeting as my feelings.

On stopping war: We are not battling a meteor coming at us. We are battling ourselves.

Overt time we have so many disappointing experiences meeting people, it's amazing our imaginations hold up. The imagination holds up better than our leathery, overstuffed body.

Perhaps I'm not being me as much as I'm not being you.

taking the balls by the horn.

The mind is a well-endowed sex organ.

The smile I sometimes wear in public is just another mask. (All facial expressions are masks if they are not a response.)

Time can not tell what time can not tell. Time will only tell what time will tell.

We bring children to be photographed with Santa. How about alternative picture opportunities for the tourists: picture yourself with a homeless person, a toothless person, a hooker or a Goth.

What you learn when you grow up is that you never actually grow up.

When you think about it, thinking is something that happens when you are not thinking.

You might understand the world through reason but you don't understand it by expecting it to be reasonable, or just or fair.

YEAR 2007

A big part of thinking is dealing with the clever illusions and elaborate delusions of very intelligent and thoughtful people.

A book is a father.


Behind every family lies the myth of the family:

Believing in a good god solves nothing but it often stops the mind from worrying.

Computer is a silly name for a computer. It is like calling a car a combuster. A "communicator" would be a better term.

Everyone wants to be an intellectual, but nobody wants to think.

Everything is confusing, if you think about it hard enough.

God and religion can explain everything. That is precisely what is wrong with them.

God doesn't model humility (or respectful self-doubt) very well.


I am always thinking up new straws to grasp at.

I am on a revision quest.

I can talk and I can think. I give good head.

I have a major case of My Way.

I love myself best when I delude myself about myself.

I'm a snob. Bore me.

Instead of using the word "senior citizen", as I never define myself as a "citizen", how about using:

  • senior commandante (senior commander) or
  • senior party officials
  • old boys

It is built into the male mind that at times it will think it is standing next to the most beautiful woman in the world.

It's a happier world if I don't listen to the news; it has one less irritated person in it.

It's another day to pretend to be me.

Most people gave up communicating in words a long time ago.

Most people have made their peace with war.

Must I accept the world as it is?
Must I accept the world as I see it?

Not only do we confuse sex with love, we confuse sex with intelligence.

People are abandoning the real world as a place to find excitement.
It just didn't work out.

Students, like the rest of us, hide their disabilities.

The fact that their conversation is not interesting to you is not that interesting to them.

The opposite of The Dark Side?
The Sunny Side

The world is a set of post-Socratic fragments.

Usually it's not now now.

We build our self-confidence out of whatever materials that are at hand.

We dress up in the regalia of our culture: the new and shiny car, the shiny shoes, shiny hair and the right initials on our purse.

We have normal conversations to keep us from saying anything.

What will I think tomorrow?

When women say that men treat them as sex objects, one might reply: "If you would say something interesting, I wouldn't get distracted by your breasts." >br>(Yes, I am sure that would work.)

Who is this "me"?

You can, maybe be high all the time, but you can't feel high all the time.

"Don't give me a soft time."

A minor mixed benefit of being old: people ignore you a little more.

About the wisdom of our time: Do we now understand Shakespeare (or Hemingway, or Woolf) any better than we did in 1965?

Being alive is so much fun.

Christianity hasn't worked out in nearly twenty centuries. How much longer are we going to give this?

Do you remember the film Groundhog Day?
I think of it daily.

Does living in the moment mean that we cannot think?

For the sake of our sanity, we go about the world constantly rejecting each other.

I am a neo-presocratic.

I am not clueless. I am cluefull.

I use clip thoughts as I use clip art.

a coffee heat sink. A fork with a hundred long tines you put into a cup of coffee to cool it down enough so you can drink it

The Seventy Plus cable channel: showing nothing but people seventy years old and over, especially the wise, interesting and intellectually alive. This is not for the ones whose main appeal is that they don't look seventy

If the students aren't learning anything, are you really teaching? Or are you only making teaching gestures.

In school, the kids are actually learning a lot about educational bureaucracy.

In the modern world we value life too much and too little at the same time.

Is common sense becoming more uncommon, or less sensible?

Is it morally important what country we a citizen of? Isn't it like the bank we are affiliated with: The Bank of America.

It is usually disappointing when you meet the author of a book that you love. I, for example, am always disappointed when I meet the author of my aphorisms.

It's easy being a porn star. Any young person can do it.

It's Valentines Day: unwrap your heart!

Just as authors are usually disappointment to their readers, readers are usually a disappointment to their authors.

My animal life is so cow-in-the-field.

New Phrases for the New Man™: "I'm not going to worry my pretty little dick about it."

Normal people think: "Oooohh, we're normal. We're better than you."
Normal people also think: "You can't criticize us. We're normal."

One day someone will invent a filter that filters out all talk that isn't very meaningful. What a quiet world that would be!

One of our beliefs is that our culture is formed by our beliefs.

Only when we accessorize, do we make ourselves us.

Sadly, the feeling of oneness with the Universe wears off.

Sex is the subtext of life. It is what we sub-see on television.

Sure I can be normal, unless you make normal just too fucking stupid!

True political leadership would be political suicide.

We seem to have lost our grip on the concept of "civilization."

We want to be high on life. We want to be high without using drugs. How can we do that if we don't have drugs to show us what we are aiming for?

When we're all on the same page, it is usually the front page of the National Enquirer.

You dress to fit in.
I dress to fit out.

"No we humans are just fine. We're one of god's bright ideas!"

A good name for a future exhibition/book/movie: "Oh Please God No!"

As I age I float away from who I happen to be.

As you age, your sense of the normal drifts but your sense of your sense of the normal doesn't usually drift the same way.

Everything he said about his art was irrelevant to what I liked about his art.

Faith isn't knowledge even if you have faith that faith is knowledge.

Humans have various myths about themselves: They come up to the world through a hole. They are created out of mud. When they die they go up from earth to a heaven. It's like we don't really belong here on the earth on which we have always been. The human race is a patient with complete amnesia about where it comes from.

I enter the urban silence, an uncannily simulacrum of reality, performed by gifted mimes playing themselves.

Idle Chatter of the Great Administrators:"Believe the bullshit!" [ Joni: "No!" she responds, "Live the bullshit!"

In the Vietnam Era, the US was a super-power and could only lose one foreign war at a time. Now we are a "hyper-power." Now we can lose two foreign wars at a time.

It was not so long ago that the homeless would go out in the woods and build themselves a home.

It's a little sad: Our kids will grow up to be just like us.

It's spring! and time to grow again.

Love those around you. Do not wish they were someone else.

People should be seen not heard.

People should wear little buttons to indicate their current level of boredom. a little fire might blaze up when they are enjoying the conversation, or die down when they are bored. (This could be controlled biometrically, or by hand. (Two very different choices.))

The battle for hearts and minds is never an easy one.
People defend their hearts and minds.

The Have a Nicest Day contest™ a contest in the office to see who has the nicest day. Afterward, the winner gets to hug the losers.

The oddest people clothe themselves in normalcy. I suppose that is one function of normalcy.

Tradition gives answers without needing explanations.

We hold on to the way we think things are.

What is the opposite of the peace symbol? A flag?

When are human beings telling the truth? Often they themselves don't know.

Why does it seem strange to me that high school dropouts would go to an art museum and enjoy it?

You can't be happy all the time.
At least you can't laugh all the time.

"Old people will wave to you, smile and talk to you. That's because they're old. That is why they are so nice. They are really desperate."

Aging men are grumpy because not only are they invisible, their opinions are invisible too.

An idea for a hip district for people who email, IM, text and talk: Inside-Out: Everyone is in huge rooms where the walls are computer screens. As they email, IM etc. Their computer screens, phone texting screens and even their audio are projected onto the walls as a huge collage where everyone can see them.

Art decants the mind.

Art is not at all about the artist but we sure make it about the artist.

At basketball games spectators wave their foam sticks behind the backboard as players form the opposing team take their foul shots. This does no good at all! It's like they're ... voting!

Beauty is not truth… quite the opposite.

Compare: "Reading is good" vs. "Looking is good."

Dude, where's my delusion?

Guys dress to look tough as a defensive, not an offensive, maneuver.

I don't actually want to sleep with anyone else, I just want to be invited to sleep with someone new: I want to feel fuckiffic.

I keep forgetting what I know.

I love the routine of novelty. I love novelty every now and then.

a large plastic oversized book to be used as a purse or a carrying container.

Idea: explicit pornographic images carved in fine Carrera marble.

Idea: house curtains made out of slips

Idea: the "look at me" exhibit: people (models, gallery goers) stand or sit very still while other gallery goers can look at them close up and in detail as though they are works of art

Why don't all museums have a conversation pit?

If everyone now dresses and poses like a bistro dwelling intellectual, how then should a bistro dwelling intellectual dress and pose?

If we ever find the place where Jesus died, we should memorialize it: we should put up a cross.

Imaginary sport team names
Pleasanton: home of the Fighting' Wal-Mart Greeters
Pleasanton: home of the Angry Hospitality Workers
Sinton: home of the Cocksuckers

In spite of the fact that no one knows the future, we think it completely self-evident that education should prepare us for success in the future.

Is religion fiction or non-fiction?
Or science-fiction?

In today's world we need more police and security: more and more people are needed just to monitor us.

Most of us are more theme than variation. Actually most of us are sing-alongs.

Movies recreate the world with pretty people.

New phrases for new times™: "...but I triviate."

New phrases for new times™: "I am as happy as Hell."

Not a Terribly Useful Phrase™ "You look old, but in a good way."

Not knowing who you are keeps you young.

Originally Mayan and Greek art was painted. In museums, it is unpainted and lovely. What if we took all the color from the objects in our world: the cars, the clothes, the ads. Perhaps we too would look more museum worthy.

Painful self-consciousness is not actually thinking.

People told you you were made by a god. Why would you ever believe that?

Rembrandt shared his insights into humanity four hundred years ago. Why are we still fucking with this shit?

Stop thinking! It's such a turn off.

The bubble in which we live in the city, is largely constructed of eye avoidance.

The fact that we fear strangers makes life a little more exciting.

The ideal of retirement is to improve your self, Not having to do anything in particular is the empty canvas for that task.

The never-ending dawn of the Enlightenment.

the unsound bite.

We are bunny rabbits in the woods: we pay attention to all noises and to all sudden movements.
We are timid little bunny rabbits in the woods — with machine guns.

We do this and we do that because it is "good for your health." What is our health good for?

We have no more control over world and the way it's going then we have over the fact we are going to die.

We're all out of context.

What is life without fantasy? How would I know?

Why can we can only be ourselves in front of some people?

Why does everyone still act like we are fundamentally rational?

You may not agree with me, but we are genetically programmed not to all believe the same thing. We are genetic contrarians, nay-sayers.

You're never too old to pretend you're still young.

A lot of news is office politics, government office politics.

An Eskimo may have twenty seven words for snow, but a teenager has that one word for everything.

High school students do not care about lifelong learning. They care much more about daylong not-learning.

I am definitely running around with a better class of imaginary people.

I am in the Zone — I am cerebriated

I am not comfortable with beggars. They put it right there in front of me, how cheap I am.

Idea: Libraries should have neo-scriptoriums, places where people could be writing books and also talking about it to others

If God is so smart why is there nothing about diet and exercise in the Bible?

Is it permissible to feel yucky about gay sex?

laugh-out-loud intelligent

Normal isn't all that deep, but frankly, we don't know what else the fuck to do.

People who believe in religion, usually don't believe enough to change their life or to follow its precepts. They believe just enough to stop thinking about it.

Pretty woman are the wallpaper of my world.

Rejected inspirational phrase for the teaching profession: Touch the kids!

So we have to lie and dissimulate for the morale of the troops? That couldn't be good for morale.

Someone, sometwo (somany)

stupid words for stupid times™: inturdesting

Surely we must agree on some things!? Of course, but not on the ultimate reality. It's just not that important.

The bear, the bird, the wasp and the frog, all have an inherent dignity. Why not the human?

The real curse of the homeless is they are not actually homeless: they have to carry their home with them in a dirty backpack or a set of plastic bags.

The world has so many lovely places where you can sit and fail to understand it all.

There is a reason that Gen-Z people expect praise when they do what is expected of them: they have a lot of friends who can't.

They've set the bar for being normal way too low. It seems nearly everyone can qualify!

Today's teenagers can no longer be shocked, unless we were to take away their shocking amusements.

Unclench the mind.

We can imagine a being that is more intelligent than us. Can we imagine a being more sexually attractive than us?

We can't even admit we think about the things we think about.

What is this "real life" which yours is not?

Why are you normal? It seems so stupid. Oh I forget! Being normal means you don't have to answer that question.

Why do I put up with your disrespect? Because you are assholes.

Why don't all thoughtful people think like me?

Why haven't the media taken on the post-modern viewpoint? Why does it still pretended it is simply reporting on reality?

Why should God care who sleeps with whom?

a practical joke airplane: a plane that takes off backwards

A woman stands between a man's desire and her body.

an explosion of understanding: a grokatoa.

Beware! When you insult America, you insult my delusions.

Books are my kind of people.

Edgy street art idea: Paint numerous chalk outlines of a horrible accident involving a school-bus of young girls, or a large family in a mini-van. All the bodies are in different positions and done in different colored hot-pastel chalks.

Enlightenment? You can't handle enlightenment!

Facts! You can't handle the facts.

For many people, speech is a dead language. Speech are just the sounds you make while you enjoy being with someone (and with a dog you don't even need the sounds.)

Having sympathy is usually less important than expressing sympathy.

How do you build a rational and healthy society out of assholes?

Human beings are weapons of mass destruction.

I can't discover who I think I am.

I like the quick glance we give each other: the quick lovely pre-rejection phase.

A clip-on cellphone in the shape of a pencil behind ear.

Idea: a three-dimensional mirror

If life were like the movies, I could get a phone call from a beautiful stranger that starts a sequence of events that would transform my life and put me on a course with danger and destiny. But instead I will stay the lack of a course.

I'm worried I'm not going to have enough time to live my life.

In our schools, we value attendance over education.

It is obvious that people don't interest us all that much anymore.
We are a disappointment to each other.
We don't live up to our hype.

It's time to discover a new continent, a New America. It's time to create a New New Jersey.

Just look at us. We are not built for understanding, peace, and insight. We are built for sex and children and physical activity.

Liking dogs and cats helps people like each other.

Movie stars show us that the same person can transform themselves into a number of different personalities This gives us hope. Maybe I can transform myself into a movie star.

Not normal? I'm normal. I am a super-set of normal. (I forget that it is part of the normal sense of normal that there is no super-set of normal, only eccentricity and strangeness.)

Often religious morality comes down to sexual rules. "We will start with covering the nipples, and eventually work our way up to universal compassion." Compassion is hard to count, but uncovered nipples are highly accountable.

Oh Lord, give me what I want so I can see that this too is not what I really want.

One version of Hell: to say interesting things and have people show no interest whatsoever.

People should not justify their metaphysical beliefs. They should simply say: "I feel a lot better believing..."

Perhaps I just want my philosophy to be sexually attractive.

Reading the credits in a movie is like reading about the fonts in a book.

The chorus, in music, is the monkey band.

The plot of my life is a little weak. There are no characters I can really identify with.

The West appreciates the world's cultures through sexuality.

There was a time we before we knew are monkeys. We thought we were "men," created and ruled by a "god."Un-fucking-believable!

Thinking about reality is just a pastime for us. It is too difficult and nothing hinges on it.

Today reality is no longer very real.

We used to think the problem was to see how we could evolve from monkeys. The problem turns out to be: how can we not see that we are monkeys?

What is the appropriate word for people who have too many kids?

What would be the signs of a sophisticated monkey? One who arranges the banana skins in patterns? One who gestures that he really wants another banana when in fact he is full. One who wraps leaves around his penis?

You may drink at college, but not as much as you will if you don't go to college.

You might think that we could appreciate and love each other much better when we are alive than after we have died, but when we are alive our personalities always get in the way.

You think you overthink things? Don't flatter yourself.

Your imagination gets in the way of reality.

a cell-phone ring-tone that sounds like a fart.

a deodorant that looks like an iPod

A lot of people hang around other people for the sex.

A New Hipper than Hip™ term: He's "rockin' a onesie"

All sex is kinky (when you are not getting any.)

Another bad thing about aging is that you have to have sex with old people!


Freedom is not free. It requires large donations to a variety of politicians.

How much of the linguistic spectrum is reserved for hitting on each other?

I am not sure I like the way I look when I am happy.

I am stuck in my lifestile.

I can be a really bad normal person, or I can be a very interesting me.

I like life best in songs.

I see Gen-Y and I will probably see Gen-Z, but I am sorry I will not get to see Gen-AA and Gen-AB, let alone Gen-EE.

I want to live in mytopia.

I won't listen to the truth from just anybody.

Idea for a conversational T-Shirt (in big print): I Talk Good

Idea: a diet food pack of the greatest 1400 calories ever

Idea: a door chime that plays MP3 files.

Idea: deep-fried sushi

Is it wrong to hum while having sex?

It is difficult to believe that nature was not created, at least in part, for beauty.

It is impossible to imagine other people not being like us. We are so very intensely human.

It's fun to do stuff, but just as much fun talking about it later.

Life is Heaven.

Maybe you should not drink and drive, but maybe you should drink and think.

Most modern jobs can be done by morons. But not everyone can be a moron for eight hours five days a week.

My drug is time. It's the monkey on my back. It's gonna' kill me someday.

Nature is so clean I could eat it.

News is not really the way to think about what is going on in the world.

Since we have decaf coffee and non-alcoholic beer, perhaps the time is ripe for non-THC marijuana? For those times you want to enjoy the taste and the experience of a nice doob without all those wacky mind-alterations.

The 4th of July is an the sound in the wilderness that says, We've got gunpowder. We've got the guns.

The closest we get to happiness is the illusion of happiness.

The erect penis is a magic wand that makes a man momentarily invulnerable.

The Internet is a better waste of time than television.

The scary part of talking with strangers is how little we have to say to each other. The other scary part of talking with strangers is how boring we are.

The unselfconscious life is living.

There is a side to being in nature where you are not worried about being embarrassed by people.

Though even now the hunters are in the woods, the deer enjoy the autumn grass.

We are perennially capable of the feeling we are hot shit.

We dress to attract yet we behave to avoid.

We live in a world where it is inappropriate and stressful to talk to each other, yet we nearly all dress with an over-the-top sexuality. We don't know what to say to each other but we know how to attract each other's attention.

We soon realize we could really use some magic powers.

Whatever you do, avoid taboos.

When I was a kid, if you were to tell someone that they would soon be picking up the dog-shit after their dog, the would go like "Right, that's gonna happen."

Why is this not one of the commandments: Think!

Worry. Be happy.

A man cannot live on kudos alone.

A man purse like a large scrotum. (It could even have a little hair on it.)

An art work of nature: a river going one-way and fifty yards up the road a river going in the opposite direction.

Better living through PhotoShop.

Books decorate and protect the wall. The put virtual worlds between you and your boundary.

Cigarettes are an acceptable way of doing nothing.

During the next lull in your conversation, ask: "Do I smell too good? Is that bothering anyone?"

Each university should have a Department of Gadflies. Those should be the people with tenure.

Everything is everything all the time.

God should require a college degree to get into heaven. His earthly followers are fairly ignorant, especially about evolution.

Happiness happens.

Here is a better idea for a guided tour of a museum: Send ten sensitive articulate people through the museum and have them record their thoughts (adding comments and music). Let the visitor headphones contain all ten tours and let the "museum-goer" pick among them. You could even have a cynical person. And a trivial fact person for the fact-people.

I can't help feeling flattered that the devil is taking a personal interest in me!

I can't remember what it feels like to be me.

I have a great nostalgia for the present. People like to read about vacation while on vacation. I like to read about life while I am living.

I just want... (I don't know what it is I just want.)

I love kittens, but not people's love of kittens (and not a purse made out of a kitten).

I see two men walking down the street holding hands: here is a sign of a gentle and forgiving town.

I used to think the future would be here by now.

idea: a baseball cap with "LOVE" written on it in red letters

Idea: a Gay Pride baseball cap

Idea: clothing that lets the wind blow on our bodies without showing the body to the world.

In life I am constantly carried along and helped by the kindness of strangers.

Life is as easy as falling off a cliff.

Most museum talks about art are irrelevant. It is like seeing a moving, passionate dance performance, and then talking about where the dancer is born, or where they buy their shoes or underwear, or the name of their cats. All such talk draw you away from the performance.

Most of the time we weigh nothing.

My bells toll only for me.

Never give up. Keep throwing the I Ching until you get the answer you want.

New fun phrase: abso-fuckin'-silly

Not only is telekinesis and telepathy nearly non-existent, so is telephilia and telefellow-feeling.

Not only is there no God, there is no Enlightenment.

Novelty is losing its novelty for me.

Our ideas of heaven are cartoons.

Our images of ourselves stand in the way of seeing our selves.

Salmon do not fight their way upstream to feed you.

Saying I Cannot Live Up To™: Park fear.


Sometimes I worry that my mind has a small penis.

Sometimes it's good to play dumb.
Sometimes it's good to play smart.

The ancient Greeks though the basic elements were earth, water, air and fire. That is to say: land, sea, sky and warmth.

The ancients though there were four elements. I have a simpler theory: there is one element: people.

The bureaucracy is angry: "We made a rule and you're not following it!"

The key to a good vacation is the key — hold on to the keys!

The male's dynamo of self-esteem must turn inside the coils a beautiful woman.

The mind will make sense of anything.

The snapshot of my feelings is a sentence.

We broadcast, but don't receive, very well.

We waste our love on pets and gods. (It's much easier.)

What do people like when they like nature? Why can't they answer this simple question? Perhaps in seeking nature, they seek to get away from such difficult questions.

What if men (and women) suddenly and inexplicably lost all interest in looking at women? Suddenly (and inexplicably) tight shirts, low-cut jeans, cleavage, high-heels and long legs never got a second look. How would women dress then?

What if you had to pass your school exams in order to get laid? Or get good grades in science? Things would change. But the requirements for sex are not of these kinds. No exam is required, either before the act, or after.

When I am feeling very optimistic, I think that it is merely inexpedient for politicians to be intelligent.

When we pay our lip-service to life-long learning we are usually substituting experience for learning.

Where do we evolve from here?

You're damned if you know and you're damned if you don't know.

"... as angry as Jesus."

"My individual learning style is not to study."

"Tell me about your day."
"It's boring."
"Oh, that is so interesting."

"You wear food well. Food looks good on you."

"Hi honey! I'm here at the symphony. It's a great performance. Can you hear it? There sure are lot of people here. How's your mom doing?"

As we age, an insouciance towards death may be one of the few high cards remaining in our deck. We can be suicide boomers.

Attitude trumps hottitude

Complicated answers to simple questions: "How are you?"
"It's hard to put into words. Let me do an interpretive dance. It will last a day. At the end of the performance you will see how I am doing."

Complicated non-answers to simple questions: "How are you?"

Do not confuse communication with truth.
People rarely communicate with truth.

Everything I do I meta-do.

I got zero-tolerance for zero-tolerance.

If you think your dog is your best friend, what is your definition of friend?

Let us relax and let evolution fix the world's problems. I'm sure that in ten million years everything will be just fine.

myth-illogical beings

Nature is our ancestral home.

Only the majority would vote for something as overly-simplistic as that.

Part of a poet's job is to be a poet, to uphold up the idea that one can feel things profoundly and create a transcendent moment.

Part of life wisdom is knowing when it doesn't get any better than this: Knowing that this! is your chance.

Simplicity is a drug, much like ecstasy.

The news constantly tells us when a tropical depression is formed and how many people have dies.
What about telling us when a temperate high forms?: Expect to be happy, 15 deaths will be averted.

The standards for a successful human conversation are remarkably low.

Understanding does not make you happier, just intellectually sophisticated and closer to the truth. If being intellectually sophisticated and closer to the truth makes you happy, so be it.

Understanding the world, having a coherent sophisticated culturally sensitive understanding of the world is strictly optional.

We like mysteries, the genre and the actuality.

We like to go be in the city and do that city-thing, but don't destroy nature, the land of our ancestors.

We live in a world of untested ideas.

We need to stop thinking we're making sense all the time when we philosophize. We're not.

What about a car built like a motorcycle, flamboyant and colorful, pipes and chrome everywhere, with the engine and exhausts draped around the chassis?

What about opening a restaurant and you decorate it with pretty people just to sit there? Perhaps, for a fee, the customer could talk to them.

What if Christ will not return for seven million years? Would that change anything?

What is the perennial appeal of the blues?
Are we all doing time in our personal Folsom?

When we speak about the virtuality of the world and the disappearance of "the real," this is another kind of end-of-the-world thinking.

Why do people (at the airport) read crap?
Crap is interesting.

You don't actually need any insight about the nature of the universe. You can pretty much say and think whatever the fuck you want about it unless you are doing science.

A Not-all-that Useful Phrase: Habitart for Humanity

A wise man a god in sheep's fiber clothing.

All men are created equal but not all men are created equally interesting.

Art works in the je ne sais quoi part of our brain.

Books are a form of plastic brain surgery.

Do I have a right to have a sexual fantasy about anyone I want?

dressed for sex-excess

Eventually (for security reasons) they will ban fire.

Every wife is a trophy of sorts, especially now that we give trophies for simply participating.

Evolution is too slow to fix our problems, as is continental drift.

Flinch not.

Going to school is like: how many fingers am I holding up? I hold them up fast. Or, how many fingers am I holding up expressed in binary?

Here are some politically (though not actually) inappropriate team names:

  • The Liars
  • The Cheats
  • The Rude Boys
  • The Juvenile Delinquents
  • The Offenders
  • The Repeat Offenders
  • The Prisoners
  • The Felons
  • The Criminals
  • The Indians
  • The Infidels
  • The Lawyers
  • The ADDs
  • The Class Clowns
  • The MIPs (Minors in Possession)
  • The Used Car Salesmen
  • The Victims
  • The Perpetrators
  • The Drug Users
  • The Goths
  • The Parole Officer
  • The Peace Officers
  • The Freedom Fighters
  • The Deciders
  • The Gays

How can you take something as interesting as life and turn it into something as boring as everyday ordinary life?

Human beings may be the smartest being to appear on the planet but that does not mean human beings are all that smart.

Humans prefer myths to reality, the world the way we want it to be over the way it is. Our "understanding" of the world is created as much by the former as by the latter.

I carve loving complex custom-made pigeon holes.

I too want decency in our culture: I want intellectual decency.

If sex were a drug, the government would have banned it by now.

If you made it so your kids would really miss you when you died, have you screwed up your parenting by bringing unnecessary unhappiness into their lives?

If young people are disengaged, look at what they disengage from.

I'm an Atheist: I believe in not believing in God.

In The World of the Future: people will embed a mechanism whereby we can have fizzy urine, or to surprise and delight the ladies, carbonated sperm.

In theory, people are such a good idea.

Isn't the trope of "Onward Christian Soldiers" much like one of "Onward Christian Pedophiles"?

It is not that reason is wrong — it is that reason is not strong.

It is the distractions from life that make life worth living.

Life sucks the life out of life.

Maybe it's age-inappropriate even being alive at sixty.

No one needs to understand the love you have for other people as much as you yourself do.

Our not-understanding of the wise man. A part of our definition of a wise man (a sage, a philosopher, a mystic or a religious leader) is that we do not understand him.

References to Gödel or quantum physics seldom adds anything to a layman's discussion of the universe. And academic obscurantism is like the ink of the squid.

Religion is never wrong.

Simplicities stop the pains of learning.

The Boomers are The Greatest Generation. Look at our achievements:

  • let men wear long hair
  • legitimized recreational drugs
  • did not get us into a World War
  • and now — mature porn

The eyes of the mind are bigger than the stomach of understanding.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no most important thing.

The perennial question: what is baby and what is bathwater?

The world is a Rorschach test.

The young radiate an appealing message of innocence and raw sex.

There is no plan B for normalcy. That is part of its illusion.

They have the strangely popular "For Dummies" series of books. What about: "For Bigots"or "For Poseurs"? Or, how about, ___________ for People Who Can't be Bothered, as in: PostModernism for People Who Can't Be Bothered With Post-Modernisms? Or, ___________ for People Who Want to Continue to Hate ____________ or, Islam for People who Already Hate Islam or, Trigonometry for People Who Will Never Understand Trigonometry in a Million Years.

Things go better with sexual attractions.

We are caught between the bull and the bullshit

We have outsourced being interesting to our television.

We will fight and kill to retain our normality.

Whatever made you think education should be entertaining?

You can double my salary and I would not be twice as happy.

Appropriate often means sanitized.

"I would never say that to your face... because it isn't true."

A man's self is his castle. (with ramparts.)

A person should be at least as interesting as their haircut.

A small university is a puniversity.

Animals were an early television set. As was fire.

Any true philosopher must be able to explain why no one is interested in philosophy.

Become non-judgmental

But what does reason know?

Celebrities are the new version of Elders ("Youngers"). We look to them for guidance on how to dress and how to act (so we too will be desired by everyone.)

English aristocrats are one of the glories of civilization. American wealth has not resulted in anything similar.

Forgive us our lack of communication as we forgive those who don't communicate with us.

Government did not originate for our best interests.

History is often uncomfortable. In addition to anything else we do to remedy a past situation, we must also wait it out, until the day comes that only extremists and weirdos will care about past historical injustices.

Humans are an invasive, non-native species.

I am my co-pilot.

I seek philosophers but all I see are beautiful women.

I take a prurient interest in reality.

If there were no sacred form of prostitution we would have to invent it.

If they don't understand your argument, you haven't made your argument.

In 1960, whoever thought that in the world of the future, men would wear baseball hats?

In movies we spend hours and hours to find an occasional profundity embedded in a limbic stew of sex, violence, mystery, fear, desire and death.

In theory we can change, but not so much in practice.

Let's keep the penis in happiness.

Listening to a love song is listening to a woman pouring out her feelings to you.

Looking at a recent photographs of myself I realize that unless I am careful I will look like that someday

Most of the time most of the people in the world sit around and talk. (Look around you.) But not with just anyone.

Most of us don't really work. Cutting and stacking a cord of wood is work. What most of us do is more like detention: fill out this paperwork 100 times.

My mind has a mind of its own.

New Words for New Times™: intimidatia

Our cars are an end disguised as a means. A car is a comfy chair with music and a rolling landscape.

People accept me even when I am not doing anything much at all.
I should do the same.

People desperately want to be rational. They are willing to offer and accept the most ridiculous arguments in order to sound rational.

Philosophers turn men into straw men.

Reading academic philosophy makes me less philosophical.

Some people like sudoku, others like early modern philosophy. It too can be outpuzzled,

Studying is a kind of intelligent listening.

Supernatural beings are the beings that you talk to when no one is there.

That we live on the world is a fact. The we live in the world is a metaphor.

The aim of a philosophy book is to make you think you understand something profound.

The animal side of books (like the animal side of songs) is the mental animal.

The boredom of a philosophy book is its own refutation.

The more we study the more we (should) learn how stupid we are.

Watching the news is like checking for changes in a mole.

We are so fucking stupid we don't even know how fucking stupid we are.

We hate not knowing who the killer is.

We have sportscasters speaking constantly for sports. We should have artcasters speaking loudly from our paintings.
Let's make art just as annoying as sports.

We humans are caring and careless at the same time. We save lives while we overpopulate our planet and wage incessant war. We know this while we do nothing about it.

We listen to astrology because we are an unknown mystery to ourselves.

We need a personal narrative like an actor need motivation: what is my motivation here?

Why don't academic philosophers agree with each other? They all claim to be adherents to reason?
This tells us something about reason, academic philosophers, and about academic philosopher's understanding of reason.

Why not design the modern barrio: simple shelters with the bare amenities for a safe and simple life.

You cannot take the "lie" out of "believe."

"Aren't you a little old to believe in Jesus?"

Are homosexuals also grossed out by heterosexuals?

Before you tell me what is wrong about a philosopher, tell me what is right about that philosopher.

Can democracy work if most people are ignorant assholes?
Perhaps all that matters is that people thinks it works.

Christmas: it's MessiahTime!

Conversation is a kind of capital, sometimes a kind of venture capital.

Exit Lines #3: "It's not that I don't feel a lot of love around here. But I have to leave because frankly I'm not worthy."

Expecting Academic Philosophy to provide us with a philosophy is like expecting Dance Dance Revolution to give us a revolution.

Handwriting skills may be down, but the calligraphic skills of tagging are up.

I am scared to death of dying.

I want get high so bad I will do it without drugs if I have to.

Idea of a Conversational Interest Tree: Everyone has a controller linked to a computer or a computer controlled "conversation pet.". As someone is talking, people can make the pet thrive and jump about if they indicate they are interested.

a dress made out of money.

If gasoline become ever more expensive we will all have to commute. But with whom? A web-based company could link up commuters not only on their destination but on their personal and intellectual interests as well.

Insight is not a science.

Is it ok to be racist in your choice of sexual partners?

It may have been said before, but is it understood today?

Life is bearable in many ways.


Money can't buy you happiness but it can take your mind off the fact that money can't buy you happiness.

Of course climate change is bad: Human beings are the product of climate change.

Older civilizations (the Greeks, Chinese, Mesoamerican, and Renaissance) did not stop answering questions because they did not know all that much about the world. They never said: "We're gonna stop shooting our mouth off until we learn more about science, history, human behavior, physics, etc." or, "We're still pretty ignorant but..." Neither do we. This perennial intellectual self-over-confidence could be caused as much by our animality as by our reason.

Once again we clutch the terrible straws.

Postmodern theory is not itself postmodern.


The golden ages, the golden sages.

The never-ending demand for experts and consultants (in education, in relationships) is a sign that we don't know what we are doing.
The fact it is never-ending is a sign the experts don't know what they are doing either.

The socialist view that no one should be happy until everyone is happy is reflected inversely by our government's view that we will not let everyone be happy because some people can't handle it.

There is a Pope Innocent. Shouldn't there also be a Pope Culpable?.

They say (with mystic overtones) the Eskimo has ten words for snow. They forget that we have ten words for digital camera memory.

We all choose a narrative we can live with.

We all tend to think we are special, one in seven billion. We know we can't possibly be that important, but that's just our reason talking to us.

We are stranded here, on Gilligan's Planet.

What is the meaning of life? To sit around waiting for the Apocalypse?

Why are here? We are here to party.

Women are my lower power.

YEAR 2008

A snappy comeback: Let's examine your zipper!

A thought experiment: What would be an animal be like that is as superior to humans as humans are superior to beef cattle? (Would it too raise beef people?)

Academic philosophers: people of the fly-bottle.

Are we into education or are we into attendance?

Delusions are people-movers.

Do you want your philosophy with or without proof?

Driving in a winter wonder(if-I'll-die)land.

Even if you know why you play the game you still have to play the game. It is the existential game.

Happy endings are a myth.

Hell is a round earth.

Here comes the future that you always said you knew would be here. "Yes but I always thought it would be here in the future. Only in the future will I be able to handle the future."

Is it easier to understand Heidegger (or Wittgenstein) or to understand the world?

It is not moral to influence people using fear, or sex in politics or in advertising. Humans are overly sensitive to and easily confused by such things.

Life is largely a thoughtless activity, like playing with a baby, or a kitten.

Most of the things we seek in life, complete happiness, true love and eternal life, do not actually exist.
Still, it is nice to have a goal.

Never let your facial expressions be more interesting than what you are saying.

New near-edgy insult: You dinglehead!!

Not only do we fear that gas and food can be taken away, we also fear that our knowledge can be taken away.

On the electoral process: Just because you impress a bunch of voters does not mean you are a good leader.

Only a philosopher thinks the world is waiting for a philosophy book.

Our color sits on top of very thin skins.

Philosophy is a Supreme Court that hears the case but never issues a decision.

The ego is not about us. Our ego (and our concern with our status) testify to how deeply we are attuned to the judgments of other people.

The problem of leisure, as it used to be called, was solved by creating more bureaucracy. Paperwork is a form of busy-work leisure.

The watchword in academics should not be "publish or perish." It should be "publish crap and perish."

There are some questions not worth answering. Answers to those question are often philosophy books.

Tune it out, turn it off, come on in.

We are always assessing each other. (And we always keep the ass in assess.)

We dance to the songs of the chromosomes.

We like searching for knowledge more than we like knowledge.
We find knowledge sort of unsatisfying.
That is why we search for better knowledge. The knowledge is always better in the next department.

We like the future to stay in the future.

We like to support our irrational emotions with reasons.

What would an animal much better than us be like?

The permanency of time is the permanency of chemical reactions.

The road to philosophical truth is not the road to happiness.

A book is a path that leads us towards the truth, but books lead us in so many different directions.

Because we are so interested in people we tend to think that people themselves are interesting.

compare: paper tiger - paper work

Don't bother us with facts. We have worked ourselves into a lather and we're not going to calm down now.

Employee appreciation is being appreciated for not being yourself.

Everyone thinks they are doing their part in an ideal society. Yet the parts of the idea society have long since been replaced by a dysfunctional bureaucracy.
This is because all the parts are played by primates.

Geek joke: When you are out of TTL it's TTD.

High school sexuality is so salmonoidal.

History tells us that people are always wrong. Consequently we are wrong today. This is a lesson no one can master.

I prefer my own reality, thank you.

I want to see a news-program where the commentators are crying as they read the news.

Idea: cars shaped like human heads as they drive around town.

In spite of being like a grain of sand on a beach, we cannot be the beach—we can only be and remain an individual.

In the future television screens will be more real than reality.

Instinct has its own reasons.

Life is more fun with magic and irrational thinking.

Like all celebrities, K.D. Lang can now run a nice side-business just being K.D. Lang.

Most people need god to feel extra special.

News is an alternative narrative that distracts us from our personal narratives.

Philosophy is a mind-field.

Porn is sex as a sport.

Reason has proven that reason proves little.

Singing demonstrates coalitional skill. The parts of music are after all the parts of different people. The power of music is the power of The Many.

The unexamined question is not worth answering.

The wind beneath my wings is coffee.

There is no clear path to wisdom, but you can read books of wisdom to pass the time as you stumble lost along the way.

We are borne along on the litter of our culture.

We are drawn to our own Armageddon.
Our destruction is only fair.

We could divide the world into zones, each one dedicated to a different culture with different morés. people could be free to move between them. We could certainly do this. Why do we not?

We may not like the news, but we like to look at the broadcasters.

We say we want the truth, but we take refuge in mysteries.

Weather is emotion in the forms of matter.

What interest us most is not the most important.

Why can't we just accept another person's beliefs? "What the hell. I'll just adopt your beliefs."

Why do heaven and hell seem to be just a continuation of earthly life?

Why do we need to think we can get along? Why do we think we can?

With the iPod we have added a new input to the ear. Next we might add an extra eye, by inventing a small television in our glasses. Then an extra nose. I myself await extra genitalia.

A new CD is a fresh dress of feelings.

A real-estate shingle in my front yard with my own sayings. It could just say "Hi!"

Design idea: a 6' diameter 45 rpm record as a design on a wall

Exit Line (#4 in a series): "I have to leave now. I'm out of excellence."

Got delusions?

How can I be loved for things I don't love about myself?

How did the mathematical description of bodies with mass, come to be the paradigmatic description of the universe? Is it because that is something we can agree on?

I expect my understanding of the world to be more than just my understanding of the world.

I expected better from all the really smart people in the world.

I live among the post-civilized people.

In the face if death our sense of reality often flickers.

It is amazing how we all don't-think alike.

It's spring — avoid the mirrors.

Life is like the Internet writ large. We click along, click along, distracted by this, obsessed by that. Suddenly it is twenty years later.

New Holidays™: An Eff-Off Day (and the even more popular Eff-On Day)

Reasonable also means comfortable.

Sitting is for young people. Sleeping is for young people. Dying, however, now that is for old people!

The world does not fit neatly into categories, unless you include the category of "Other," or "None of The Above."

Understanding life does not give life meaning.

We are all supported by our own silent majorities.

We keep our world small. I go through a town full of people and I do not talk to anyone. I find this perfectly normal.

We may not be intelligent enough to realize that we are not intelligent enough.

We need hand, we need visible hand.

Without hill and colony, a termite (like a human) is just a snack.

You get the princess and you live happily for a little while.

A first date is a sex interview: "I am looking for a woman to fill a position (a missionary position)."

A lot of what is called news is fear and irritation porn.

A new term for counselors and therapists: soul coach

Academic Philosophy: the field of dropped balls.

Are you crying? No. I just got something in my mind.

Do not argue. Let people decant the wine of their excogitations.

Entrance line at work: I have a sense of déjà vu As though I have been here before.

Exit line at work: "Do we have a date then? I'll meet you here in the morning."

For a refreshing change, why not try The Pollyanna Porn Festival

For the 18th century gentleman, the ideal landscape is one with peasants.

Gay sex is safe sex: One, there is no chance of having kids. And, two, it does not involve women.

How is life treating me? You mean, how am I treating life?

Humans are easier to take in small doses of email and text.

I am finally putting 1.263982 + 2.736018 together.

I want a dog that picks up my shit.

Idea for a Website: a website that shows how people will look as they age, based on their height, weight, and gender.

If I get hit by a car, I hope it will be driven by a beautiful woman.

If there was a world where everything was cheap, it would be a world of creativity.

It is not what the artist meant, but what the art means.

Part of an argument against Intelligent Design is that the Bible is not very intelligent. There is no math, no physics, no theory of the perfect relationship. There is no mention of the New World.

Perhaps we need a war on war. (Those work so well.)

Rent to Own is good. Steal to Own is less expensive.

Should politicians and CEOs be tested to be sure they are not psychopaths?

Something inside me feels I have to fight every man i meet and sleep with every women I meet. The fact this never happens barely diminishes my belief.

The bridge you want to cross, the mountain you want to climb, are the metaphorical ones. Otherwise it would be an easy task.

The price of happiness — is unhappiness.

There is nothing wrong with being an ape! Primate pride!

What can philosophers tell us? is a part of the larger question, What can anyone tell us?

Who is god's god?

You would think that semesters in modern colleges would be longer: Aren't things intellectually more complicated now?

a store selling fertilizer-free food

Art that can really make you uncomfortable:

  • Art that insults you, perhaps by accurately mocking your clothes
  • Art that points out your personal deficiencies
  • Art that rejects you
  • Art that tells certain people to stop looking at me (and turns dark)
  • Art that photographs you farting, burping or picking your notes, and, together with the personal data information from the museum check-in, recognizes you are loudly shows your behavior to all other people in the museum

Fake Book Covers™:

  • A Really Good Book
  • Book
  • Ask Me About my Book

How many people would you let die so you could live? How many people would you let die in Iraq so you can feel more safe?

I am among my people: people.

I am skipping grown-up and going straight into post-adult.

I do not believe in wisdom of the ancestors, at least if the ancestors were anything like my relatives.

I impatiate.

If Buddhism is a religion of serenity, Christianity is a religion of the trauma, of a painful and unjust death by a crucifixion.

It is remarkable how easy it is to make us believe in magic stones and magic spells. All you have to do is tell us a story.

Let a homeless man live in a museum as a work of art.

Let's declare philosophical understanding and go home.

Lines for Coming to Work™: "I can smell the synergy!"

Locals are annoying. They think it is their place.

New Ideas in Educational Reform™: you start off being taught by hot teachers. As you fall behind, and fail to turn in assignments, you go to the old and ugly ones.

News is not about you; it's about the team you root for (or against).

One part of the male gaze is awe and admiration.

Punk music makes intense anger melodic, or at least listenable.

Sadly, there comes a time in every man's life when "getting laid" no longer seems like a great answer to your problems. Luckily this feeling soon goes passes.

Say it don't pray it.

The male gaze has a counterpart in the female intuition (or insight),

We dream to let us know we are asleep.

We talk endlessly about God and the nature of reality to take our mind off the difficult questions.

You've got the trademark, Seattle's Best Coffee™, but that doesn't mean you actually serve Seattle's best coffee. You are in the Department of Philosophy, but that doesn't mean you actually do philosophy.

"I'm sixty but I am not really old." is just something old people say.

"We live in a culture of old white men." Wow. You have achieved the trifecta of ageism, racism and sexism, all in one sentence. And since you see nothing wrong with this, this makes you a bigot as well.

A cool car is like eyeliner — It enhances your inner coolness.

Another new name: Persiffany

Aphorisms, someone has said, are thoughts that fly under the radar of our intellectual defenses. So who or what is patrolling the world for hostile thoughts. Are we at war with something? Are we afraid?

Aphorisms: a-tomes of understanding.


I don't need to be loved for who I am. I need to be loved in spite of who I am.

I know the right advice. I just don't know how to follow that advice.

I may not be changing my personality, but i am changing my description of my personality.

Idea: large magnetic cross-over plastic bandages for cars.

If all you can say bobbely-boo, the happy, good-looking people would be laughing at their "bobbely-boo," raise their eyebrows and wind up in bed. Other would say "bobbely-boo" to someone but there would be no magic in their "bobbely-boo." If they had a more words at their disposal they might well think: We don't have much in common.

Inappropriate uses of the word inappropriate:
inappropriately real
inappropriately genuine
inappropriately kind
inappropriately insightful
inappropriately appropriate

It is hard to admit your feelings, and harder yet to admit the trivial things that engender them.

It may be all about sex, but sex is never simply about sex.

Let's keep the "I" in "happiness."

Lines for Leaving Work™: "I wish I could stay here a lot longer, but I am lying so I am going to go home now."

Making aphorisms is making intellectual jewelry, which helps to draw attention to your lovely mind.

Mercury's wings bicycle helmet

One pleasant part of aging is feeling sorry for yourself.

People talk about the weather because it is important.

Questions for the Modern Booty Woman™: Do these pants make my ass look big enough?

Self-esteem is a feeling. Like all feelings it comes and goes.

Sex is for kids.

Studying is cheating. Anyone can know the answers if you study.

The love of knowledge is the love of a particular subject of knowledge, as the love of people is the love of a particular person.

The world isn't small.
Your world is small!

We can't handle the truth:
there is too much of it.

We should send some of the food we import from China to feed the starving people in China.

What is the opposite of whatever? Something?

What is the smallest unit of philosophical understanding? The "tome?"

Why are we so interesting to ourselves?

Why is poker an ESPN "sport"? Why not a world series of intelligence? I do not mean the usual tests of memory or trivia. How about:

  • A World Series of insight?
  • A World Series of enlightenment?
  • A World Series of profundity?
  • A World Series of religion, spirituality
  • A World Series of prayer?
  • The Best 5 Minute Synopsis (of Wittgenstein, Hume, Einstein)?
  • A Great Lesson on [whatever]?

You can judge a book cover by the book's cover.

"All right, let's fuck it!"

Contests of the Future™: The Like-off

Conversation Battles: contests between couple or small groups to see who can have the best conversation.
Also Rules for Conversation Battles: a contest to see who can come up with the best way of judging who has the best conversation.

Conversations are like sing-alongs; they are think-alongs.

Don't think you can think.


Fight or flight? Fight or flight or love.

Good Idea: a computer screen that also functions as a tanning lamp.

Idea for the future: glasses, using real-time computer graphics, that let you see everyone as young and hot.

If the world is so small, why don't you fucking walk home?

I'm perfecting my less-than-perfectness.

Is it difficult for us to notice the constancy of our interest in status and sex because all we do is sex and status.

Life is good—if you can afford it.

Life is like the hidden treasures in a video game. You don't know where they are. You have to bounce your head against the bricks.

Many aspects of traditional scholarship are simply obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Most people don't pay much attention to reason. Philosophers do, but who listens to them?

One argument against using drugs is like the argument against using cell-phones in airplanes. Sooner or later you will be uncomfortably trapped by mindless meaningless chatter.

Perhaps in a relationship all we are just looking for someone to be with, to talk with, fight with and to fuck with. Perhaps we a looking for a pet with benefits.

Philosophers: free range scholars.

Secondary literature on Kant, Hume, Pound, Frye or Baudrillard is seldom illuminating, because the writers are not Kant, Hume, Pound, Frye or Baudrillard.

Someone should invent a virtual mirror: one that would reflect everything but replace yourself with a better looking self, one you would feel good about.

The battle cry of the philosophers: "WE ARE ATHENS!!!"

The cost of a divorce is that you have to numb and erase many tender experiences of love that you have had in your life. Perhaps this is the only way to deaden the painful ones.

Think of it This Way™: People have kids and pets because they want to act like they can only act with kids and pets.

This year (like last)
hot people
are the hot accessory.

Traditional culture has been replaced by poverty.

Traditional religion is to spirituality what representational painting is to painting.

Unfrightened people are the good cholesterol.

We look as good as we can.

What is the proper feminine form of "lout"? Loutessa? Loutette? Lady Lout?

When I read on my laptop I lose the signaling of a book cover. We need book covers for the back of the laptop to signal who we are (or want to be).

When people are upset at people for being under the influence of drugs they are upset at people for feeling and reacting, appreciating and being emotional.

Who played Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye?

Wisdom, cheap as wine.

With their constant cell-phones, people are now living their lives in phone booths.

workless / worthless.

You cannot Google the answers to Pictionary.

You can't buy happiness. You can only buy status.

I am a big fan of my prejudices.

A book is the original laptop.

A good name for a philosophy book: It's Not That Simple


Among our many cerebral programs are the programs we call "myself."

Art get created. Art get appreciated. And no one is the wiser.

As long as you don't go out in the field all day to work you can still pretend you can go out in the field and work all day.

Being admired for your mind is no different than being admired for your tits.

Getting mad at people who are richer than you is no better than getting mad that the landscape is going to outlast you.

I always put things off until the last minute. During sex I get my orgasm off at the very last minute.

I am Scheherazade with 30,001 Nights.

I have a question: what is a question?

I think so I don't have to think.

Idea for an obnoxious hipster: loud classical music on his boom-box or his ride, the kind that no one likes: Bartok, Schoenberg, atonal, minimalist...

A camera that makes a fart sound when you snap a picture.

Idea: a cell-phone service would be to send you periodically a pre-recorded call that would guide you through a cell-phone conversation that would make you interesting to the people around you. "No honey, don't marry the Italian soccer star!" Other scenarios might include:

  • you wife has been unfaithful
  • you have been unjustifiably dumped
  • you have won a humanitarian award
  • you have come into a lot of unexpected money
  • you have a heartwarming conversation with your prodigal son
  • or you entertain people with something like Shelley Barman's acts

If I were to write a novel about how I really was, I would of course have to decide how I really was.

It is not wrong that there is athletics in the school. What is wrong is that schools think they are important.

Perhaps it is best not to have sex with people we know. Ignorance is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Priorities: we don't want our words to get in the way of our fucking.

The Internet has been hard on trivia buffs. It has had little effect on wisdom buffs.

There are a lot more Venus of Willendorfers walking around today.

There are more kings in stories than there are kings in the world.

We do not live in a meritocracy, but a cerificatocracy.

Since we have to parade the package, why not dress it up?

We tend to think that people around us are like us. This makes us feel better.

What goes on in a conversation that you do not talk about in the conversation?

When they validate our skin, we feel validated to the bone.

Wrong Ways to Think (#17): I am able to understand him therefore I do understand him. I am capable of appreciating his symphony therefore I do appreciate his symphony.

You would think that Adam and Eve should have been expelled from the Garden of Eden for eating from a Tree of Ignorance.

"You are now free to move about your straightjacket."

Design idea: a big sweatshirt with hi! written on it.

How can I believe in people if I don't believe in fantasy?

I can't stand sitting here.

Idea for a book: How to think with a computer.

Idea for a book: Things To Do While Waiting In Line

Idea: a misspelling program which takes fancy polysyllabic text and misspells it. (to be one with the people.)

a pin-on crest for your jackets.

idea: spiritual advice bloopers

I'm texting myself (to let me know what I am doing).

It is fall. The lengths of the names of the months are getting longer.

People are constantly re-enacting the Civil War. Why recreate war? Why not re-enact the great parties of the past?

People are meataphors.

Perhaps our clothes, our music an even our ideas are primarily a signaling device — to ourselves.

the emperor's new clue

The world is a Petri ball.

There is never enough time to be me.

There is no "sex" in "ex".

We could also speak of: leaps of reason

Who am I? Don't ask me.

If A loves B and C loves B, why does not A love C?

An experiment in multiculturalism: Live with someone. Do what they do. Follow their daily practices. Read what they read. Watch what they watch. (for example, live like a Republican.)

Another Event in the Olympics of Multitasking™: carry on two cell phone conversations simultaneous on two cell-phones, lucidly and gracefully.

Computer Idea: a combination word processor, web browser, and reader — It simply turns a web page into a word document, and vice-versa.

Computer Idea: a file manager (like Windows Explorer) with tabs.

Cool music is a way of impressing others: Look! I am a good hunter and gatherer.

Do you want to help us, or do you want to sell us self-help books?

Domino pizza cars have a plastic sign magnetically stuck to the top of their cars. What about having one of those to advertise yourself, with says the word "philosophy"?

Fail-your / fail-mine

He died without ever finding the fountain of youth.

I am less No Child Left Behind and more No Child Held Back.

I am not sure I actually exits. I am an a-me-ist.

Idea: a phone you can eat.

If future does not have to be like the past, why is the future like the past?

If we did not have our books, magazines, cell phones and iPods, life would be a lot more difficult: we would have to talk to each other.

I'm into the myth of abandoning myth.

I'm not now. I am mostly then.

Part of the function of news is to hide news from us by providing the illusion we know what is going on.

Perhaps humans learned to love by loving animals first. Only later did they learn to love other people.

Reality frightens me. But the thoughts of reality attract me.

These days our bodies are largely for entertainment purposes, like sex and sports.

We are such simplistic animals. We are not even willing to figure out when we are being unduly simplistic.

We are the animal that thinks it is all animals.
We are the animal that thinks it is an animal that thinks it is not an animal at all.

We dance with dreams.

We know too much to believe in myths but not enough to fill the needs they serve.

We're alive. Let's dance.

Why is not work a sport, the sport of work?

With all the millions of people around me, why am I still stuck inside myself?

Without my self-confidence, who am I?

Woe is me. I am unhappy in my life and I have no wife to leave!

Women masquerading as answers to my mythological cravings are such a distraction.

The subconscious cannot speak as it has no subconscious.

People have feelings about emotions.

A book for the Philosophy Section: Teach Yourself Cynicism.

A country no longer has a culture; a culture has a culture. Maybe a culture shouldn't have a country. Or an army.

Aging isn't wisdom.

Can you "be here now" on a cell phone?

I can't imagine there is such a thing as reality.

I don't want to be me all the time.

I seek the perfect placebo.

a toaster that will toast your picture on your toast.

Life is not a first-person shooter.

nubile /oldbile

One sign that you have attained a state of spiritual illumination is that you find yourself blathering inanities.

Part of enjoyment of modern jazz is to wonder how you are suppose to enjoy it.

People — are a treat.

Research has shown that you will sound much more authoritative if you begin your sentence with "research has shown."

The enemy of enlightenment is NOT difficulty but remembering.

The eternal feminine keeps us in shape.

There are many ways to navigate the intellectual landscape of our society: See my book: Eye-Rolling: A Beginner's Guide.

Watching TV I gather my thoughts about the kind of cable channels that I would like in my personal universe:

  • a poetry channel
  • a philosophy channel
  • museum art talks
  • over 70: a channel devoted to intellectually interesting people over 70
  • the intelligence channel
  • college groups and clubs
  • YouTube TV - the good stuff, in Hi-Def
  • the Meta Channel - a channel that analyzes TV itself, and (I see problems here) commercials
  • A World Series of insight? enlightenment? or profundity?
  • A World Series of prayer?
  • The Best 5 Minute Synopsis (of Wittgenstein, Hume, Einstein)?
  • One-Minute Lectures
  • A Great Lesson on [whatever]?
  • The Nothing Scripted Channel
  • Conversation with Strangers (People rate it, and defend their rating system.)
  • (for the kids) Smarty Pants™

We may not be providing a good education but we certainly provide good-looking educational statistics.

What if all you favorite musicians, poets, novelists and movies were known only to you and never seen by anyone else? What then would you communicate by talking about them?

A cool-ish name: Proliffany

A parenting class on how to avoid having your child become just like you.

A true gentleman will letch after all the ladies present.

About the word "beheading,": shouldn't it be "deheading"?

Among the delightful twinkling illusions of Christmas:

  • We can unwrap happiness.
  • We can give people things to make them happy.
  • We can make people love us.
  • We can get what we really want.
  • We can be given happiness.

Compare: paper dolls, paper profit, paperwork

Do The Numbers: In your lifetime you can meet and get to know at most one thousand people. This means you meet one person in seven billion (1/7,000,000) or 0.000014%, or essentially, zero. So you have no chance of meeting almost any person on the planet.

Does every civilization think it is decadent?
All seem to think the end of the world is near,
and for your personal world this is always true.

Everyone of the seven billion people on the planet has a personality and a reason to live. A remarkable achievement.

God speaks with a thousand voices.

Grow-up? And stop growing?

I am good at what I do but I am not good at knowing what I do.

I am not racist, but I am race-aware.

I do not aim to write you difficult ambiguous poem. I do not want to awe you with mysteries and demonstrate my impenetrable depth. I want to take you by the hand and walk you over to that place over there. Bend down. There. No. There. (I point) Do you see it? Isn't it wonderful?

I sit inside myself and watch what I do and try to figure out why I do it.

I want to change my appearance but all I have control over is my shirt.

Idea for a hip Christmas tree: a totally black tree, with black lights.

Idea: a sweater with a glowing pulsing pattern, especially one that can focus over the heart. Control this and you can be like the chameleon, displaying your moods in changing colors.

If I want to lose respect for a culture, watch its TV.

In a delicious way, a poem does not make sense.

It's Christmas! Keep the foolishness going!

Looking at street names, I realize the English and the French have tagged New Orleans with their names.

Mona Lisa is a celebrity, famous for being famous. She obtains a privileged place in the neurons of our mind.

Music sings to me.

My Holiday advice: Marry Christmas.

New Word for New Times trade;: pentaprisms

New Words for New Times trade;: "No can fuck..."

Oh we are so all that!

Our interest in celebrity is obvious. We fail to see it because we refuse to believe we can be so stupid.

Religion is too important to be left to religions.

Shouldn't "American Indians" really be called: "Americans"?

Since people will often click around for the best weather report, a local news station could advertise that: We provide the least scary weather report. We will speak to you as an adult.

The aphorism is where the poet and the thinker meet to pass a secret message.

The trailer for Christmas was excellent, but the actual release proved to be a disappointment.

Think of ideas as celebrities. ("I saw that idea in a book by Plato.")

Though they are often mistaken, we need the weather shamans. They give us a big common straw to grasp.

To a gamer, time is also something to kill.

We do not want peace and goodwill, we just want to think we do. (It makes people less suspicious of us.)
It is like handshake before the fight and the beer afterward.
It is the hand up from the carpet.

We hide reality from ourselves &,dash; really well. It makes life easier.

We need to think calmly about How to Organize a Post-Apocalyptic world. We can't let this to be sketched out only by first-person shooter video games.

When there are too many administrators they no longer need to impress those to whom they administer, but can impress themselves. They become a posing party.

You can only think you think are no better than other people if you think there are no assholes in the world.

You must occasionally allow people to be tired and sick of you so they can love you again.

The Old Person's Guide™ to: How To Think Like an Old Person

YEAR 2009

"Be careful." is a human watchword. I doubt it would be the watchword for lions.

All I have to do is to do it.

Even if we were to find The Perfect Philosophy Book we would not stop reading books. Books with radically differing points of view are fun. There is no 'end' in 'enlightenment'.

I got my pheromones working but they sure don't work on you.

I mention my latest Holiday Idea™ to Tom: to stick a colorful Christmas bow on your jacket. Tom suggests I just stick it on my forehead, or around the neck — as a bow tie!

Embedded in our frustration and alienation we elect clowns, amusing figures we like those we like to watch on reality TV.

The iceberg is just the tip of the iceberg.

The word "Nazi" distracts us into thinking this is a thought, and not an opinion.

There's no accounting for reason.

We may indeed have lost our way, and even realized that we never knew where we were going, but we have not lost the feeling that we have to have an opinion about our way.

We should take the iPod to the ultimate level: We will the have not only ear buds, but also eye-buds, nose-buds, mouth buds (taste-buds) and touch buds. (You could program the feel of a gentle woman caressing you.) We won't have to talk to each other at all! Finally we'll be god!

Alienation may be necessary in order to pack us all in together on this crowded planet. We need our virtual worlds.

Cellphone Insight #1: I had no idea there was so much chattiness in the world!

I seek youtopia.

I will never be as good as I think I am.

Is not easy to find someone to talk to in a manner we find interesting so actually we don't! Most people relate more at the nonverbal level. How do I know this? Their talk about weather, pets, kids and politics is boring and mundane.

Life is — tragically — happens far too quickly for us to figure it out.

Our self-help books help us see there are no answers.

People don't like to think they don't like to think.

Reason I hate TV #6: TV does not show us better humans.

Science tries to explain everything. Religion tries to explain everything.
What is this "explaining" we need so badly?

Some people spend a lot of time avoiding temptations. Others spend a lot of time convincing themselves to yield.

The point is not to construct an indefeasible rap (but to open yourself to the world.)

The present isn't what it used to be.

Why do we still have groundhog day? The science is completely bogus.

Why would we ever think that dreams are meaningful, when dreams are so foolish?

A common sleep disorder is to worry about your sleep.

A good opening line: So, how are we doing so far?

A Less than Useful Phrase (LTUPs): You call that a shit!

All these big egos upset my ego.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the eyes of the beholders are usually on the beauties.

Concept for a New Restaurant: if you are dining alone, you could get a gifted conversationalist to sit with you. (Poor people would have to bring their own.)

I need better placebos.

I searched for enlightenment and just wound up getting old.
(The participation prize.)

In The World of the Future™: Television will move from small LCD screens to the walls. Sports will be playing on walls as large as or larger than the humans in the room.

Instead of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, I seem to have a discussion group. And I can't make out what everyone is saying.

It is easier to expound Plato than to say how reality is.

Living in ambiguities, we think in simplicities.

Nearly everyone has an opinion on how we we restructure American financial system. How is that even possible? Most of these people still cannot program their television set to record a show.

New Words for New Times®: shitistics

Philosophy kits: (Also known as human lives.)

Reality has a tendency to get boring. (This is where the poets come in.)

Rich People Singin' the Blues: I make a million dollars a year, a million dollars a year, and I'm still not happy, still not happy.

The thing with reality is that it can't be put into words.

Theory only works in theory.

We think emotions have the answer. In fact emotions mostly stop the thinking.

We think our ideas have improved. In reality, we have just become better at defending our opinions.

Why isn't it morally offensive to root for own team? Isn't that like rooting for one's race, or one's gender?

A beautiful woman is a symbol of a woman.

A modern form of intelligence could be called clicktelligence.

Academic philosophy is erudite ignorance.

Always 'lullaby', never 'lullahi.'

Always 'Too good to be true.' Never 'Too bad to be true.'

Every book should be outlined on Wikipedia. (This can be done using my still-to-be-created paraphrasing software.)

How can you know who you are without becoming it?

How much of your philosophy of life is pain management?

I do not have a stable sense of reality. What I have is my steadfast beliefs in my delusions, illusions, excitements and depressions.

I get so tired of not getting tired of looking at pictures of beautiful people and celebrities.

a perpetual hour glass (like the perpetual waterfall devices)

I'll tell you what is wrong with teachers, they are always trying to teach you something.

Love is in part a mental confusion that lets other changes take place. And your incessant babbling about your new love, makes others leave you alone.

Much of what we call love is actually partnering.

New words for new times®: penistrate

New words for new times®: the pontifuckator

Not only am I special, I believe I am special in a special way.

One function of dating is to get you ready to stop dating.

Spring is the great acid trip. It twist us into unfamiliar shapes. It covers the world in green fur.

The best mirror in the world is a beautiful woman who worships you.

The Enlightenment does not lead to enlightenment, but to dissatisfaction.

The greatest aphrodisiac is love

To get to reality you must fight your way through the concomitant hallucinations.

We explain our non-existent truths in no uncertain terms.

Weather is the closest we get to communal sex.

What an act is, depends upon what it will be.

What is paraphrasing software for poetry? Another poem?

Why is getting excited and being disappointed more painful than never getting excited at all?

Your life depends on the fact your life depends on it.

A Modern Metaphor in Search of a Meaning™: I've lost my cursor!

Idea: a national Pretend I'm a Plant Day. People can look at you, touch you, and smell you.

Idea: A Shut-the-Fuck-Up Day, where you go about your business without talking at all.

In the World of the Future™ you will be able to flirt with the robotic check-out machine.

Instead of walking around in wonder at all the things we do not know, almost everyone walks around thinking we have a good sense of it all. (We always have.)

It took me decades to recognize that all around me were millions of people I could never know. We see each other as someone we could know. When we actually try to contact people, as in dating, it is not easy at all.

One cannot learn to be a man or a woman in just a decade or two.

Pornography is often called inappropriate. When then is porn appropriate?

Since most high schoolers are afraid of gay people, a good name for a high school sports team that would put fear into the hearts of the opposing team, would be The Gayrods.

The early worm gets the dirt.

The war on drugs is also a war on happiness.

Thinking is mostly worrying.

We like to understand things the way they were.

What if pet lovers were to take all the love they give their pet and give it to their significant other?

Who has given us freedom (in my lifetime)? Who has given us stuff we want? Well, Google. Not the US government which seems to strangle freedom with regulations, surveillance, a lack of vision and sheer stupidity.

Women have a well-deserved reputation for being difficult.

You can lead a teacher to a classroom but you can't make them teach.

You seldom have to walk the walk.

A person's sex life is mostly virtual.

A Useful Meaningless Concept™: PG porn

An Idea That Carries No Weight At All™: the kind of woman you should like.

At a yard sale I bought a bag of plastic men. They were all soldiers, policemen and firemen, and tough guys with big muscles. Where were the book readers, the geeks, the homosexuals, the soft poets and the peacemakers? Can you have one without the other?

Dealmakers may be more important than dealbreakers.

Idea for a book: A list of people who almost but never made it, who died at the last minute before they achieved something.

It is equally true that the unlived life is not worth examining.

It is stupid to ask people why they do anything. Why would you even ask that?

It may be useful that most people can't connect.

It takes two to get a divorce.

New Useless Word®: a chimputer

News is also a kind of mass-hysteria.

One major problem facing mankind is to understand mankind.

We are drawn to the beautiful ones as lovers. You need to be at least this good looking to take that ride.

What guides us through life is not self-consciousness.

When you define yourself, do not leave yourself out of your own definition. Do not be confused by who you want to be, or who you should want to be.

While many people adopt an overly simplistic conceptual systems, elitist are drawn to a confusion so deep we cannot say they are wrong because we do not understand it. But it sure sounds impressive.

"We're lovers with benefits!" (Linda)

A desire for the End of Days displays contempt for life. It is the wish for a mass abortion.

Do people avoid being interesting so they will never have to face the question if other people want to sleep with them?

How to get a soul mate:

  • Get a soul (develop yourself).
  • Wait for a miracle.
  • Seize

If there were no Iran or North Korea, we would have to invent them — and we have!

In order to make the world understandable we have to distort it.

It is impossible to construct an understanding of the world from the concepts traditionally used in philosophy. They are like a bad scrabble hand. Even after 2500 years, one can't do much with them.

It is more fun to parade ourselves and get our attractiveness rating from others, than it to commit to an other in love.

One way find a new relationship is to get a cute body.

Overheard at Cana: 'Could you make the next batch a Pinot Noir?'

Seeking the perfect ass is a strange way to seek a compatible person.

Spiritual penance as physical exercise. You have sinned so you must do an extra workout this week.

Support our stormtroopers!

We are all on welfare. Some of us just work for our welfare.

We can't even predict the weather. What makes us think we can know the nature of god?

We don't speak a common language, but we do use common words.

We draw property lines in the sand.

We should not oversimplify how we oversimplify.

Who doesn't have a shallow side? Only shallow people don't have a shallow side.

Young women in their twenties are far too inexperienced to be loving women-persons. Why then do they form the image of a desirable women?

[Academic philosophical joke:] Fuck the fly in the fly bottle! It's a fly!! Now if we had a supermodel (in a supermodel bottle...)

Atheists can understand the religious by putting a "wrapper" around them. The religious understand atheists by putting a "wrapper" around them. The key here is to make sure it is a beautiful wrapper.

Black people have to act black.

Can we lose our way in paradise? (There are no maps.)

How much of aging is worry about aging?

Humans form fantasy bonds very easily. Someone just has to step into our small circle. This is the first step in forming a real bond.

I do not aim to be a "fully realized person." I aim to be a fully-realized me.

If life is a journey,
we spend a lot of it being lost,
and a lot of time sitting down.

Language contain many tricks of understanding.

Language is the universal human addiction. Whenever people are together, people are talking — ALL the time. Talking is grooming.

Loud music is my quiet time.

No nudes is not good nudes.

No one listens to me. I guess I will have write a book

Of all the millions of things that happen in the world every day, only 30 become stories on Google News. We want our fake simplicity.

Our species has strong sense of individuality. We keep it even in a crowd. ("He is looking at me!") We do not disappear in the crowd, the teeming team.

There are over eight billion ways of not being yourself.

There is a 'me' in every relationship. (Everyone has a first person.)

We create spurious entities like knowledge, wisdom, meaning, being, communication, etc. in order to get our mind around and by things.

We don't have artificial intelligence because such programs are very complicated — the same reason we don't have natural intelligence.

We have made the world something that can be run by people of unexceptional intelligence. There is a down side to that.

We suffer from an excess of wisdom and talent. We fail to notice this because of the many relentless "simplifications" we practice in order to "communicate."

Why do we love to read our text messages? Is the world is more interesting (and easier to take) as small sentences?

Why would not God appear to everyone in his own way?

A book is a secular prayer we address to ALL mankind.

By their favorite Bible passages shall ye know them.

Does a book convince you? Or is it just an offensive weapon of conclusions?

On this Labor Day let us celebrate the people who labor to make things these days: the teenage women of SW Asia!

Perhaps understanding is only achieved a tableful at a time.

The future arrives in pieces. Some assembly is required.

We love to talk about things we know nothing about since no one can say you are mistaken.

When I was twenty, things could always be better. In my seventies, things may never be this good again.

You don't watch television?
How then do you waste time?

Zeno's paradox: In order to get somewhere you must first get half the way there. Then to get somewhere from there, you must first get half the way from there. And so on. The story of my life.

A rock and a stick, and we feel a lot better.

cars that change colors — chameleon cars

Distractions often come disguised as understandings.

Hi-ho hi-ho. It's off to life I go.

Humans disagree constantly. Humans are disagreeable animals.

Reason is NOT being sure about the answers. Reason is permitting yourself to think about things.

Stories are people without bodies.

Texting is one step closer to telepathy.

The first step in becoming an adult is pretending to be one.

The words of wisdom only arrive after the arrival of the wisdom.

Alone, we are mythical. En masse we become confused.

Because you can say almost anything about anything big, you actually can't say anything about anything big.

Can one be a religionist in the same negative sense one is a racist: by thinking that your religion is better than all other religions?

Feelings are our chemical reactions.

Heaven is here. (Here we are united with our loved ones.)

If we make our explanation of life really hard, we don't have to begin to understand it and we don't have to begin to understand that we don't understand it.

If you cannot explain a thing it in two pages, I want two pages explaining why you cannot.

In school, you are suppose to learn how to study. Instead you may learn how to get through school without studying.

Life couldn't be any better. But I could.

Misery loves company, and company loves misery. Company does not love happiness quite as much.

The world is a holocaust museum.

We drive around in armor plating.

We like our heads in the sand, especially if the sand has Internet and perhaps a beverage.

We make small chemical connections with our neighbors.

We think our parents are here for us. We forget that their parents were there for them.

We walk among strangers as among ghosts.

What are people buying when they buy a book?

When we die, we disappear. That is how God made us.

You can say we should torture, and that we should keep people locked up without habeas corpus, just, please, don't call us America.

In a democracy, we can all have opinions. That's usually all we can have — not power, intelligence or nuanced opinions.

"Believe in me." vs. "Be (live) in me."

Committing to one woman is one more way of keeping the world small.

Happiness is a personal best.

Humans are rational in a way they can hardly understand.

If philosophy has taught us anything it has taught us that philosophy cannot teach us anything.
There are no answers to life's deepest questions.

If you are not careful, you could spend your whole life just being careful.

In explaining the world, we do not need any more inscrutable sentences.

In the movies even the ugly people are pretty.

It is time: I am stepping up from Junior Mints to Senior Mints

Just give me the wrong explanation. At least I can understand that one.

New Commandments: know thy neighbors

New Useless Word: tuba-luba

Not everyone gets to live out their sexual fantasies. You must be THIS pretty to play

Self-help books are exhortation books: You can do better. Try again.

There should be a television show that shows us ideal people: But not be the politically correct ideal people. Let artists and poets and thinkers create whatever they think may be an ideal person.

We are drawn in part to (silly) young women in their twenties is so we won't be attracted to the more experience, interesting and available women of an older age. It makes for a more stable system.

We cannot even explain why philosophy cannot explain.

We enjoy artistic works with a high level of opacity. We like not fully understanding things. It makes us think someone else does. Or that we someday will.

We keep world small by hiding our self from others. (The trouble with keeping the world small is that it is not small.)

We live in fear of our opinions of each other.

We tend to arm the choir to which we preach.

YEAR 2010

"If you don't want to be a sex object,don't dress like a sex object." "Then what will I wear?!"

A lot of being old is not having anyone to play young with anymore.

A Question to Determine Your Spirituality: Is there television in heaven?

Contemporary public discourse does not appeal to academics or to rational people. It appeals to the votes of voters. All is fair in love, war and Fox News commentators.

Divorce Responsibility 101: You are guilty of marrying that person, false promises, gullibility, and ignorance of your self and others.

Everybody is in boxes most of the time.

Helping the poor is a big part of Christianity. There is something good about that. Thinking about what is good for people is not a big part of Christianity.

History doesn't change, but the stories do.

Humans believe that it is good to take an interest in what people say even if you are not interested in what they are saying. At least look interested.

Humans lack an intellectual anti-virus program.

I do not speak in books, in intellectual movements, in thinkers, or in jargon. I speak in sentences.

In today's world, we need a personal CIA officer: a guardian agent.

In too many churches, all they think about is sex.

It doesn't take a village; a few friends and lovers will do.

It's hard to know what your partner wants, if your partner doesn't know what they want.

Let's go with the theory that most movies don't actually say anything. That we just like to look at moving pictures.

Let's think about how to get through the world without thinking.

Life on earth is kind of waiting around.
We watch a lot of television/
(I am sure they have better shows in heaven.)


Music is a kind of controlled and pleasant screaming.

New Theory of Art II: We like to watch people pretend We like to hear repetitive words set to rhythmic patterns

On taking your responsibility in a divorce: If nothing else, you are guilty of marrying that person

People like thinking of themselves as sinners. It's a turn on.

Since there are now more people, more books, more movies, shouldn't the Top 10 Lists be expanding to a Top 17 or Top 22?

The Bible is a big book, useful for hitting people over the head.

The Dilemma of the Young Lovers: It's hard to know what your partner wants if your partner doesn't know what they want.

The educated man is not making his case The uneducated man's case is made on television.

The trouble with a sentence like 'I should get rid of my ego.' is that it makes this sound possible.

The Trouble With Academics #17: The people who comment on a profound thinker are not profound thinkers. (Do the numbers.)

The trouble with being less moody, is that I have to be in the mood for it.

Try to understand why we don't understand anything.

Trying to get rid of ego is a coping mechanism for ego

We can grow too old for our dreams. You are sitting at the hipster disco but you are now the old man at the disco. Sitting at the captains table with Diana Dors you see that she is overweight, in her eighties and missing a tooth

We have a gift for understanding things we don't understand at all.

We like to look at people being killed or being harmed — it is existential porn.

We substitute the very simple for something very complex. We call that an understanding.

What if all the the poor, the immigrants and everyone on welfare, were really good looking?

Why are most love songs sung by people in their twenties? Why are not the truest love songs be sung by those in their sixties?

WWWS: What would Wittgenstein say.

You can't change anyone — all you can do is accept them. It is the same with your self: "I know not what I do."

A bumpersticker: Reduce our Military

A little turmoil is healthy. It gives people a chance to exercise their forgiveness.

A plan to balance the budget: Sell off naming rights for the name of the country, the White House, the states, cities, rivers, etc.

Aging: a long-term near-death experience.

An Idea to Balance the Budget: Sell the naming rights for the White House, the states, cities, rivers, and the country.

Celebrities: the ones that everyone looks at.

Everyone knows exactly where their hatches are buried.

If I feel OK, everything is OK.

I've got a kind of Midas touch — everything I touch turns into gilt.

Like the Neanderthals, we are dimply aware of what is happening to us, and mostly unable to muster a response.

People look better photoshopped, and sound better wordshopped.

Sexual temptation is pleasant, easy to spot, and easy to resist. The more insidious temptations are the ones we are not even aware of, like the temptation to hate, or the temptation not to love.

Sometimes We Wish®: people would throw us a surprise We-Forgive-You Party.

Sometimes you need to disconnect the dots.

The lower brains stem does not know how to worry.

The value of being well-adjusted depends on what you have adjusted to.

The voice of the parent in head the super-ego is held in place by a desire to please.

What?! You haven't heard about my fame?

You can't think when you are happy. All you are thinking when you are happy is: Who needs to think?

A better symbol for the followers of Jesus would be ILU (the acronym for 'I Love You'), or perhaps simply a heart, the Open Heart.

Academics pull the great philosophers apart into little uncohering pieces, and turn them into problems.

Do not become your own sibyl.

Do you love me even when I am not lovable?

Education: the secular rapture.

How would God himself create world peace among all these humans?

I am so wealthy, I have my own private Internet.

In our society we create a tremendous number of unsatisfying jobs.

Is assisted living living? Is assisted thinking?

It's not hard to make bread. It's a piece of cake.

Just because you are not an inappropriate teacher, does not mean you are a good teacher.

My Big Mistake #17: My default position for understanding the world is to see everyone else as just like me.

One of the drawbacks of democracy is thinking the majority is right.

Our little homunculus yearns to be a theonculus.

Our minds consists largely of Wikipedia stubs.

Perhaps over-population will only be seen as a problem when cheap workers are no longer needed in industry and have been replaced be even cheaper automatons.

Pretty young women assume they are being liked for themselves. Sometimes, they are being liked in spite of themselves.

The days of the beautiful ashtrays are disappearing.

The US is bankrupting itself the way the Soviet Union did, by an arms race — with nobody (or with everyone in the world.)

The world is my iPod.

Ultimately, at a doctor's office at the end of our life, we finally realize we are just dealing with our problems.

We talk so constantly, we forget that talk is like birdsong. It's purpose may not be to accomplish much, but to assure us that nothing serious is going on.

Won't you join me for tomorrow?

Working is a good way of not thinking.

Adult education Adult movies and take lessons on how to masturbate.

After a period of unsuccessful dating, we join the crowd and we too do not love our self.

All our understanding are misunderstandings.

All philosophies are true in the same way all religion are true

Can anyone ever make a list of their favorite music without thinking about how it will look to others?

Everyone is concerned with the right to bear arms. I wish they would show an equal enthusiasm for the right to bear brains.


I am offended by inoffensive music.

Idea: underwear with pockets (For old men who like to walk around in their underwear.)

If I had to believe (as opposed to know/prove), what would I, or do I, believe?

It is philosophically important to understand that philosophical understanding is not that important.

Later in life, when push no longer comes to shove, how much of being cool is feeling cool?

Music is done by people, for people, with all that that involves: attractiveness, age, narratives, disgust at petty conversation.

New Acronyms for New Times®: DHM don't hit me (used instead of a Smiley or LOL)

New Acronyms for New Times®: IWSTTYF(BINT!) I wouldn't say that to your face (because it's not true)

New Acronyms for New Times®: SIIOYA Sorry if I offended you, asshole!

News is shabby and unhappy

Peace comes like a loving pet seeking affection.

Postmodernism — I thought that was history.

Sometimes we need forgiveness for our questions.


The marriage you get is often not the marriage you want

Translate what you cannot stand into something you can bear.

We can best commit to another only if we have committed to a life as our own.

We can only aspire to aspire to perfection.

We know just enough about a subject to think we know all about it.

We listen most respectfully to experts who agrees with us.

We work through our fears like we check our baggage through security.

We'll understand almost anything.

Western music is world music.

Westerners do physical affection well.

What do we rail against when we rail against Christianity?

Wisdom is temporal, with a "think-before" date.

Writing is the illusion of communication. Singing is the illusion of agreement.

Books are my favorite movie, slow and gently resonant. Books show me fake people who make me like people and the world more and me more comfortable in it.

Is post-modernism like existentialism — don't answer that! Who has the patience of Socrates, or the will-power of Wittgenstein.

relaxed fit | up-tight fit

Saintly people underestimate how hard it is for other people to be saintly and fail to see that people do not want to be saintly.

Snap judgment society — don't make me think.

Sometimes I like to start the day with a few tears. A good poem can do this. It clears my soul of selfishness.

Sports and politics are opinions without consequences.

Ugly people may never know they are good in bed. First step in being good in bed is getting into bed. Like being good on the dance floor.

We like to think we have it figured out so we can deal with other (more important) shit.

With all the complexity of the modern world, all we have to decide between democrat or republican?

Women are like one of those intriguing puzzles without an actual solution.

"TMI! (Too Much Information!)": there is never too much information just "TMBI! (Too Much Boring Information!)".

A middle-finger postage stamp

Age is a risk factor.

Hope is just the delusion that things will turn out just fine.

How can you humble yourself before god without humbling yourself before men.

I exercise to exorcise.

Now students must take a class on how to take a class.

Philosophy is what we say in failing to encompass the complexities of the world


Rock anthems: we like self-confident young people to lead us into the fray.

The sanctity of divorce: the inalienable right to seek happiness and personal growth when it is blocked by unscalable and stultifying complexities of human relationships. It is the right to seek the sun.

To a Neanderthal People are just weird Neanderthals.

A Snappy Comeback: .You have a nice day!

An old self-help book is a proven failure.

Attention is part of our limitation and our stupidity — we clear our small channels to deal with things.

Big Mistake of the 20th Century: All these problems are solvable our lifetime

Big Mistake of the 20th Century: The history of the whole world leads up to 20th Century. (A century that proved itself to be one of the big clusterfucks of all time.)

Can you love everyone? (You cannot be in love with everyone.)

Christians like fake challenges, like not masturbating.

Conversing with someone is a form of hospitality

I cannot not care. Caring is not a choice.

I think academic philosophers should be vetting and critiquing the work of the other members of the faculty for faulty logic, ontological assumptions, clarity and vagueness. There is a lot of that. (But we know what happens to gadflies, with all that swatting and slapping. It is better to be collegial, and bury the head in the departmental sand box.)

I want to understand the world with you. I want to share a common understanding of the world with you. Or rather I want to share my lack of understanding with you.

If you take the time to avoid making snap judgments, your snap judgments will change.

Intellectual forks in the road: Consider the concept of Product Placement. We can write about why it is stupid and an impediment to true art, or we can write about how to accomplish it.

It is not a bad thing to take care of a dog, a cat, a cockatoo, really well, but is it good enough?

Is there a lesson to be gained from my heart problem? Perhaps the lesson is that living is not a lesson, a trial, or an experiment.

It is fun to speak in generalities. To speak as though this simple picture is true.

It's more fun dealing with assholes than solving the world's problems. The problem is not that we disagree.

Jargon sweeps everything under the same rug.

Men like things they're good at — like sports.
If men were good at women, perhaps sports wouldn't be that important.

Most of us are judgment ridden.

Mostly we live our lives in words We speak the facts that impress/interest people. "I got laid" has an impact above and beyond "I got laid."

I am not sure every woman dislikes the male gaze; some like to attract it.

One should be agnostic about your own thoughts.

People rent movies constantly and I always expect them to understand why. But people have sex and go out to dinner constantly, without wondering about any meaning. What is the hunger we are satisfying with the movies? Is it just to get out of Dodge.

Philosophical problems take our minds off our actual problems.

Philosophy is just a way of stumbling over words and creating interesting and confusing ideas. If you want to be amazed, study philosophy. If you want truth, speak clearly.

Puzzling out the world is figuring out what words to say about the world.

Re: making hay.
Why bother?

Road rage is really about rudeness. Strangers on the road insulting me . . . ME!

Some say, don't overdo. I say, don't overdon't!

Support our girl scout troops

Talking to someone, no matter how inane, is mostly a sign that the person likes you.

The bottom-line: If the rich were correct about their passionate, complicated explanations for cutting their taxes and freeing them from regulations: there would be no unemployment.

The logic of evolution: the animals have evolved to exist despite you.

The quest to understand the world is a seduction. All answers to that question are seductions as well

The sound of a lawnmower is reassuring. It is just my tribe around (meaninglessly modifying the environment.)

The world is run by very clever 20-30 year olds under the guidance of mildly psychopathic old people. Ours is not a world of trust.

Understanding is a failure to see the complexity.

We have a belief that there is always a simple explanation. This misleads, and is based primarily for our ingrown desire for simplicity, the source of decision.

We know what to do in a library, we just don't quite know why we are in a library.

We like to hear about the foolishness and callousness of others. It's a way to feel good by not doing anything. "At least I'm not. . ."

We live in a snap-judgment society.

We no longer live in a community. We have retreated to the virtual frontier, where we hang with people in television, movies, website, and books. Actual people seems a little dim in comparison, and not all that attractive

We think about complexities in simplicities. What choice do we have?

What do you need to understand to understand the world? (What are the things you might need to understand in order to understand the world.)

What if all beggars were just what they said they are?

What if we were all on the same side? The same race, the same religion. Would that make things any better?

What lesson do you learn from dying?

When I have emotions from a book or a poem or a movie (sympathetic emotions), are they mine or not?

Why do actors get the primary credits in movies? This is like giving airline stewardesses primary credit for a transoceanic flight.

Why do you want to be a good person? It may not always be a "good" reason.

Why not here? Why not now? We humans, as animals, have a built in system for accepting death.

With the Internet you don't have to learn from experience, but you do have to learn from the experience of not learning from experience.

Would the world be any better if everyone was like me?

You cannot make anyone forgive you.

You can't say anything about your musical taste without projecting something about yourself. We are liars, and we game the system, even to ourselves.

A Bumper-sticker of Tolerance: Not ALL Christians Are Bad.

A philosophical question is one that can that can and should be answered in a number of different ways.

Being in a bad relationship is for young people.

Being polite is what you are to people you don't like.

Can one listen to a popular movie or a country song and think it is art? That question can be answered in a number of different ways.

Church is a place my spirit can breathe.

Depression always arrives in costume.

Dig yourself another hole.

Forgive me for being myself, as I will forgive you for being you.

God is an instantiated god; there is not god as much as good.

Help me better tolerate the words of religion, o lord, as they come out of all those different mouths, in all those private understandings and misunderstandings?

Human love "safe danger": they seek it out in entertainment, movies, video games, thrill rides. Being invulnerable is also a common aspect of our gods.

I don't want to die in part because of other people.

I share these Christian concerns: unworthiness, gratefulness for being here, meditation on being there, being together, and seeking guidance to know how we can be better.

I want my spiritual questions answered with: "I don't know."

I worship godliness in you.

I would like to have communion with fine wine, good bread, and deep music.

If silence is the key — not asking and not answering questions — why don't I shut the puff up?

If you must speak the truth, don't use words.

In school you learn to do things you don't want to do.

In the process of recovery, it is foolish to be brave.

It is interesting that the Internet did not improve on this: we are still afraid of being our true self.

Knowing the actors in a film is a kind of human recognition — and this is a favored feeling.

Loving a person or two is NOT loving thy neighbor.

Many people are blinded when they turn their eyes from the brilliance of the invisible ideal god to the dim adumbration of the visible existing one.

mentor / de-mentor

My life is a first person thinker.

Not all acts demand judgment, Certainly not by you. (Although some of your acts...)

On TV cartoon like "Family Guy" we see emotional zombies — mindless, shambling, with a hunger for trampling on human feelings.

Our actual religion is commerce, or rather, commercial exploitation.

People seldom show their true selves to each other—or to themselves.

Sometimes being incensed or morally outraged is just mindless barking.

The heart is not the organ of love but of persistence.

The over-the-topness of love songs. Thick lenses to concentrate the world.

There is a certain kind of knowledge presented for people who do not like to think.

There is no reason to believe we should always have an answer to the question: Why do you like that? or, What do you like about that? Much of our life is simply remains at the blood pulse level.

There is no way. There are many ways.

Thinking is accommodating.

Those who study history are condemned to participate in it.

Watching movies together with your family is not parenting, but is something to do in lieu of parenting.

We are very family oriented community. We pretend a lot.

We don't know why we like celebrities. Although they are quite different, it is so easy for us to lump them together. Who cares why we like them?

We like the chatter of idiocy surround us. We like the confusion of fantasies.

We must have faith in the meaninglessness of all general propositions.

Words may be the problem or the problem of language may be just another distraction from the problem.

You can make an false idol out of Jesus as well.

Your religion is your view of religion.

"I'm married. I don't have to please a woman again ever."

A meaningless phrase for our time: "Twitter those legs"

A religious understand is not something that can be expressed in language. There is neither a god or not a god; he does and he does not exist.

Do you watch a movie in order to write a critique?

Going to church is no substitute for growing up.

How great art thou?

I want a religious service that can bring in art, history, science, and critical thinking, a service that is an enhancement, and not a rejection, of the known world.

Idea: a man's suit made out of the orange plastic fabric that the road workers wear.

If I do not love god like I love Linda, I do not love God at all.

Ignorance of ignorance is bliss.

In spite of all the blind ignorant people who tell you to worship their God, perhaps you should worship God.

In today's world it is not a "community" that is looking at me, but an uncaring police state.

It has been said that God does not need your praise, but you may need to praise god.

It is sad to hear Bob Dylan ruin some of my favorite Bob Dylan songs.

Jesus was not for zero tolerance but for 95% tolerance.

My acceptance of others gives me the strength to be me.

My advice for mankind: Cultivate a general scepticism — don't believe everything you think. Periodically ask yourself whether what you think you know is true. Don't be afraid of each other. Fear grows. Trust grows. Both are fragile. Make yourself interesting. Being normal is setting the bar way too low. And cowardly.

New book: How to Stop Being an Asshole For Dummies

On being lifted: Why should people not smoke marijuana in church, or, if you will, THC-free cannabis?

One Letter Off:™ Shit suit

People like to worship. (I like to worship.) I like the humility, the attempted perceived awareness of a greater power, the idea of a community of people desiring to be good, and I like the feeling of the sacred.

People seem to like being interesting: They watch interesting people on TV. They do not watch people just like themselves.

Perhaps we can not get any better, or be nicer.
We may be the little children Jesus suffers to come unto him.

Recovering from my surgery I don't know if I feel normal. But normal is not a feeling in itself, but only the feeling that nothing is wrong.

Some peak before their age of consent, others after their sell-by date.

The Bible should have so many books in it that no one could read all of it.

The trouble with rituals is that they tend to take themselves too seriously.

The world and all its components are very big. We do not see this because we can only see small.

To set the record straight: We don't need no thought control. We do need education.

True religion hides behind a thicket of metaphors.


What have we forgotten if we have forgotten the sacred?

What if church started when you woke up on Sunday, and you were unusually nice to everyone in everything you did?

What part of eight billion do you not understand?

What would I tell the world if I could tell the world something, if the world was able to be told something, if not by me than my someone?

What would the syllabus be for a course in making yourself interesting? A course in dressing? Or how to make yourself hip? How to be comfortable with people? How to make conversation? How to care about others?

When do starving people become a problem for the world?

When we externalize god, we run the danger of making him a celebrity, forgetting that he is more a possibility than a person.

With people constantly watching TV shows of interesting people speaking interesting dialog why is their conversation not more interesting?

Afghanistan has its own rush Limbaugh's, shock jocks and opportunistic unprincipled politicians.

Are you saying I am a fool trying to square the circle? No. I am trying to see why everyone is so intent on squaring the circle.

Elections are among the worst part of what we call "democracy."

Fiction can remind you there are other people and that other people are people too. Movies only hint at this.
And people are slow, long three dimensional movies.

Heroes don't carry a lot of baggage.

How did we get so damn postmodern?

I call discrimination! Are you saying I can't lust after men just because I am not gay?

I like my music the way I like my life, with no 101 String attached.

I think I am doing the right thing, when I am only doing what I am most comfortable with.

I took me a while to comprehend that Jesus gave his life not only for me, but also for all the people I hate.

Idea for a newspaper: The New Intellectual Times. An actual large newspaper you can hide behind, except it is mostly filled with new poems, plays, artwork and ideas.

Idea: A Festival of Conviviality

Idea: An Interesting Festival (Don't come unless you are interesting.)

If god loves you, perhaps I should love you too.

If we look back at history, there are many people who suffered more than Jesus.

Language is not such a problem once you realize that language is not the solution.

Love remains after infatuation wears off.

Must every angel be wrestled to the ground?

Social Networking Idea #1: A place to connect with the best virtual friends ever.

Social Networking Idea #2: Slow thoughts — a slow discussion of philosophical thoughts. A site that permits time to ponder.

The ego is relentless, and vigilant. Even being normal, it congratulates itself upon so being.

The future: Love it or leave it.


Today we need to spend even more time manning the shit radar.

We are consciously simple as we are unconsciously complex.

We need love from God because we don't get it from each other.

We sometimes like our best friends in the form of dogs, and our families virtual.

What can we tell each other? If one of us is a teenager, very little.

What if I gave a wiki and nobody came?

What would someone who thinks like me think?

Why do schools even do sports? Sports has so little to do with education. The schools should be embarrassed about it, like programs for drug counseling or teen-pregnancies. ("Hi, my name is Nathan, and I am a jock.")

"Low-cost labor" should be a morally dubious concept.

Do the illiterate still have some special down-to-earthiness? (or have they too been poisoned? (media-ated?)

Don't name yourself Panasonic if you want to be Googleable.

Enlightenment comes and enlightenment goes. Some days you can't remember where you put it.

Escape' into fantasy? We always have half-a-foot in fantasy. Our 'reality' is mostly fantasy,

Even if there were no stupid people, no trolls, douche bags, dickheads and self-deluded alphas it is not clear that all the smarty-panted intellectuals would know what to do.

Foolishnesses of Democracy: If 51% want it, it happens. Even if 90% worldwide wanted it, that would still leave 680,000,000 people who did not.

Give us back our country! Give us back our youth! Give us back the good looks we never had!

I don't even think I am all that smart. Why would anyone else?
I suppose I could try to fool them. I wonder if I am smart enough?

I have always wanted to see see Poulenc's Stabat Mater in live concert. Google comes up empty on this. So a Web-Site Idea would be for a site that gathers and presents all upcoming concerts and performances around the world of pieces of composed music, most of which is not played on any regular basis at all.

I read novels to read novels, watch movies to see what watching movies is all about. I am human to see what being a human is all about.

IDEA™: a lo-key news channel. A bunch of smart, calm people sitting about trading and thinking about the news stories that come across. While they are doing this they smoke and drink. But they are pulled off the air after they are drunk. "Bob lasted 52 minutes today, Good work Bob." "Ted had to leave after 7 minuted for inappropriate language, and Barb's blood pressure was too high after half-an-hour."

IDEA™: a video "mute" on the TV Linda thinks it could be called a Blind button.

No one graduates college without having drug experiences. Such an experience demonstrates how much of our perception of the world is determined by us, and is part of the larger awareness of how much of our judgments of the world are built into us. We start life in youth as an external judgment machine.

Idea: a jargon highlighter, a program which would highlight your words, or beep, whenever you used jargon words.

IDEA: non-fiction books sould come pre-highlighted

If we do not see the forest for the trees. what do we not see for the forests?

It is praiseworthy to forgive someone for stabbing you in the back, but nevertheless it remains true that the person stabbed you in the back

It is the rare philosopher who does not want to be the king!

Kids today like to talk about their telephones.

Modern mall stores are copies of stores.

Much (too-much) of our pop-culture is childish culture and I don't know why. (I don't know why that is where the money is.)

My New Book Title™: Meta-tations

No one wishes you a Merry Jesusmas.

Of course I am proud to be an American. I am ashamed to be an American as well.

On the Concept of the Coming Enlightened Totalitarianism: "... and to the Plato's Republic for which it stands..."

One of the items on my bucket list is to have no bucket list. And that may never happen now.

Our government refuses to make areas more livable by limiting development We can't make any changes in the rules because the gamers have already been there and made their bets. Investments are bets. But this can also be seen as rigging the game.

Perhaps this time in history will be remembered as the time that the Internet still worked and Google was the able gatekeeper.

Philosophies are hypnotic oversimplifications.

Sex is a reboot.

Shakespeare is a mythical hero. We worship his plays.


The US is moving away from being a nation of laws. So many of our basic laws are disregarded by the government and by the military with no consequences. (So we torture, deny the right to a trial, ignore habeas corpus, assassinate people without trials, practice hidden warrants and subpoenas, and much more.) Laws are becoming more like yelling at teenagers.

The Web is nothing but distractions

There is nearly an incomprehensible amount of amazingness on the Web.

Tom has an idea for a novel: A man sets up an office to consult with people and set them up with a religion that is perfect for them. He follows the first person who comes to him for the whole rest of his life.

Useful pop-words: philosobabble, pop-philosophy

We are becoming a nation of bureaucratic procedures and good intentions. Laws are for the little people.

We do not test hypotheses as much as we adopt conclusions.

We need poor people so we can help them.

We vote with our songs we vote with our heart we vote with our dreams we vote with our wishes we vote with our god and with our love. (and it don't mean shit)

What do computers understand? Computers just don't get it!

What if we were not constantly working for each other? What would the world be be then? Who would we be?

While the British endow their celebrities with knighthood I think it more American (and more fun) to legislate that when you earn the national honor you get an exclamation point after your name or the exclusive right be referred to just by your first name: Paul McCartney! or simply Paul!

Why must books have so many screen-fuls of information?

Yes we can't.

You wear your heart on your bumper sticker

Heidegger misfired,
Our being may not be at issue
but finding the proper ways to talk about our being

There are as many kinds of words
as there are words.

"You're not cool. You just you think you're cool!" "How cool is that?"

... posing for the male gaze.

An Idea for a Book™: How to Keep Your Ego Inflated

Don't rate your life by your penultimate blood pressure.

I don't have answers as much as I have hesitations.

I have pearls to cast, but I have nutritious swine chow and hog poison, as well.

Idea: Facelessbook™: where you relate to people through interesting inner life and you can never find out who they are! Facelessbook™ deliberately keeps your identity hidden so you can say anything you want to. The ephemeral thoughts you can just sometime catch as they go through your head. why did I think that? Post the things you did, you thought, you wrote, the dreams you place on hold. And you would have friends based only on a personal interest.

In our culture we have vast seas of roads at our disposal.

It could equally well be called antisocial networking. Where are the mysterious strangers?

It is a constant battle remain aware of how much I really don't know.

it occurs to me: what color is my parachute?

It's so hard to constantly pretend you are normal.

My Favorite Music Group is a competitive sport.

My favorite way to wait in line is traveling at 70 miles an hour.

Nobody thinks they know who they are.

One mark of an educated person is the ability to say 'I don't know.'

Our self is the default template for all mankind.

Question™: What name can white people use among themselves that they won't like any other race to use?

Since there are courses on leadership, why not courses in attractiveship? "Why yes, I have a masters in attractiveship."

The earth still has lots of room for many more homeless people

Usually what we want is not what we really want.

We harmonize weather and feelings, and our feelings change. (We can't change the weather)

Who is the I that accepts myself? Who is the I that is accepted?


YEAR 2011

. . . the symbilical chord.

I am God's gift to God's gift to me.

I cannot talk to you. You have thrown up a thicket of theoretical words.

IDEA: a CD player that creates a MP3 file on the side.

IDEA: a program to highlight abstract words in a document, and suggest replacements. (words like "history" or even "food")

If there are more American in jail than in the other countries, does that mean American are worse than other people?

In searching for the truth, all we find is the realization of lies. What we are searching for is not truth, as much as inner peace.

Jesus was actually killed, not by Jews, but by the military.

People like to be stupid. (We can do stupid). And that is what babies and pets are for.

Perhaps I do want to be good because my mother wanted me to be good. So why do I want to please my mother?

So many attempts to sum it up. So little awareness of failure.

Sometimes religion is the blasphemy of reason.

Suicide bombers are Muslim. Drone bombers are Christian.

The music of the spheres is made by things that ring true.

There are plenty of lonely people with minty-fresh breath.

We are so busy writing people off, we forget to write people on.

We have no idea what we are not able to do

We have so many people, we can dispose of them rather casually. Lock them up, stigmatize them, ruin their lives or job-opportunities, and we don't care.

We substitute criticism for appreciation.

Wemen like women.

When I am truly free in speech, I am free to be considerate of others.

Who am I? That is a question I ask myself all the time.

Why does a tower remind us of a penis and a penis not remind us of a tower?

"I'm up here." "Not completely."

Am I a little enlightened, or just a little old?

As you age, can you be nice yet not be stupid, or not be simply harmless?

Being normal is no guarantee of happiness

Bull-shit / bull-sweet

Don't be so hard on yourself. You need not be quite so religious or quite so rational.

History is an illusion, at least to humans.

Humans are always making something out of nothing. It usually turns out to be nothing.

I am certainly not going to support our troops if they are doing bad things.

I pronounce it Fakebook.

I want to be a world authority on ignorance.

If you saw Jesus in person, would you be any closer to the Kingdom of Heaven?

In times of political turmoil, people bark out their oversimplification and go on their way.
In extreme times they act on them.

It's not the students don't read. Books are still honored in their studies. A place where you cannot click away from all the important aspects of chemical reactions. Here, the textbook says, is what must be paid attention to.

Linguistic philosophy induces a kind of reverse mysticism. You cannot hallucinate whatever you want, but you can de-objectify what you think you know.

Many people prefer to whine about not having a relationship over actually having a relationship. A relationship is a lot of work.

Neologism: neo-paleo

New word: wowman

Part of art and poetry is not to be understood.

People love sex, and even more than they love sex, they love reading about sex.

Poetry is the opposite of scanning; every word is placed with care, like a religious offering

Religions deals in the unspeakable.

Shouldn't you be forgiven by those you have harmed? Not by a God?

So you have a picture of yourself when you are lost in the woods. You personal narrative does not need a lot of other people; they just confuse it.

The cry of recent ancients: Remember us by our silverware.

The upside of majority rule is that you don't have to convince everyone

There is the knowledge that makes the world small and comprehensible, and the knowledge that makes it incomprehensible.

We love to applaud people. We don't know what else to do.

We need not fear the Cossack horde, but we remain just as vulnerable.

We should not say "I do not like this," but "I am not ready for this," or "I a, too stupid to see the point of this."

What do I mean by saying religion is not primarily true. By focusing on whether God exists we focus on something that cannot be decided, and something that has very little to do with religion. We commit to a religion. It is like saying: "I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world."

When I am grouchy I don't like to be disliked for being grouchy.

Where are a constant puzzle to ourselves and to others.

Why doesn't everyone think just like me?

Capitalism breeds creative excesses, like our culture's fascination with football. Our economy actually supports excesses for a while that a rational person would go "No way!"

Does it really matter if god exists? Could he exist like a virtual personal morality trainer?

God exists the way morality exists. God exists the way a hero exists.

Great Idea for a capitalist website: Do You Like Me Now? As you buy that cool new (powerboat, car, dress, furniture, house) people can go online and apply to be your new friend. You will get together to enjoy your new material acquisition. Win-win!

I don't like feeling guilty about stuff I shouldn't feel guilty about.

I see someone is running in an ironman event. For most of my life I have thought: I could do that (if I were to put my mind/body on it.) But I have stopped thinking that. Now I think: I would die if I were to do that. This is a transformative thought.

IDEA: What if we divide books into being either for entertainment or for research. You can make money off the ones for entertainment. The others are in public domain.

If he is not interested in other women he won't be interested in you.

If I were to feel the way you think I feel, I would think I would actually feel that way.

It's not the smart ones who get rewarded, it's the one's who use the smart ones who get rewarded.

Looking up in cliff notes for what a book means, is like looking up the answer to a puzzle in the back of book. It is cheating. It is also like buying a fish, instead of going fishing. It is a smaller, non-transforming experience.

Over time I forgot what a nobody I was.

Shopping is a kind of sacrifice.

The call of religion is serious one, one that is to be ignored.

The fight is for the simple narrative. Nothing else will work.

There are those songs I hate myself for liking.

Today we live a monastic existence, listening mostly to voices in our heads, experiences and memories.

We are so easily hypnotized. Our attention is easily taken.

We don't live our life dogmatically as if there is a god, but emotionally we do. So we have many practices to keeping that feeling alive.

What do I know that I can't tell you?

What would a non-humanoid god be like?

Why do we have so many feelings about the rich getting richer?

You give good prayer.

A video of game of Karma, where the whole point is to achieve Moksha.

Around women, men are continually involved in semi-subconscious sex-calculations.

Bible speaks to me as the I Ching speaks to me. It changes lives.

High school teaches the finer points of being a Yahoo.

Humans do not come with an operating manual. That did not evolve with us.

I am ok with being a sinner, at least a mystical sinner who sins every second of my life and whose forgiveness is perpetual and ongoing.

I come from the Christian mindset in a Christian culture. The God I do not believe in is the Christian God. The religion I reject is the religion I know.

I gotta walk to keep from dying

I want to be your supernatural imaginary being.

If the heart is just a part of the mind, then the mind is a part of the mind as well.

If you never unroll the magic carpet of your soul, how can you trim its ragged edges?

It is easy to substitute worship and praise for being good

Its nice to know you have no supernatural powers. (The power of secularism.)

It's very nice to be able to threaten people with horrific (if imaginary) punishments, like Hell.


Maybe with another apple from the Tree of Knowledge I will finally understand.

My zodiac has nearly seven billion signs.

Put human beings in charge of running traffic lights. Think of them as artisan, handcrafted stop lights, or as Light Masters.

Temptation is fun.

The better I am the better I think (I am)

The python effect: Give me an inch and I'll take an inch. (That is all a python needs.)

The sex part of relationships, after all, is easy.

The social dance we do is symbolized by the dance.

The world is poem, resonating with false meanings

There are many kinds of male gazes

Time goes fast, but there is always more.

Today there is less reason than ever to be normal. Yet we cling to it.

We cannot let ourselves heal if we have turned ourselves off.

We flee to entertainment because people are no fun.

We often do good deed with woolly heads

We take for granted the faith that we can handle life: that life is simple and has its essential pleasures.

We think we're not, but we actually are, modest by nature.

Well! This lifetime did not turn out the way I always thought it might. I turned out better. The world, as an ongoing historical project, did not.

What else can Tom Waits do, but sing his Brechtian barroom arias.

What was it like before the Internet? Let me Google that.

What would it be to be history free?

What would Jesus do? Jesus would keep on being Jesus.

When you understand the world, say by reading a book, what you get is a long walk. You go on vacation and you are blown away.

Why at this time in my life do I bother bother to read about the ancient Jews? Why do I need to get that story straight?

Why is there so much we do not understand?

Why should I argue with you? You are not even listening to me.

With aging it becomes easier to unsee, as it is easier to unremember

Would it be possible to practicing walking around the world being as unselfconscious of other people as we are of trees? We don't walk into trees.

You can watch people in the supermarket making bad choices.

.. at some point, the endorkins kick in

Go gentle into that good night old age should smile and steer at close of day; Enjoy the beauty in the dying of the light.

A young person cannot understand death – since they are not going to die.

Actually, we live in very common narratives.

All Christian minister should have to state what other Christian denominations also assured its parishioners of going to heaven.

And always... the Greek chorus of Internet comments - sanctimonious and hypocritical.

As I hiked in these untrammeled woods, I had a fantasy of coming across a dead body. Are all human beings so nervous? Have we always been so nervous? Our imagination is a force that is constantly putting images and ideas together. This is what we do, and this is how we confuse the shit out of ourselves.

Before movies and television, how did stupid people waste their time?

Do not die before your body.

Don't Let Science Fool You™: the world has endless places to go and to be.

Don't Let Science Fool You™: the world is not an object made of atoms or mathematical formulae.

God is not unkind, as much as benignly indifferent

I am amazed you throw your pearls before me.

I like the idea of "being with the family", forgetting it the downside of being with the family.

IDEA: a book reports on every book on Wikipedia

Idea: a cellphone with a rotary dial.

If technology is magic, we are sorcerers' apprentices.

If you expect a relationship to be the only ground of happiness in your life, you will never get over a bad relationship.

In music, at least someone is talking to you.

In the woods – my human sense tingle.

In thinking and talking, we are often unknowingly engaged in multiple entendres

In today's world a mountain should have a dedicated Twitter feed on top.

In what sense is this design intelligent? In what sense is it a design?

Is it better to see nature with a camera, or see nature without a camera and wishing you had a camera?

Is there anything we cannot say by being politically correct? (It does make it harder to slam someone with a traditional insults.)

It is interesting that the mind can so easily make sex into something wrong,

It takes both a vivid imagination to let us live on this overcrowded planet, as well as the ability to get by without one.

It's all people.

My answers are getting worse but my questions are getting better and deeper.

One kind of happiness is planning for happiness.

Overpopulation, to the extent that it leads to misery and death, is a form of suicide.

Philosophy talks about the things we don't know how to talk about, albeit in a traditionally incomprehensible manner.

Speaking with poetic mindfulness, the river, the birds, is the voice of god.

The heart is a blunt instrument.

The internet always sends us off on tangents, on meta-knowledge. And this is good for what?

The manly parasol: a large baseball hat on a stick

The river does not only appear, it also speaks

The silly things we call news (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dominique Strauss-Kahn) are there to distract us from the news, or the lack of true news.

There are many ways to age, and many things to leave behind along the way.

Unhappy rich people (celebrities) demonstrate that material things don't make people happy. We love/hate them.

useful idea: a "tenting" mechanism for your trousers (to show how much you care)

We almost make almost a religion onto holding on to life – a religion of self-regarding prudence. I would like to see some people fight for the Going-Out-With-a-Bang Award.

We are no longer a slash and burn culture. We now slash and subdivide.

We bathe in people.

We can go on being ourselves forever — gossiping, shopping, having birthdays, watching sports, going to family meetings, being bored, driving to work, taking vacations, and so on. Is this not heaven?

We must also learn to accept the apology

We want to change the world as long as we don't have to change ourselves.

Weapons of Mass Destruction don't kill people; people kill people.

What do we do with our will to live towards the end of life?

What does it say about our society that you can't let a perfect stranger live in your home?

What if a politician were to say "The problems facing us are very complicated and there is a lot of partisan and self-serving politics going on. I hope to work through that to provide the best solutions for the electorate."

What it is to be lonely?

What would it be like if people only said something when they had something to say?

Who says we need to be forgiven for sins we did not commit? Why doesn't god just forgive us, as we forgive those who trespass against us?

Why are people sad when people die?

With all these people listening to music on their mp3-players, shouldn't everyone be smiling or toe-tapping? Or at least be moved?

Without gender, is God then like Pat?

Without our present culture we don't have to agree on much. We are a culture of individuals. Agreeing is optional.

Writing a book is a spiritual event. A place to speak and no one disagrees or interrupts us, a place carry out a chain of reasoning. We are King for a Day.

You can spend a lot of time trying not to think mean thoughts about people

Almost every day I spend a little time being old, a little being young, and a little time not being dead.

American military presence force locals to get on a war-footing

Are there any rules on aging? Should there be?

At first internet was going to change people, then people decided to change the internet.

Bring back the bustle, or at least a costume that tuns into this, and other retro fashions

Can you meet someone without making judgments? Don't ask me.

Did philosophers get anything right, or did they just dig the most cunning bear-pits.

Do not hide your self under a bushelbasket either.

Every day I beat my heart.

How do you run for the presidency of a loony bin?

I am growing up old.

I do not hear the voice of Confucius in the land... yet.

I have visited New Mexico and spoken to no one but my mother and my sister.

I see a man stare after a woman who walks by. I think he is thinking about sex. What else can a man think when he looks at a beautiful woman?

I see a modern house and think I want to live in it. To inhabit that fantasy. But it is an important part of that fantasy that I do not know exactly what it is.

I watched Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange last night and I was struck by how "off" it was on it's depiction of the future. People were tethered to phones, sex and drugs were socially available, and there was no Internet. People read newspapers! But what made me the most sad was that it still depicted a world without surveillance. That seemed inconceivable at the time.

Idea for a happier world: the six day week.

Idea: a charm bracelet for various adult vices. It could contain a cocaine spoon, a peyote button, a bong, a MILF

Idea: a sport where the rules are so complex no one understands them but a computer.

Idea: a trailer that plops on the ground, so old people not have to climb up into it.

Idea: Hugeville: big robots the size of our parents will take care of us in a larger-than-life setting.

IDEA: the advice button/doll. A button or a pull-cord doll into which you can record a series of sentences that get played back randomly as you hit the button or pull the string. This would be useful for the words of advice that comes from Mamma.

Idea: the antibabelfish – a device that turns all English into soothing gobbledygook.

Idea: wheelchair vacation tours for seniors. The seniors are wheeled about Europe in their wheelchairs. (One can imagine a movie based on this. I leave the details as an exercise for the reader.)

If everyone in the world was like you, would it be a peaceful world?

If you are religious and you are not better than the "non-religious", you're not doing it right. (You are doing something else.)

If you are religious and you are not happy, you're not doing it right.

If you can't love your spouse, or yourself, how can you love Jesus?

Interest in status often pretends to be an interest in happiness.

It didn't take a village. It took Linda.

Just remember, Plato and his "Republic" stands in the wings.

Life moves on, then moves on from movin' on.

Many television shows show man at his most primitive, fighting and killing. This works as narrative. It works as a comprehensible personal challenge. It fails as history.

My many masks have many masks.

Not only is it not clear that seeing god is all that important, but it is obviously impossible. We cannot even see the stars. Humans have only have 100 billion braincells, and there are ten sextillion stars in all the galaxies! What makes us even think we can see God?

One sign of aging is a preoccupation with aging — such as coming up with too many aphorisms about aging.

Our viewport is so small, it is a periscope on the jungle, where life is moving as fast as... a TV set.

Religion is something no one can be an expert on. In religion, and you can stick to your guns. Or shake your head and return to the comforting narrative.

Sex is satisfying and comprehensible. Love is incomprehensible.

She takes my small ineffective gestures of love
as love.

Shouldn't people get more and more interesting as they get older? Shouldn't they be learning more and more?

Sigh. I am no longer pretty enough to rape.

Sixty is the new something.

Some of my 'knowledge' about women say, are realizations, and even the beginning of changes of attitudes. So are some of my spiritual advice.

Some people still believe there is a stage called old age. Apparently it does not involve being sexually attractive or interesting.

The bar may be set low, but it is set on top of a stage in a tub of whipped cream.

The guardian angel is out of date. Soon we will have a special guardian agent, to watch over us.

The Internet itself is a kind of surveillance.

The obsession with homosexuality fights an irrelevant battle; it is morality as a sport competition.

There are also those people who don't have the intelligence to get confused by the realities we see in movies and the realities we see in life.

Was it just an illusion then that all love was an illusion?

We have no understanding of sex. It is a highly multi-dimensional game. Much of life is like that, like parenting. We do not leave it to the experts.

We keep our age and our aging, fairly well hidden, especially from ourselves.

We now have "hate crimes." How about "hypocrisy crimes"?

What paper bag do I want over my head?

When a young man talks about death he is talking of his desire for death or his aversion for death, but he is not talking about his death.

When you understand say Jesus or the Buddha, it's your understanding that doing the understanding. It's not what Jesus or Buddhas says. (But the words are important.)

Why are there no humorous religions? Perhaps humor is a religion?

Why don't they sell dogs at Costco? They could sell them in a handy two-pack, with a convenient carrying handle.

Why have they not invented any new sports?

With young people, "love" needs to be filled out by their lives. So this is love? Why not call Cheetos "food"?

You can lead the American people to the Internet, but you can't make them think.

You may have made your bed but you don't need to keep lying in it.

Our thoughts counteracted by the solidity of flesh bone and muscle. We vote and thnk in substance even more than in words.

You repent!

Are these illusions real? I hope they are not illusory illusions.

Corporations are not democratic. They are more like dictatorships, or feudal allegiances.

Even those who remember the past are still condemned to repeat it.

Humans jumped the shark a long time ago.

I once aspired to be included a fail compilation... but I failed.

It's always today somewhere.

It's amazing how much of the world can be described (adequately) (to human beings) as a society of individual humans. What would be the opposite? Human society as an unconscious/instinctive? As rule governed?

Mantra for aging wisely: "Do not connect the dots. Do not connect the dots."

Maybe I can only understand the world obliquely. My aphorisms bounce-pass the truth to me.

Our society has a perfectly safe traditional ways of dealing with uncomfortable personal truths: it's called fiction, and ambiguity.

People take a great amount of pride in the lines they draw in the sand.

Philosophy asks the questions that cannot be answered.

The Internet is a kind of surveillance.

The Internet is largely an Idternet

There is just not enough attention to go around.

We are simply too stupid to think we will ever build a robot smarter then we are.

You can hardly be chaste, if no one finds you wanton. The unchased is hardly chaste.

... and release us from resentments as we release those whom we resent...

America's Got Talent? More like, America's Got Snap Judgments! (Never America's Got Intelligence.)

Bob Dylan is the only person who can make a successful career out if truly terrible concerts. He gets up and ruins people's favorite Bob Dylan songs.

How do I fold myself up to fit inside the world?

Humans avoid each other. They do not generally like each other. We only like a subset of ourselves.

Humans withhold love from each other.

I searched for hope and only found "hope."

Idea: girl scout slut badges, or slut charm bracelets

It's not that you are old. It's that you are unloved (and you think it is because you are old)

Not a common concept: playing with prayer

One of the remarkable things about aging is the weakening of the ego...

People buy books in order not to read them.

Philosophy considers those things there are no answers. Perhaps there should be answers but no, and here is why.

Power to the (rich) people!

Shows are rated for violence, language and sex, but not for intelligence, profundity or thoughtfulness. When we say a show is adult, we mean we permit it to be extremely childish.

Since the beautiful people are cultural ideals for all of us, it would be instructive to look closer at the marriages of beautiful people and why they fail.

Television is such an obvious tool for keeping people ignorant

The Bible does not believe in marriage between a man and a woman, but a man and (many) women.
(Abraham had three wives, Jacob had 3 (or 4), David had 7 and Solomon had 700!)

The Name of My Next Blog™: knowblind

There is not enough gorgeousness to go around.

We are protected in our lives by an invisible shield that prevents us from seeing excellence in others and the weaknesses in ourselves.

We may not think in sentences as much as in inclinations to utter certain sentences.

What will the super-rich do?

Why has Internet anonymity not given us freedom and flowerings, instead of trolls and shit?

A cigarette in need is a cigarette indeed.

Almost all people are nice. How would we organize our world if all the people in the world were nice, and we did not have to protect ourselves?

Books! The superior way of wasting time.

Do I have to not worry to be happy? Can I worry and be happy?

Do I have to go out every day and the world be all magical and full of surprises? Sometimes I just like the world to suck.

Forgive others as we forgive ourselves.

Forgive us our aging singers as we forgive ourselves.

I have to have the right energy in order to be kind.

I used to think old people were kind because they are old and had better be accommodating. But it's not that they're old, they're just old enough to get it.

Idea for car dealerships: hire a bunch of tow-trucks to tow your competitor around town.

Idea: a non-Arabic habib.

Idea: a non-Hindu modesty dress. Perhaps a sexy modesty dress?

Kids don't stop and evaluate before they smile. Adults we do. Can we too not?

Most smiles are but symbols for a smile.

My suspicion is that teachers use Spark Notes to make the test, while students use Spark Notes to pass it, sadly bypassing the experience of it.

New word for New Times ™:
[a cold off-putting beauty. A combination of attractive and Antarctic.]

New Words for New Times™: Heisenberg uncertainty behavior — the way people change when you look at them.

People are afraid they can't or won't interest other people. We need to meet them half-way — with compassion and non-judging.

The older I get, the more I follow the way. Or, if not the way, a good way, a way that may even get me to the way. . if there is one.

Things are handed around the Internet. But more and more people have learned to hand.

We talk and think as though it is the most important thing in the world.

We understand that music speaks to our heart.
What we don't understand is how this speaks to our heart, or what this "heart" is.

What would the earth be like if it were perfect?

When I give, I get.

When I was young (say, three years ago) I would say: "You find comfort in that?! (A candle, an offering, a prayer to an invisible friend?)
Now I say: "How wonderful! What a gift."

You news, you lose.

"The future home of historic Hayden"

A bumpersticker that would not hurt US: We Love Our Immigrants!

Do not take your selves too seriously.

Does the Bible have to be completely historically true?

Every day I fly.

How about an app that does not only tell you when friends are near but when potential friends are near. Actually this would not work much better than on-line relationship matches.

I am still walking around surrounded by little bits of divinity, as I now call people. (When I remember to.) the real change would be to make this permanent. But this brings up the question: Do I want to disengage from being able to disengage from this?

I am wor(l)d weary

I clicked on it and watched it and I ascertained that it was the total crap I always knew it would be.

I must be only appropriately inappropriate.

I seem to understand the world in less than 140 characters anyway. Perhaps you are one of those characters.

Ideally, sex is foreplay.

If god sends us a book distorted by humans, it makes life more interesting... and true-to-life.

If the Bible is not literally true, can it still be the word of God? Well, you are not perfect. But are you not the child of God?

Is this consciousness I have or is this consciousness I am?

It's a good thing we cannot see reality.

New Book Title: How to Stop Being a Bitch for Bitches

News channels will often "warn" their viewers "that the following footage is very graphic." But why stop there? Why not "warn our viewers that the following footage is very depressing | idiotic | irrational | simplistic | annoying | sensationalist..."

One can only be so in love with the world without being in denial.

One sided cellphone conversations on the street: we're all crazy people now.

One way of being uncomfortable with someone is to see them as a sex object (or avoiding seeing them as one).

People are reading their texts all the time. Perhaps there could be a service to text daily spiritual reminders, serving the same purpose as the kusti or the Muslim salah

Perhaps God has sent us a bouquet of religions.

Religions can have many orientations. One is the viewpoint that you should "not break the law," (and then you will be fine). This is often the religion of Satan and her temptations. Another viewpoint is that you should become better. You only achieve salvation if you are better, show deep compassion or demonstrate Christ consciousness.

Talking about religion is like trying to drink a lake. After a while you can't drink any more. You come back to it and it seems gross.

Texting. One more reason not to be here now.

The Greek mathematicized beauty. And people lived up to it.

The past is not over yet.

The world is full of things that draw us away from understanding it.

There are huge parts of our everyday world we don't even look at: gas stations, roads, parking-lots and car-lots. (See the connection?)

Typo of Note: persona life

We cannot cover our existing selves fully with the blanket of religion, but we are never encouraged to notice that.

We too have gotten use to slave labor.

What cannot be twittered? A complicate scenario. A book. A new use of a word.

What if believing in God was more like doing meditation. It is useful and calming, but you may not always have the time. You would recognize it's value, feeling perhaps you should do it more often. Would that even be possible?

What would it be not to overestimate your ability to understand science.

Why not sell naming rights to nature: the Costco Hudson river, the Lehman Brothers sun?

Wittgenstein for Dummies isn't Wittgenstein. There is no Wittgenstein for Dummies.

You can believe in the existence (or not) of Sasquatch and you can believe in the existence of God (or not). But this is not the same use of the word "belief".

At the restaurant I saw two boys roughhousing, pushing, sliding around and hitting each other lightly. What if two older men were to do this?

Culture is a fancy word for fancy herd behavior.

Everybody is an individual. How can you not be like everybody else and not be an individual?

For the seeker of truth, the world is a series of distractions.

Gräfenberg spot on.

How do we not let it get off the ground? Or is there something we can do after it gets off the ground?

I suspect I may have an imaginary twin brother.

I wish there were a God, so I would have something to thank. But then who would I thank God for?

If postmodernism is right it would mean that post-modernism could not be right.

If there is no god, do we then lose words like Godlike, children of god, divinities, heaven, and soul? Or do these words necessitate the word god.

If you are in a bad marriage, you also may think there is no love, or that you are unlovable.
Or more perversely you think this is what love is.

Internal monitoring programs arise without you knowing it. They monitor at a low level of consciousness.

Internet polls should have several more options: (d) I am really not qualified to make a snap-judgment on this issue, (e) this is really none of my business (f) with all the things happening in the world, this is an idiotic thing to concentrate on, (g) people more capable than me are handling this issue; let the process continue.

It is cool Jesus says all those cool things. We trot them out when we want tot show how cool Jesus was. But we don't follow them.

Life is in the details.

Looking at the earliest civilizations, it is clear that artists among us must always been recognized. Writers and intellects must also have been apparent, and appreciated.

Maybe if you can love god, you can one day love a human being.

Most people don't seem to love their neighbors. Most people walk around with a mask on. They could be loving; they could be not loving; you can't tell. If you loved people I think you would be happy and smile when you see them.

New Car Model Names: the 2012 Toyota Delusion, the Buick Oversimplification and the Cadillac POV

Nobody controls the educational curriculum.

Oh no! Now I have to love this about you too?

Part of the joy of listening to music, or TV, is NOT thinking.

People are constantly asked their opinion of things they know nothing about, things that are none of their business and things that mean nothing. And they answer. And their answers are tabulated.

Search for all the good it will do you.

So many of our thinkers have uncovered their shards of truth, their partial answers, which nearly always gets placed behind the copyright paywall, like the dishes in a living room that no one can use.

So, what is none of your business?

Sure we can live without religion, but it wouldn't be as much fun.

Texting is really just carrying a little typewriter around you.

The infinite depth of man may be a necessary illusion, like the idea of God. We cannot keep even a moderately complicated simplification in our mind, any more than we can keep more than 7 numbers in our short-term memory. We have our delusion because we cannot understand ourselves.

The seeker of truth does not seek the cause of his seeking, the itch for the quest.

The self-own is an excuse to be more cell-fish.

The world fits together as the shots in a movie camera fits together.

There is nothing better for taking your mind away from understanding the world, than reading philosophy.

To what extent are the limitations of language caused by the limitations of humans

Understan-doing! [where doing! rhymes with boing!]

Video games and DVDs keep the neighborhood kids off my lawn. Regretfully, they also keep them out of my heart.

We all do some parts of being a grown-up well. Other parts we do pro forma.

We are so not a blank slate. Some sentences are painted on.

We can look at the world so many ways. It is not just a duck-rabbit. But a duck-rabbit-slug-bird-cow-brook-plant-star-force-love-atom-language-divinity.

We do not communicate, as much as we misdirect.

We replaced all the old commandments with two, and proceed to ignore 50% of them. In so doing we ignore the first one as well.

What did you used to do with all the time you now spend texting?

What do we miss when we miss the fundamental insight of Wittgenstein?

What does it mean to say I could understand the world if only I were a little smarter?

Why do we let young kids be emotional?
Why are young kids so emotional anyway?

Why would God have men vote on what should be in the Bible?

Worship doesn't mean much; anyone can worship. God's not gonna' reject you, even if you are a fucking asshole.

"We don't need no stinkin' education. We can look it up on our Droids."

Art is a tart surrounded by her sycophants.

Believing in spite of evidence has moral benefits

Can you hold it in your head that god does not exist and you are praying to him? As a kind of divine entertainment? Can you hold in your mind that you are watching Inception and that it is just a fantasy?

Even if I were to write the correct philosophy book tomorrow, the other books would still be on the shelves. Read to engage in virtual chatter.

Explaining a sentence takes far more time than saying it.

I am drawn to the mirage of understanding, which like heaven, vanishes when I try to put them into words...

I am tired of art. I thought art would tell me something. I thought art had a privileged communication with the future. But all it did was entertain, distract, confuse and delight me.

I wonder if we are losing our words. We now speak in the vertigo of poems, in the grandiose swatches of movies and music (replete with emotions and spectacle). Words are so quiet.

If God is anywhere he is inside of us (a big bit of divinity).

If we feel that much of art and news is distraction, then what is the undistracted life? How do we know there is anything there?

Is the Lord outside or is the Lord inside?

It's not the candle. It's the flame.

knot falling ape art

Much of what people say is not interesting, but people are interesting.

People do not lead lives of quiet desperation, just boredom.

The aging optimist: Hey! I can still remember what I just forgot.

The pictures we have and use of the world in which we live are far too simple.

There must be an anti-placebo effect as well.

Thinkers think, and leave behind aimless schools of thought.

Throw back your thoughts

We are certainly not in control of our stories, but at the mercy of circumstances and happenstance. You cannot force yourself to have a happy life.

We constantly make the mistake of thinking the past is past.

What do we do when we have slaves? (as today we have machine slaves)

When writing philosophy, highlight all the abstract words.

Why do we think we can understand the world? Why do we not think we cannot understand the world?

YEAR 2012

A book that explains everything explains the things we can't explain and the things we do not know.

A philosopher is someone working on figuring it out.

After a while, you think you might be good only because of the surveillance cameras. You forget people were good anyway. The same is true of a police presence. After a while we fear all unrestrained contact...

American cities don't age gratefully. They rot. They are made from the cheapest materials.

Are there other ways to pull me to my lord without praising and pandering?

BTW I am not wearing any underwear — beneath my underwear.

Can you increase your capacity for happiness? Or am I stuck in the wrong metaphor?

Do you accept your brother unconditionally? Or are you checking on him?

Does god have an ego?

Each religion has some metaphors not welcome: God the Mother,

Emotion is clarity. We need clarity and direction; we need simplifications.

Ethical problems are differences between people.

Even if you knew everything about religion, and recognized the value of each, you would still have to participate and commit — like sex, like marriage.

From the New Hymnal: Two plus two is five

Give me that old-time religious clichés.

How do I sit and let no one annoy me? Sit and not judge?

How do we de-status human relationships? That would be a spiritual move.

How would you like to be treated?
Do you have a moral right to be treated a certain way?

Humans also freeze in the face of motion.
But our brains do not freeze.

I am more irrational than I am sometimes comfortable with. Not only in my sexual thoughts, but I am also more normal, timid, religious than I think hip.

I am not into proselytizing unless the person has successfully taken care of themselves first. And how do I know a person has taken care of their self? For one thing, he or she would not be proselytizing.

I await the SuperSurveillance Society™ where I can find out who everyone who is who us reading Thomas Mann's Blood of the Walsungen at the present time.

I expect prayer worship to take off like a guitar solo.

I like classical and you like country. I like French cuisine and you like mac 'n cheese. We could coexist in a situation of mutual respect (but that is hardly ever the case).

I like the thinkers who realize we cannot understand the nature of language. So when they will they stop talking about it?

I liked you best as a stranger.

I picked up two more classes at school. Luckily they are actual lecture classes. Without meeting the students, how can you love them?

I want to be uncomfortable to learn what I need to deal with.

If you are going to click your shoes, make sure you are turn worthy.

In our day, we could have blown up the airplanes, but we did not. We could have been killed in the woods without a cellphone. We were not. I miss the reality of that reality. We rode bikes all over town without any motorcycle helmets.

In our secular society, we secularize many aspects of religion.

Intolerance encourages hypocrisy. You do so not want to be yourself.

Is anyone else here also on a spiritual path of skepticism and doubts?

Is there a proper way to adore God?
Why even adore God?
Should we adore the president?

It is now 2012. Whenever I go out I see people checking their cell-phones. Constant and universal, cutting across the age-groups. What is going on? What are the consequences? These are questions that are never asked, or answered. In that texting is like television, cell-phones, the Internet, in our lifetime and movies and books generations ago: social features adopted by the public without any subsequent awareness of their impact on society.
What did people do before they checked their text messages?
How can this be? I am not sure we can even answer that question. Texting is permissible because it stands outside the purvey of traditional moral rules, it is encouraged by acceptable businesses that stand to benefit from this, it is hip and it serves a number of deep needs. I am not sure we can articulate those needs.

It would be nice to worship together across the wide socio-economic spectrum.

Life is too short to explain where Locke went wrong.

Many time reasons are given for things that are decided on non-reasonable grounds.

Math is an SAT test.

Of course you don't know what to say to your own kid. You don't know what to say to your own dog!

Places of peace and MYOB are constantly threatened by the war-lords. The Lord of War.

Praising God as a calling into his presence — a focusing and perhaps a delighting.

Rap is opposite of blues. In the blues is I got nothing. In rap is I got bling, and women. In your face!

See that annoying person over there? God loves him too. Maybe you should do the same?

Statistics cannot be seen, only gathered. They can also be gathered inappropriately, and misapplied.

Talking is thinking.

Teachers do not need to read the novel they are teaching—any more than students. Why would they? Everything they need for traditional answers is now on-line. (Teachers have not even taken the on-line test.)

Texting is one more way to keep the world small — and preoccupied.

Texting: shows us we can talk and do pretty much everything else

The commandments against covetousness can be taken more profoundly as a warning against resentment.

The one thing everyone knows about haiku... is wrong.

The shamans could go into face of fear.

The trouble with God as King, or as King of Kings is that we don't have kings anymore, and a king is not an admired political structure in our world. On the contrary it is antiquated political ruling structure. So what about using an honorific like "King of Queens" or "President of Presidents"? Also we choose presidents. So should we choose our gods? This is not the traditional way of thinking about it — but of course we do

The ubiquity of texting also tells us that there is something about that world that does not fully engage us.

There are two kinds of unconscious (id) "thoughts": smart-id and stup-id.

There is no faith without doubt. There is no belief without doubt.

There was a time there were good things and bad things in the world.

Thinking of God it's always: My bad; Your good.

Understanding art is NOT knowing what you need to pass an art appreciation class.

We can only understand the world in terms of metaphors, and we can only use a few metaphors at a time.

We like texting and driving. It is challenging, without all that social opprobrium of drinking and driving.

We live in a world where cheerleading by adults can seem perfectly normal.

We look at high-performing schools (or people, or families), and we think: these results are reproducible. They almost never are. People are not molecules.

We need a revolution. We are probably decades away from it. We still think we cannot live without our financial overlords, or the thrum of business as usual.

What do we want when we want to be good? Acceptance, approval?

What you can't test in an on-line class is their comprehension. But traditionally comprehension is a core part of intelligence.

Why do corporations not outsource the CEOs? (Because they want the rich to be seen as justly rewarded.)

Why do not people use laptops in church?

You cannot determine retention in an on-line class. Can provide an "answer" a question as in provide the correct answer without knowing what you have said. Like handing someone a book. Can "read" a book without actually reading a book. Answer the questions you would get from the book.
How test if you can understand a poem, a novel.


Texting also demonstrates our tremendous need to connect.

The greyness of today's youth. inrevolutionary to the point of death. There is no look to 2012. There is no color.

The world is not a completely wonderful place, but it has an ample supply of wonderfulness.

These days when we click from one page to another, a little magazine layout quickly assembles itself before your eyes.

Another idea: map of world over time: How did the people who lived here live.

As an aging man, I certainly don't want to spend my last days worrying. I don't need to worry about anything.

Can you be not sexual without religion? Why not?

Cox, meet the Koontz.

I am not old. Just closer to death.

I didn't like myself as a kid because I liked kids.

Idea: map of world over time: What did the people who lived here have for breakfast?

In ethics we use rules. We teach ethics with rules. Without rules we cannot be a good rule follower.

Movies simplified: we like to see people murdered, people having sex, things blowing up...

One of the many kinds of intelligences is sexual intelligence.

Our little words do not cover the territory. They cover up the territory.

The unconsciousness, whatever it is, cannot speak or even be spoken about as it has no unconscious.

We honor violence.

What is it to "stand before the throne"? What is the modern version of that? A concert by your favorite musician, a reading by your favorite author?

What would a world with no sexual taboos be like? A world with no norms?

You cannot be yourself in heaven. You cannot resist evil or seek goodness, as you cannot sin.

You raise up your hands.
I open my mind.

"Go outside!" yourself.

Another part of the abortion"debate" could be a book of sad stories of unwanted children.

Can we not bore one another?

Classes on-line: So much clicking. So little caring.

Compare: "But is it art?" vs. "But is it wise?"

Do not forget the mystery of the mystery.

Don't repress your true thoughts so much you are unaware of them. On the other hand, don't be resentful of the fact you are aware of it, but cannot say it.

Education is passing on what we have been taught, the way we were taught, making due allowances for the way we have been taught to accept changes.

Getting rich in America is like thinking you will play in the NBA. If you ever get on the court, the ball will be stolen from you in your first five steps.

Go on-line
Find something new

Going outside Wikipedia is like going outside the NY Public Library.

I need a mask that shows people who I really am.

Idea: a movie that is hyper-realism of ordinary life: driving a car, bathrooms, eating... analogous to photorealism in painting: movierealism.

If free will does not exist, it will be necessary to invent it.

Inside the world lies 'my' world.

Living forever seems like the perfect gift.

Nirvana is simple. Begin by walking through the world without seeing anyone in a sexual mode.

NOT: Why is prostitution wrong? But: What is wrong about prostitution?

One reason for a lack of books is that we hit the paywall. Our greatest minds are hidden away and all we get are book reports.

One size does not fit all, nor two, nor twelve nor eighty-seven.

questions for Old People™: What surprised you most about life?

Some of what we want is undiscussable.

The cannot be a revolution. Until there is one.

The Internet is not all stupidity but it has easy access to stupidity. Stupidity — it's just a click away ("just a click away").

The part of other people we can control is the ego.

The world I experience I do not consciously experience.

The writer sits in a room populated with imaginary beings.

There are multiple, incompatible ways to be human.

Waiting for something to happen... we art.

We bond over silliness, sharing stupidities: TV shows, internet memes and lurid news items. What is the world not watching?

We critique culture by religion, and we critique religion by our culture.

We like to feel our importance. Religion provides a way of doing that.

We need relationships so we can have someone to text.

What can you fill in the blank to make this be a positive statement? "I _______ like an old man."

What do you think of a person who does not honor anything?

What is there no advertising for government, clean air, quiet, self-sufficiency, and freedom from advertising.

You make your peace with your submission.

A good name for a contemporary philosophy book would be Let's Face It.

A(nother) sadness of our time: scholarly book reviews are hidden away behind a steep pay-wall.

Allegorical and symbolic sentences are not merely true or false.

Although life may be easier and safer, the human dance is as complicated as ever.

Are we attractive to celebrities because of the dinner parties they would take us to?

As we were driving to the restaurant in Albuquerque, Britta (now siz months old) started crying. Carl suggested we sing to her. Kya and Torild in the back seat started singing and Britta quieted down. why? Britta could have been like "Hey! why are these gumwads stepping on my sounds! I am going to cry louder." Music comes early.

Defending the academic field of philosophy is not doing philosophy.

Do you have to read Kant in order to understand Kant?

Everyone thinks. No one hears.

I can't wait for the Tao.

I do not always have enough strength to photograph beauty. Some, like a Ponderosa tree, cannot easily be depicted. Some natural beauty is a generalization of pictures.

I must art.

I want to relax into the complexities of classical music.

Idea: a clock that run deliberately slow.

Idea: a onesie with the saying: Get a Life!

Idea: A special code for silent night texting when we don't want the other person's phone to ring.

If God holds a grudge, watch out! He knows everything you've done and he can make you look pretty bad.

If we had a museum devoted to The Things We Don't Understand (the Halls of Ignorance) we could not agree on what would be in it.

Instead of thinkers, explorers, discoverers, inventors we now have survivors, big brothers, the great racers and the biggest losers.

It may be philosophy's function to point out that no one has it figured out, but it is also its function to explain why no one has it figured it out.

Leadership is not a job.

Life today is far from ideals.

Moral Question: Is it ok to relax by checking out someone else's ass?

My New Theory of Art™ (from 2010): We just like to look at pictures. (That's how simple we are.)
But what is a picture?

My New Theory of Music™: Music is regularity. We are comforted by its predictablity in melody, rhyme, rhythm, notes and harmony.

New Mexico is Native American and Spanish and American gringo land as well. It's all their lands, but in different ways.

No one knows why is weather such an excellent topic of conversation? (Meta-weather is seldom a good topic of conversation.)

Only after a time are we are strong enough to obey.

Pay attention to your attention.

Perhaps my culture is WannaBe.

Perhaps with the rising income disparity the 1% will be creating a new aristocracy. The old aristocracy gave us many wondrous things. What might a new aristocracy look like?

Philosophers are caretakers, the inheritors of a glorious tradition. But instead of adding to that tradition, all they want is to keep the museum going.

Politics has become a sport.

Religion is a radical oversimplification of the world which (properly) downplays so many things.

Religion is not like the blind men and the elephant. It is more like the blind men and the country.

Security is a comforting word on the back on a t-shirt.

Sitting in front of Fox News (not all that different from any other news) I hear fear and tension, and not a hint of irony. There is nothing here we need to listen to. Most of it is none of our business. It does not have to be like this. Why is there not a news show that is more like a contemplation room, a casual meditation on the world.

So, what do you think am I trying to tell you?

Television newscasters — I don't like their tone of voice.

The latest is NOT necessarily the greatest, but as a young person how would you ever know that?

The new style is resignation&mdash and gated opulence.

The TV screes excite 7 month old Britta. This shows there is something very very primitive in TV and in multimedia.

There is no law against pedophilia in the Bible.

These days schools should teach monotasking

Utilitarianism is not right or wrong. Utilitarianism is right in these significant ways, and wrong in these ways.

We are free will.

We hardly know why we like anything. We cannot say why we like the music, clothes, television shows, movies, and makeup we like. (Why is that? We don't know that either.)

We like to think the world of fiction is true.

We think without thinking.

We walk about the world, thinking: oh yes this all must make sense. Someone surely has figured all this out.

What do you lose in a perspicuous representation?

What is not being educated today?

What is the opposite of becoming tired of someone?
Becoming awakened?

What would be in a class on Critical Listening?

When we say 'we', we are not including dogs.... or birds.

Who would God vote for? Would God be a democrat or republican?

Why can't presidential candidates just sit down and have a chat?

Why can't we come to some agreement on reality?

With the growth of texting staring into space is becoming a lost art.

You can be a poet by being cleverly confusing.

You can go for salvation/enlightenment, or you can go for being nice.

You can't scare a cat by showing them a gun.

I know

The song I sing
riding into battle
will not protect me.
The song I sing
is the battle.

A big step forward is a big step forward only when it no longer feels like a big step forward.

A perspicuous understanding is still just one point of view. There are others.

All gods save.

Answer me this smarty-pants: How could we switch from capitalism to socialism?

Answer me this smarty-pants: How could we stop population growth?

Bring a movie out without any trailers.

colored hubcaps on cars.

Culture is part of our nature.

God is such a small word for god.

God sometimes appears as God, sometimes not. Or as a place in the woods, or as your father, your mother, a child, or a song on the radio. Or as my better self. Sometimes god appears as a thought.

How can I be sure that no one has ever figured it out?

I am in a two-sided love-affair.

I would like a church that celebrates science and the universe. I would like a church that is not frightened of mankind, or modernity. ("Yea though I walk through the valley of constant changes, I will fear no evil...)

Idea: a church that would teach us how to love one another, in spite of all our differences.

Idea: a church you can move through modern life with, enhancing the experience.

If I wanted to send a highly secret message over the Internet, I could use a social apps as a kind of morse code: long, long, short.

In the movie Prometheus it was difficult (and sad) to believe that the drug of the future would still be alcohol.

Is family all that matters? Really? That's sort of a shitty life.

Is Wikipedia part of your brain?

It is wise to pay close attention to conventional wisdom. But conventional wisdom is not wisdom.

Life has been made much simpler, easier and safer: we spend more time on social priorities

Most women are more attractive if you don't talk to them.

Philosophy has no answers. Philosophy fights against answers.

Sooner or later all wilderness is virtual

Television (and all entertainments) are the acceptable drugs.

The only stories that are true are fiction. Nothing can make them wrong.

There are many ways to speak without saying much of anything

They need a Stepfathers' (and a Stepmothers') Day as well.

Today, reading about reality, I decided not to make the visual world my reality. Instead I made the aural world my reality.

We are not a get-over-it society right now.

We are yanked around the Internet.

We need a new picture of language and of language-using people. I don't have the firepower to establish this. (Though I think I see it!) I don't even have the firepower to establish a lack of firepower.

We prefer a good story over scholarly ignorance.

We spend a lot of time in a coffee shop not talking to each other.

We tend to see people in a way that is comfortable to us.

We think we are such social beings but we can easily travel across the country without talking to anyone.

What can Wikipedia not tell us?

What have we done with all the labor that all the labor-saving devices saved us? Look around.

What if the ads on the Internet were supported by ads?

What is not usually told about the Procrustean bed is that though parts are cut off or stretched to fit, after a while we also grow extra parts to fit the bed.

Would it be a better world if people were all like me?

You are never too old to be stupid.

You only think you think.

A man places a blinking light on his fly. When people look, When people notice, he says: "Hey! I'm up here!"

A useful neo-cliché:
A day without ____, is a day without rain.

A woman places blinking lights on the tips of her bra. When people notice, she says: "Hey! I'm up here!"

Adults are an acquired taste.

Can anything be done? Probably not. (Try convincing your mother of something.)

Culture is learning all the appropriate things.

Don't be too nice to anyone. You never know if they haven't been traumatized by nice people.

Existence has been a bit of disappointment. I expected more.

Family is narrative. Not the best or most exciting narrative mind you, but that is a good thing. We still participate in the ups and downs.

Guns don't kill people. People with guns kill people.

I keep forgetting to pretend to I'm getting forgetful in my old age.

Idea: A phone 'case' that turns you tiny cellphone into a big older phone (a handset or a satellite phone with an antenna.)

If you're forty and have never enjoyed a book, what have you missed?

It would take something irrational for us to suddenly become rational.

It's ok to adjust your attitude. Your attitude (like many things in life) needs adjusting. But where exactly are the controls?

It's too bad that our livelihood depends on our job. It makes it highly difficult to move around less than competent workers.

Most people want to say that texting in nothing at all. (It's perfectly normal). Was the world different before texting/cell phones? Why can we not answer this simple question? Modern life has ample room for texting. Perhaps in a crowded, sexual world with no contact, texting relieves a tension. It's like traveling alone vs. traveling with someone.

New Fashion Idea: zippers and clothing that can be programmed to go up and down automatically.

News organizations should say (but never do): "Here is why we are showing you this:"

One role of the philosopher is to say: this is how it makes most sense to me.

Our culture has all but erased the line between sexuality and touching other people. Admittedly they do share a common line.

Peculiarity of texting: People do not think it makes much of a change at all, but cannot seem to live without it.

Peek-a-Boo is a strange game: who are you fooling? It is more about the delight shown in being seen.

Philosophy can be dismissed only in the way music can be dismissed by the tone-deaf.

Philosophy is about all the things we don't know

Philosophy: there is no one in charge

Sometimes grading is validating.

The daily chum

The temptations of the devil are his distractions from his real work.

There are answers we give in lieu of answers.

There are useful and possibly essential complexifications of life.

We cannot depend on voting. Just look at what shows up as people's favorite news articles on the Internet.

We have been taught not to stare and not to point. Would it now be more useful to stare (and to point)?

We now do everything we used to do with a cell phone in one hand.

We simply do not understand humans. We simply do not understand ourselves.

We will fight for fantasies. Fight for a view say that anyone can make it in America. Fight for the view that the upscale suburb is open to all, that you deserve your money, that you are blessed by God (your personal friend). We will fight for the right to fight.

What happens when virtual-human machines get to be better and more interesting than actual people? It will take our isolation to yet a new level.

What if we had Google News a few centuries ago? So much more violence, death, abuse and turmoil.

You're not good enough, you're not smart enough, and, doggone it, people don't always like you.

Facebook is as much a demonstration of appropriateness as it is of what is really going on.

I worry that with the constant texting the kids are losing the ability to zone out.

New slang: "Dude me man, dude me." [The female form of this expression can be left as an exercise for the reader.]

Oh drat! No drugs. I'll have to get high on life. The trouble is that it's not a very strong drug, and the quality varies. Lots of stems and stones, and sometimes you get a bummer.

Texting: be there now!

The evolutionary byproduct of music and beauty are what makes life worth living. They are the sweet fruit that attracts us to the bitter but necessary seed.

What are we watching when you watch fish?

Wikipedia is like soundbites. You lose overall argument and you lose a sense of the person, well-presented person, that only a book can give.

Idea: Since I love the pictures of food in modern cook books and since I spend much more time flipping through cookbooks than I ever do cooking, why not a cook book without recipes. Just gorgeous pictures, perhaps arranged as a meal.

9-11 was not an attack on America. It was an attack in America.

Can you tell if people are looking at you with their peripheral vision?

God whispers a different secret in every ear.

How much information do we need?

Idea: A modern multi-media church playing Bach all tricked out in high definition multi-media.

Idea: Beyond Twitter. I want Stephen Pinker to talk to me, to come over not as a written sentence but as a sound pipe-up. (Twaddle? Babble?)

Idea: Turn a popular song into a concert hall piece with an orchestra, a choruses and singers. Candidates would include Cesarie Evora — Carnival De Sao Vicente, Tamia — Stranger in My House (HQ2 Mix), Black Eyed Peas — Shut Up and Amy Winehouse — Rehab

If philosophy is just a subject matter, you are not doing philosophy. You've lost philosophy. Philosophy is a way of handling all subject matter, including philosophy.

If so-[no-longer]-called primitive people are as complex as contemporary people, the contemporary people are as simple as primitive people.

If you can forgive someone, did you really have anything to forgive?

If you don't love someone any more, did you ever?

Israel gives God a bad name

It's Been Said™: The task today is not multi-tasking, but mono-tasking.

Like the poem, a word should not mean but be.

Philosophy is speaking in oversimplifications. Some are original, but oversimplifications none the less.

Philosophy: yoga for the intellect.

Some of us go around thinking someone will rape us, kill us or seduce us. I suppose we can call it a narrative. What is your narrative?

Thank you lord for not needing you. I am truly blessed.

There is science and there is making sense of science.

Thinking is sometimes just sitting there not know what you are doing.

We rest in god like we rest in nature. The universe, after all, is our home.

What is the opposite of Amen? Well, what is the Hebrew word for bullshit?

What question can you not answer in 140 characters? Well, this one (among others).

Who is afraid of you God? You made me.

Commercials make us feel inadequate

Could we build an artificial Mt. Everest?

Enjoying life is enjoying part of life.

Every word bleeds (over).

Idea project: a staircase where the stairsteps are made of embedded video screens.

If politics is not politics (i.e. electing the best leaders, deciding the future and the direction of the country) then what is politics?

Life is wasted on the living.

My daughter takes at least one hundred pictures of her daughter a month. This is over 1,200 a year or 20,000 over the life of the child. And this does not count movies. The pictures are seldom printed out and placed in photo albums. So how will these be used in the future? Perhaps a device that has an iPod dial to dial though the thousand of pictures by time, or (using future AI) even sort by subject matter or by persons in the photo.

Normal does not mean optimal.

The philosopher often leaves the world behind for his world of generalizations.

The problem of free will is how to talk about free will

The sexual look is also a look of social mobility. If we did not permit that we would be denying a certain kinds of social hanky-panky.

There is a tendency to think the world is small, and known and boring. That is a point of view we reach by ignoring all the fine details. (There are also only 92 elements, 26 letters and 13 notes but look at the possibilities!) It is true we hardly know any one out there—but we could. There are so many people, so many places, so many rooms. And we can be fully satisfied in just one room.

Today we don't know how we ever lived before the internet or before cellphones... but we did. 99.99% of human lives were lived that way. We wonder how we could possibly live without texting. But if you cannot know how you could live without it, then you don't know what it is (or does), since it is seems to you that you can't live without it (which is not true).

We need a world anthem, a world hymn we can all share and sing. We need a religion of religion, religious songs we can all sing together, hymns for earth. (And it's not going to happen.)

We understand our sentence. We don't understand our understandings of our sentences.

Whipping cream is the new bacon.

Who are you calling old? Even when I am very tired, I can still fall asleep.

You don't have to build a philosophy out of old philosopher's ideas.

A book, like a movie, is also an experience. A book is the thoughts you have while reading the book.

Grading is not teaching

Idea for a book: different thoughtful people who have lived a long time and noticed the changes in their lifetime.

Idea: a men's urinal that is adjustable up and down. It can then be smaller. It would splash less.

Idea: a personal nose freshener for those time you are smelling the humans. Insert it in your nose and the world is strawberry. One might also consider Anti-snuff: snort your air freshener.

Idea: Dalai Lama fortune cookies

If school does not make you want to learn more, then you suck

In world of the future your team will always win.

Learn? Why bother? Just buy the new iPhone.

Many couples in failed marriage also fail to notice that fact.

Movies are our fairy tales. (Fairy takes were their movies.)

Non-starter for a Conversation: You don't seem like that bright of a person.

Non-starter for a Conversation: You'd make a terrible homeless person.

Non-starter for a Conversation: Your hat is on backwards.

People love to see people killed on television.

Philosophy is a verb.

Sometimes I could use an air freshener for the air freshener.

The divine in me is writing to the divine in you.

The first illusion of philosophy is that philosophy exists.

The word "romantic" come from being "of the nature of a literary romance." We should replace it now with "cinematic."

There are no philosophical facts.

We are living in the Age of Dongles. The Age of the Indoors.

We don't know, we fly.

We follow the carrot of the future.

We know more people on television shows than we do in real life.

What would it be like to live in a country governed by wise leaders and wise bureaucracies? I'll never know.

When I hear Cesária Évora sing Carnival De Sao Vicente I do not need to know what the words mean.

You have the freedom to speak, but, unlike the large corporations, not the power to influence.

"Talk to the finger."

Can anyone be an actor? Should we teach acting?

Do you take the time every day to give at least a little love?

Faced with a difficult question, we punt — to the pundits.

I am hardly as interesting as I am in my most interesting tweets—except to myself.

I have lots of faults, but you have few virtues.

I write because I have things I cannot say.

Idea: animated tattoos, perhaps a programmable screen embedded under the skin. Eventually this may be activated by subconscious signals or brain waves.)

Idea: Nativity scenes of the actual birth: Mary has her legs up and baby Jesus' head is crowning, with a little tiny halo.

In our thinkings, words expand and confuse us. This is a problems not only for philosophers and politicians, but for all of us.

It is amazing we think we can understand the world. It is even more amazing that we think we already do.

Most of what we call work is clearly inside the box, or the cubicle. Your job is not mostly about doing things you cannot do.

Religion doesn't provide a unifying vision for the future. In most cases, it cannot even endow it with moral/religious value. (I am thinking here of important issues like pollution, global warming, overpopulation and multi-culturalism.) In this sense, religion is deeply immoral.

Religion in the 21st century is seldom pitched at the more intelligent people. Like the curriculum, religion has been dumbed down.

Surveillance is the death of trust.

The beginnings of philosophy: Surely this must have something to do with something?

The plastic surgeon knows: Helloooo... I'm down here.

There is tremendous sense of entitlement to our lives.

They don't really want you to think outside the box. Or rather, you may only go to the bigger box, sort of like the exercise yard of a free-range chicken.

This is a question worth not-answering.

Traditional history is not about people. It is there democracy, remains about kings, economies, war and big events that may or may not effect people.

Traditionally, philosophers do not try to work things out.

We feel invulnerable when we are talking to people.

What-about™: the Dead Sea Screens

You are what you tweet.

YEAR 2013

(As someone recently tweeted): If Facebook seems boring, it is because your friends are boring.

"We are not smart enough to understand consciousness."
Then we are not smart enough to understand what that sentence means. Nor are we smart enough to agree on an answer to that question.

"Knock, knock, knockin' at knowledge's door."

"Oh no! I have wasted the whole class period explaining the meaning of the universe."

21st Century Problems: I walk into the darkened rest-room thinking the motion sensor will turn the light on and I am six steps in before I realize there is no motion activated sensor. Arghhh!

A cartoon character did not play someone else in a different movie.

A light is like a little sun. In The World of the Future a light/sun will rise on one wall and travel around the walls of the room, rising in the east and setting in the west.

All voices in my head are not God's.

Any major religion also has to appeal to unreligious people.

As we age we overeat, oversleep and oversex.

Between us and the government stands the Government. Between us and education stands the Schools

Big thought: Disavowal of evolution of is also a denial of who we truly are and of the complex mysteries of existence. We are not dropped into here like an iPhone and have to figure out our apps and OS.

Book titles: Pedophilia for Dummies.

Buddhism is the pure religion. A religion that erases and simplifies. In Christianity you get saved and then you have to whoop and holler, praise and dance and sing about how fucking great it all this.

Can you cheat on your spouse in heaven?

Clam the fuck down.

Eternal life, like winning the lottery, is hardly a high spiritual goal.

Everyone has a first person they find singular.

First World Spiritual Problems: I am a sinner, yet I need more love.

First World Spiritual Problems: I have everything I need, I am safe, I have good health and yet I miss you lord.

Godhog Day

Historically, religious works were also public works.

How do you become a pleasant senile man? It is not too early to begin working on this.

How much fact do you want with your religion? (Don't confuse me with facts.)

I am glad there is no Constitutional right to be a fucking idiot.

I am inclined to say and you are inclined to understand.

I am over my mid-life crisis. I am now working on my end-life crisis.

I am sitting on-top-of-the first world problems.

I do not rejoice that You are out there. I rejoiced that I am in here.

I put in my earbuds and I'm outta' here...

I read news for entertainment.

Idea: all mechanical golf. Drive in the cart and shoot from the cart, with a controller.

Idea: golf polo. Use the carts of mechanical golf and have two holes one at each end of the fairway. [from Tom]

If religious theology fosters the misleading impression that it is the only answer and hence the correct one, Western academic knowledge makes the assumption that it has always been the same since Socrates and Plato, but it is a fairly new cultural development, and certainly a work in progress.

If there are 12 or 13 kinds of intelligences, there are a similar number of stupidities?

If we cannot believe in evolution, there should be a great sadness.

If you believe in Jesus you believe in a Jesus who loves you, or a god who is good. With people you can believe in the existence of someone, and determine their character later.

In the future will it be thought inappropriate to tell a robot to fuck off?

It is not that You are worthy but that I am worthy.

It says volumes about human ignorance to take god's words as interpreted by ignorant people a long time ago over god's works as it exists today in the fossil records and dating techniques

Life is hard enough when everyone is getting along.

Most people don't have moral to-do lists; they have to-don't lists.

Movies are mostly high-quality stupidity.

My new smart phone is so small. It is like someone took my books and made them all 3" tall. ("You can read them with a magnifying glass.") Er... no.

Newspapers seldom lie, as much as they distract.

No one accuses Socrates of being a coward. Can one truly teach philosophy if one is afraid to lose one's job?

No one walks around thinking: I really don't know what is going on; someone will have to explain this to me. This is mostly a problem for philosophers.

One does not attain/get sight of truth by showing what is wrong with another person's exposition.

One thing we have in common is how little we have in common.

Our simplified understanding is as much poetic as descriptive.

Paragraphs are so 20th Century

People are a multi-processing experience. For one thing they can turn on you.

People are easier to take in tweets.

People are so damn animal. Just look at 'em!

People who live off government welfare should be grateful and in return do good things for society.

Perhaps we should not confuse interesting with entertaining.

Perhaps fetuses should be fitted with exploding packs so that anyone who tries to abort/murder them will be killed.

Perhaps there will come a time when Google will no longer let us ask certain questions.


Religion fights against any other way of looking at it as well.

Retiring's not a bad idea if you don't have anything better to do.

So many people listening to music. So few tapping their toes.

Take away the selfullness

Technology serves the function of religion taking our minds of the world around us. I will fix society once I figure out how to run the FixSoc app.

The ants say: "From down here those people up there look like gods."

The concept of evolution, tells me that word is not designed for me, as we are designed to succeed (low bar of self-replication exist) in the world.

The first step is to stop stepping.

The monkey in me recognizes the monkey in you.

The primitivism of our era is demonstrated by our traditional know-it-all attitude. This above all, should be time of ignorance and mystery. Who are we, who can we be, how will we possibly survive.

The real reasons are seldom reasons.

The silence of the web: It is a snowstorm of information and creativity. Snow forts and angels.

The Title of A Book We Should All Be Working On: What kind of pain am I to live with?

The world appeals to our baser instincts. We like. We dislike. Things are shown us to attract us appealing to base instinct.

The world is held in place mostly by habit. And the love thereofs.

To make a full body connection... triggers a whole bunch of things

Too many college teachers spend their time presenting what they have learned as truth

Truth too is a blessing from God.

We all have a virtual self.. the ego

We all sit around with our own music. Is strange?

We are on a mission, seeking e-mission.

We don't see roads. See them as carpets.

We have a pictorial representation of reality

We have an intense first person point of view. This is hard to understand because it is our home, much like the way the world is our home.

We live in a world that incessantly plays upon our ignorance, likes, dislikes, and appeal to our most fundamental instincts.

We live in the days when Wikipedia works.

We make sense of it the best we can. Everyone sings of love—even if they have never experienced it. So this is love?

We play the game of Who's-the-Smartest with each other. It's like chickens playing chicken.

We text because we are less afraid when we are talking to someone. We are accepted.

We used to think that strangers were could be helpers, and be more than they appear. We have lost our (magical) helpers, and are left mostly with the villains.

What conclusion are we trying to avoid?

What if an automated monitor (say in a bathroom) could see not only that you are in the room but what you are doing there. Is this an invasion of privacy?

What is Caesar's? By virtue of what?

What is the connection between living in a virtual world (a lie; a false and pretend world) and living in a mythological/symbolic world?

When you are young, reading about things that have not happened to you is interesting. As you age, you realize that most of these things never happen to you, or anyone else. Then these books seem different.

With social networking and the sticky Internet we can no longer get away, move out of town and start again, grow and change. You can neither be forgotten nor forgiven.

Work is a tribal/a gang-related activity.

You are not responsible for what you think. You are responsible for what you think about what you think.

You can't disagree with me too much. Sometimes you are simply adopting an alternative point of view.

You can't get closer to the sunset.

You don't have to think you believe in order to speak with authority. Faith/belief is a kind of arrogance or pride.

As Elmer Fudd might say: Those cwazy white-wing wepublicans!

Everything is foreplay.

Here is a useful neologism: unimpeccable

Humans are the refutation of intelligent design

Philosophers commit the straw reality fallacy.

Whenever I go to a jazz club I am always wondering about what the fuck is music.

Another useful neologism: unincessantly

". . . for reasons no one fully understands."

"The past! You can't handle the past!!"

Do not think philosophy results in intellectual rapture. That is a job for drugs.

Every novel is an unfinished novel

First signs of senility is when you are old and still think you will live forever.

Gilding the cliché (the double negatives of hope): unintolerable, uninhospitable, uninhuman, uninsatiable, unindecent, unindecipherable, uninescapable, uninefficient, uninsincere, unineffective, uninexcusable, uninsulting, uninured, uninsecure

How can people be inappropriate? Of funny? Edgy?

How can we talk about things that are impossible to put into words?

How detailed do you go? You visit not only the cathedral, but also the apartment house near the cathedral. Do you look in the drawers? In the closet? Do you find the hidden compartment in the closet containing an intimate diary the writer has forgotten about? Do you read the diary?

Ignoring other people gives us urban peace.

In philosophy we (must) talk about things that cannot be proven right.

In thinking of the deepest things, be sure to keep your mind fuzzy.

Just because you point does not mean the thing is out there.

Maturity on the Internet is not popping off on any subject whatsoever. You are asked you opinions on everything, but you know you have not done your due diligences.

Prudent and useful to speak in conventional ways. Not to think in such ways.

Should you have opinions on things you know nothing about?

Take some time to recognize the things that sucks. Count your curses.

That pain in your foot. Oh that's old age!

The world is so disappointing.

We cannot see ourselves the way we are. This is the appeal of entertainment.

We glance but seldom look at each other.

We live in contexts. Philosophy tries to put those contexts together.

We may not be happy in today's world. But we are highly entertained.

We need leaders. Let us come to that realization

We shop as we gather. We are bred to dig and puzzle pick things up and look at them. We hunt we grub we show we garden, we like chimpanzees.

What is the matter with us? We can't go more than a few minutes without saying I love you to someone?

Wisdom is, among other things, a temporary achievement,

With super-surveillance: how will we be bad?

Words are deceitful. They fool you into thinking you are making sense.

YEAR 2014

I am so stupid! It has taken me all this time to realize how stupid people are.

I too want to be a reproductive member of society.

I watch news to take my mind off what is going on.

In the interest of being PC, I believe the phrase should now be "Gay as a three-dollar bill."

Jesus is coming: look enlightened.

Thinking of our super-surveillance society: We are not the same when people are watching. We are not ourselves. Should we be?

Is it that we like our confusions? We want the world not to be the way we think it is.

Just because media seems simple and enjoyable, does not mean it is either simple or harmless.

Our thoughts are as compulsive and fragmentary as our dreams.

Pay to watch people killed on media.

People on TV never watch TV.

Religion is not something outside of us. We cannot study religion like we might study the properties of sulfur.

The glass is half stupid.

We always look through a glass darkly.

We are each equally close to understanding god.

We live safest lives in history. That is why there is so many of us.

We surround ourselves with mental mannequins, virtual but not real.

We think with lies. We understand with misunderstandings.

We touch the elephant in many ways, some inappropriate.

What is delusion and what is lusion?

Abstract words are like wet noodles. How can we build a structure out of wet noodles? We can build a picture by laying the noodles on the ground.

Bible bloopers: God said: Don't eat fork. God names his son Percy.

Don't make me rethink!

Green-light district

Question: How come fat people always have friends to text?

The world is crawling with humans and it's a little creepy.

We are so wasteful of space. We drive over it.

What do you not want people to know about you? What would you not want God to see? Are they the same things?

You can't handle understanding!

Any philosophical answer you construct can be easily misunderstood, especially by yourself.

I am my masks. My suits suit me.

If you write your book about the world in a coffee shop, soon the world will seem to be a coffee shop writ large. And this is not bad metaphor.

Most of us are spectators. We should be grateful for that.

Movies are another kind of coalitional behavior: an aggregate creation of many people's creativity experienced over a few hours.

Never forget the importance of feigned innocence.

One possible question in my book is: How do you answer the question: Why are we here?Also, can we be here if we are not conscious of what being here is?

Sometimes you must fight your understanding.

Sucking up to God #17: "Nice universe God. I don't think I have seen a better one. (No it doesn't hurt much at all. No that was my fault.)"

Talking about the world is easy ("Duh! I have lived there my whole life!"). . . until you try to say something about it.

The most important aspect of the world is that it is huge, unknown and endlessly unknowable.

To say that our words are metaphors is itself a metaphor.

We think we can sit inside others and experience what they experience, but we can't even sit inside ourselves.

We yearn for alternative social structures, even as they fade all around us.

When I philosophy I can adopt a naïve sincere persona. (Although I am pretty sure there is no such thing.)

I am nostalgic for the futures of the past.

I am the man with the answer... that is as soon as I find it.

I can't remain in heaven. All I get is conjugal visits.

On the internet no one knows you are not an idiot.

So who do I want to pretend to be?

The word language should be taken out of the language.

We love to play pretend. I am going to dress up a sexy | hip | stylish person. Or as a wise | rational | educated person? In my mind, I may dress up as God.

We need to save the environment... from ourselves. And as there are more and more of us, we must devote more and more resources to this task.

What could I say to people I admire like George Lakoff or Marvin Minsky? If I met Beethoven should I just sing along to one of his quartet?

What is so good about going to church?
Any asshole can go to church.

You look for your keys where the light is best. You understand the world in ways that are easy and simple.

So, where are the best part of Maya? The ones I need to see before I die?

On the internet no one knows you are not an idiot.

I can't remain in heaven. All I get are conjugal visits.

So who do I want to pretend to be?

There is always a majority of idiots.

I am nostalgic for the futures of the past.

What could I say to people I admire like George Lakoff or Marvin Minsky? If I met Beethoven should I just sing along to one of his quartet?

Birds of a feather text together.

Do not even tell me what you know unless you know you do not know anything.

Please God, do not let there by a god like you.

Idea: If you are going to burn your candle at both ends be sure to first bend it into a u-shape.

"First there is a mountain,
there is no mountain,
then there is."
— [Donovan]

In my twenties I first thought I understood this while driving among the Western mountains. First there was a mountain, then, caught up in the foothills, there was no mountain, and then there the mountain was again in all its glory. Yesterday I realized that as you really get close to the mountain once more there is no mountain. There is only a slope, a forest, vegetation, landforms, trails, animals, birds, streams, tiredness, sweet air — or not.

Certainly a computer can pass the Turing Test for a surreal poet.

The cracks in our understanding is where reality comes in.

Perhaps you want to spend an hour with someone famous {Wittgenstein, Woody Allen, Steven Pinker, anyone you really admire) only so you can say you have spent an hour with that special someone.

Sometimes I am as good as I think I am. Sometimes I am better.

What happens in Facebook, stays in Facebook.

Actors are always pretending to be someone else.

Since He created him, shouldn't we be grateful to God for Satan?

The most common form of religious service is lip-service.

Things seldom heard: "Hey! Let's sit around and be interesting!"

On Memorial Day: We will not obtain peace until we get over the honoring of our dead. But the roots of this are so very deep.

So many people now go around the world with the ears plugged.

We do not interact much in well in public these days, yet our sheer numbers condemned to be there.

We're a little nervous about having fun without each other.

We're all stupids down here.

Only Christian are sinners.

In philosophy we attempt to paint details of a delicate paintbrush with a big fat paintbrush.

If reality is such a problematic concept why do we fall into using it so "naturally"?

Talking is something we do while we are waiting for something to talk about.

Sitting in public with a dog is like sitting reading a book. It is an object of care, and tells others, I am not sitting here open to being ignored and rejected.

We sit back into our lives.

As the lemmings say: "What can I do?"

A general point about generalizations: The point is not to make generalizations.

Do not even tell me what you know unless you know you do not know anything.

Please God, do not let there by a god like you.

Idea: If you are going to burn your candle at both ends be sure to first bend it into a u-shape.

Certainly a computer can pass the Turing Test for a surreal poet.

Women dress for Prince Charming.

Let's talk about what we don't talk about.

Shakespeare is so dramatic.

The world lies hidden behind the pictures of the world.

Yoga pants makes yogis pant.

The first sign of philosophical ignorance is speaking with confidence.

We live in Speciffy City.

People will understand anything.
(That includes the preceding sentence.)

Your understandings are your misunderstanding.

Behind the said is the unsaid.

We like to carry around a nice little picture of ourselves. It's in our mental wallet, where we can take it out to show people—or post it on Facebook.

It isn't what it isn't.

Following up on the zombie food crazy, I am starting a new line of food called I Can't Believe its not Dog® ("Wait a minute, this is chicken!")
If this works I will follow up with I Can't Believe its not Human®

It's an important point to understand that understandings is not all that important. And that important points are not all that important.

The problems is (a) the stuff we don't care about that we should care about and (b) the stuff we care about that we shouldn't care so much about. This sentence is part of (a).

Texting shows how much spare time we have.

In life we must play complicated games without quite knowing they are games. That is a part of the games.

I can read most 20th century theologians because they are thoughtful and puzzled | humble men. They are not cock-sure about things about which a decent person cannot and therefore should not be cocksure.

The world cannot be siad to be well-designed because "design" is not a clear concept.

The child knows who is alive.

A child can stare without meaning so much.

"Like" is the ultimate judgment word.

What is a better word for conservatives and liberals. (I grant it is a stupid bifurcation.) How about Traditionalists and Improvers? Of course both sides would object to anything like this, as we want to objectify ALL pro-words.

He who does not hesitate is lost.

Talking about things we don't know much about is a necessary skill.

The people you actually have to forgive and practice Christian love for are the people you love right around you.

Tips for Seniors: Treat the ones around you at least half as well as you treat your grandchildren.

Too many feelings posture as knowledge.

Philosophy is the decoration on the pot, the mosaic on the floor, the pattern on the penis sheath.

We do not stand on the shoulders of giants. We have our arms on each others' shoulders.

Wait just a minute. Where did I put my hope for the world? It was around here a decade or so ago.

Old-folks have their own old-folks.

We understand in overstatements.

Most discussions of "big issues" depend on various slights-of-mind.

We are isolated from people by our low opinions of them.

The people in People are actually strangers.

Ads are inappropriate. When I listen to the great stuff on YouTube, the products advertised are irrelevant and unworthy. ("Hey I don't care that you seek a spiritual experience, but let me tell you about something stupid and distracting.")

We like a philosopher (like Aristotle) who gives us a plausible simple definition of art, drama, politics… as though the world is well-designed.

We move from a discussion of a problem to what a philosopher said about the problem to what a famous philosopher said and suddenly we are hardly talking about the problem any more.

I have a negative bucket lost. Here are 1001 movies | places | music not to hear before I die.

We must all sonetimes sit in mystic confusion.

Everyone, children and idiots and blind people can talk about the world.

We can understand things that are not true.

People think in humans.

Now wait a minute. Let's sit down and think about this. And before we talk, let's think.

The alternative to taking a snapshot is enjoying it in the moment, or being affected|touched by it

Philosophical truth is not discovering, but creating.

Lower brain-stem candy.

It is nice to think we can use a words like "society", "philosophy", "knowledge" and think we have captured reality in a neat and manageable package. When all we have done is to fool ourselves.

Why are we so easily amused, and in most cases fail to see why?

We keep each other undefined.

We are prey to status.

IDEA: When you drive onto the cuts that the highway department makes ruts in a road to signal you are drifting out of your lane or onto the shoulder, it makes a certain tone in your tires depending on how far apart the cuts are and how fast you are driving. What if those cuts were cut differentially so as to make a song?

In the future you could even have a three-mile (three-minute) highway that with elaborate computer enhancements could play you the tune of your choice.

IDEA: Book a Cook: A group of people who will come to your house and make any dish pictured or shown in any of your gorgeous cookbooks.

IDEA: A bed that is also a hair dryer

These foolish things remind me of me.

We do not see the trees for the forests.

Forgiveness is not something you do at some future date. Ideally it is immediate, ongoing and constant.

We (really) need a phone app that lets you know when the light changes to green when you are texting in your car.

Most people are happy to swimming the comforting safe seas of normalcy.

About the word "beheading,": shouldn't it be "deheading"?

These days there is not enough reality.

How is it we can rationally delineate how little we know, but we seldom feel stupid?

Our intuition of the world is not true, but this is not intuitive.

I will flash my plumage as well. I can't help it really. I am made of plumage.


By the time you reach middle age, you find a mask that works, is comfortable, and doesn't scare the timid. The fact it does not attract the ladies is regrettable.

What Heidegger [or Kant or Wittgenstein] said vs. the importance of what Heidegger [or Kant or Wittgenstein] said. The two are not unrelated but are not the same.

We need new clichés. The ones we use are inadequate scraps barely covering our vital parts, providing neither protection nor modesty.

Do not be in hurry to understand the world, for of course—and you know this— you never will.

What is the difference between earning credits and actually learning something?

I write a book to read what i have to say.

Nothing is going to change your world? Your world will change your world.

I mostly want to live in the re-present.

Strike a pose.
But three strikes and you are out.

Most people's poetic licenses are long expired.

Today's mantra: Turn off, tune out, drop in.

The Now Generation is now so then.

Capitalism is not immediately harmful as much as it is self-centered.

Not only the things we know, but also our insights, need further understanding.

Reality is a game we love to play.

Skin flute? More like skin trumpet.

In writing no one is not paying attention.

I may very well want to defeat the other suitors and win the hand of the princess, but what would I do with a princess?

You can skip this ad, but you can cannot skip the ad-skipping.


Everyone is now the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The interent is too much with us.
Clicking and liking,

Who should have kids? Who is best fit to do this? The question cannot be asked, but can it be answered.

What is the difference tween you watching a movie and a developmental-disabled person watching the same movie?

YEAR 2015

Wait, I thought the big girls say: "It's all about the face, 'bout the face."

If you're a Christian and you hate, you're not doing it right.

Self-driving cars will surely have all sorts of benefits, especially so in our time-starved world, but our communal driving habits are a main way I gain respect for the intelligence and co-operation of my fellow man. (I certainly don't get it from the Internet.)

The mystery is ignorance.

You can't say it because you can't understand it.

That cannot be the truth! The truth cannot be understood!

Beware the sage who sums—or does not sum—the summable.


On ISIS: Who imagined the dysfunctional future would come from a traditional religion?

How stupid are people? Look at the Internet!

Why do we need answers to big questions? Well, that's a big question.

Who thinks in real time? Who speaks in sense? Who can read a newspaper story and its comments and make the perfect comment?

Race is a way of dividing into teams. "You be the skins, the redskins."

There is no method but honesty.


What does it feel like not to be conscious?

Texting makes everything you write also a matter of personal relations.

Having no consequences has consequences.

Life is multiple-entendres.

Philosophy: a tradition of inadequate answers.

We are more interested in the forests than in the trees.

You think the world is safe and peaceful? Try picking up a kid and running with him or her down the street.

Words are not a picture but a grasping.

It helps to have an ideal, and it is to love and respect all humans. This is easiest if no one else is around.

As Aristotle said, try to hide behind authority.

I want to write a rap song to spread my philosophy. My first line is Ummmmm. Errrrrr.

There are no words for the way things really are.

Understanding is made of words, and no doubt hormones.

I seek enlightenment and I find confusion.

We seek the courage to be what we are.

Tradition gets in the way. But we are creatures of habit.

The limits of Wikipedia are the limits of my world.

It's easier to accept the world and its inhabitants if you get away from them.

We are the blind men and the elephant.

A little bit of reality goes a long way. Do not overindulge.

An understanding is a set of words that sets our minds at ease.

I have always felt funny complaining about regimes that deface historical sites, it is the ultimate in non-culturalism. Shouldn't I be equally incensed about killing of people? So when ISIS bulldoze an ancient city my tribal mind asks: are not these people who burned the great library at Alexandria?
This is not a rhetorical question.

House of Cards cannot compare with House of News.

I have so many balls in the air I forget some are even up there.

It is perhaps sad that humans are the most interesting | important things out there.

Books are also a virtual reality where the body disappears.

Our modern world is full of reflective surfaces. This makes our buildings less stony and less present.

Soon we will have virtual signing — also known as reading.

I'll be damned if I'm going to get all enlightened if those other guys are acting like assholes. I'm certainly not going to be the only fucking compassionate being here.

I don't think about the world's problems any more. I watch the news instead.

What is the right answer is not the right question.

You must counter simplicity with countersimplicity.

We like texting because the actual presence of our actual friends do not match our fantasies.

If you quote Aristotle on a certain topic, it mostly shows you know Aristotle.

It is not the logic of a computer, but the multi-processing of a computer that is now the more fundamental metaphor.

We are all ambassadors for our social categories.

People speak, and listen, in associations.

Don't sidetrack me by pointing out that what I say is false.

If only blind men have seen the elephant, is there really an elephant?

We are the human app. (The app that other apps imitate.) But we are, or like to think we are, the controlling app. This is probably not mostly true. (We are also the out-of-controller app.)

We are moving towards self-driving cars. Of course we would but this takes away one of the last respect I have for my community. I don't get it from television, politics or internet commentary threads.

We think we created by gods, but it might be more constructive to think we were created by a developmentally disabled god who spent most his time eating and watching TV. He is not a very good father. He yells and smites.
I think we can rise above our creator.

Everything is held in place by firmly compacted bullshit.

Ignorance is bliss, but the finest bliss is ignorance of our ignorance.

It's not an airport, it's an airplaneport.

We enter into the world of dogs, and it is much simpler. Here we can be top dog.

When we do philosophy it is sometimes like a peculiar personal crossword puzzle with 1 across, nothing down.

My kingdom for some sanity.

Is it moral to show allegiance to one region and culture and not others? Wouldn't that be patriotist? Instead of Homeland perhaps we should speak of homeworld, the Fatherplanet (and Motherplanet)?

If you never loved literature, it is not hard to dismiss it.

You need the courage of your ignorances.

Texting has makes the world less lonely.
And your appearance does not get in the way.

Why are so many haters drawn to the Religion of Love?

When will computers actually know what I am interested in?
It would really interest me to know what I am interested in.

If I say that the world cannot be understood,
can that be understood?

News is really just interesting stories to keep you here for the ads.

In an ideal society, our media would be our sages.

"When I walk with you I feel as if I had a flower in my butthole." - William Makepeace Thackeray

Correction, The quote from Thackeray should have read: "When I walk with you I feel as if I had a flower in my buttonhole."

Our lives have multiple meanings.

If we humans are so smart, why is the human world so fucked up?

Happy as a pill.

In the beginning was the world.

We rest in our good thoughts. But keep pulling the cart forward through the mud.

What the nice way of asking: How did you get so fat?

You really know how to get off the ground. - "When things are fucked up, fuckitdown."

Windows let light in, but we mostly think of looking out. We see through windows to other windows.

A poet walks among us and the we make him famous, and place him on a pedestal — where he can no longer walk around.

Patriotism is bunk if love of country implies a lesser love for other countries.

In the last part of the 20th century: anger became feelings of anger.

It is what it is. But what is it?

If you think you understand the world, you have made at least one mistake.

Is she pushing your apps?

Reality is a flashlight.

We are the last remaining intelligent primate. We are not endangered but we should be very careful.

Nothing stays in Vegas anymore.

The contemporary way of going on vacation would be to abandon your cellphone and social media feeds.

Don't stick your mind in crazy.

Disconnect the dots.
Unsnap that judgment.

The unexamined word is not worth speaking.

Reality is a selfie.

A joke?
I am with a pro-life person in a large crowd of people.
Me: "Perhaps there should have been a few more abortions?
{I get a dark look.}
Me: "Too soon?"

What if the universe created god?

Classical music is yoga for the mind.

Consciousness is wasted on the human.

Superman: your mission is to save the world, not from disasters, or aliens, but from itself.

We think a happy tune:
Whenever I feel afraid
I hold my head erect
And think a simple thought
So no one will suspect I am dumb.

Philosophy is not a cumulative or collective project, any more than art is. It follows that refuting another person's thought does not add to our cumulative knowledge, but is most likely a distraction. Though it may be exemplary, especially if the doctrine is one that is embedded in a kind of philosophical common sense.

It is best not to make too much sense of things.

Facts get in the way of truth.

We know humans exist because we are tied in to and with them. Others people are part of us.

In watching art, we must go beyond recognition ("that's a Monet") to {something more that is hard to put into words}.

Isn't it is a little arrogant to think you are as good as any other person?

Most of use are beta males and females, hoping to be beta-plus.

Ultimately the solution to multi-culturalism is to speak with and encounter the other. But language is weak on this. We surround ourselves with walls of conventional speech which serve as checks of normalcy but do not go much deeper.

Language is a slow way to know someone.

Knowing is not always "seeing."

It is not what you believe but how you believe.
That includes this distinction.

Americans value the freedom to believe whatever the fuck they want.

Reading a book is come into contact with the representation of a thoughtful man, as constructed by a thoughtful man.

Just because your thoughts come slower now, that does not man they are any deeper.

We make sense of the world. There are many such ways. It should not to be assumed there a way of making sense of all the many ways of making sense of the world.

Why do we believe in monsters? We understand things in terms of animality. A tree an unknown, it is easy to construe it as an animal of some kind. Not only an animal but a sentient (read, human) animal.

I am but the tip of my iceberg.

The map creates itself as you explore.

Less anticipation. More posticipation.

You think you understand me but I don't think you do. Because I don't.

Not the "brain in vat," but the brain in a room.

We do not stand on the shoulders of giants, but we hang around with giants in the taverns of our mind.

So many shoulders. So little time.

We no longer need yo intend to offend anyone. Anyone can be offended even by speech that is not at all meant to be offensive.

If you have to write a fat book, you don't understand it all.

Is she pushing your apps?

Reality is a flashlight.

We are the last remaining intelligent primate. We may not be endangered but we should be very careful.

Nothing stays in Vegas anymore.

With so many wannabe hipsters, we have had to lower the bar. All it takes is a haircut and some appropriate clothes.

The contemporary way of going on vacation would be to abandon your cellphone and social media feeds.

Can anyone appreciate art? In some sense anyone can appreciate something legitimately called art.

The multiplicitiy of realities (worlds) also come from multi-processing mind.

All i have are fresh metaphors. We lose old ones and get new ones. That really means there are different fundamental understandings of the big ultimate thing. We understand it in many, and not necessarily one way.

Don't stick your mind in crazy.

We will need a lot of art to get through the future.

Disconnect the dots.
Unsnap that judgment.

The unexamined word is not worth speaking.

Reality is a selfie.

ISIS is like Hitler in the 30s: fast moving, hard to believe. We suffer mental mis-denials. We are used to politicians as growling old dogs.

How can you not be awkward?
Only if you never try.

Isn't it the universe that created god?

Music is yoga for the mind.

Consciousness is wasted on the human.

Superman: your mission is to save the world, not from disasters, or aliens, but from itself.

We confuse truth with facts.

Taking away people's philosophy is like taking away their playing cards, or chess pieces. For what then would we argue about? It is not much fun to argue about facts that can be looked up.

Truth is a word not a fact.

We think a happy tune.

Whenever I feel afraid
I hold my head erect
And think a simple thought
So no one will suspect I'm stupid.

Happiness is a pill.

You must speak intelligently gently.

How can we speak | converse intelligently on thing we cannot speak | converse about?

Things do change all the time over time, but many more things stand still.

We should stop saying Americans, Russians, Iranians etc. and simply say Earthlings.

It has taken me a long time to become this ignorant.

It is an immature society that can't even invent a third person pronoun that is neither male nor female! Or a gender-status-free suffix. Instead of Mr., Miss, Mrs. and Ms., I suggest Mm.

Where everyone is an expert, no one is an expert.

Many philosophical questions are invitation to be interesting, or abstractly personal. It tells and shows people something about you.

(from Tom) If you could ask God three questions: what would they be?

Each person must live a life, mostly for others. It's only polite.

People are so much smarter than a smart phone. We can pass the Turing test. Can a phone have your baby and raise a family?

In bed at night, my arm beneath me, I wish my Clapper could hear the sound of one hand clapping.

Just adjust.

We do not need talking points as much as thinking points.

There should be a United Religions, like there is a United Nations.

These dats you can't spell crisis without ISIS.

(For most of us) terrorism is annoyingism.

Thinking about the world is a hobby. Like a hobby it can become obsessive, and it can be put aside. It may well be the focus of your world,

We confuse argumentation with truth, even as we delight in argumentation it as competition.

Man is dead. This concept, and others, are like a bad Scrabble hand.

YEAR 2016

The past is always safe.

You cannot get out of your culture becuause you cannot de-educate yourself.

We tend to anthropomorphize humans.

The hatchet, buried or not, flies back into the hand

The danger of thinking outside the box is that most of the people you want to speak to are in the box

We think in nets even as we think we think in names

The limits of language is not as interesting as what goes on right in the middle of language

I trust society because the people in my society ignore me

You can say it but you can't understand it

The meaning may be the use, but we cannot describe the use

We often substitute knowing how to find the answer for the answer

We think something thing is like something else that is many ways isn't like that thing at all! How are we able to do that? Why is that?

In hindsight, when right wing politics was also right wing Christian politics it gave a certain safety net . When these same voters dis-attach from their religious commitments the far right becomes more frightening.

It's too bad we cannot get smaller as we get older and mentally diminished. They could wheel old grandpa into the coffee shop while he is napping.

I like a man with a fishing pole over man with a gun.

I am constantly reinventing myself, but I have yet to invent myself.

Sleep is insidious. You wake up and suddenly it's later!

The only ones who have it figured out are the ones who have figured out that no one has figured it out, for it is impossible to figure out.

No one has the answer and if they did what makes you think you could understand it.

We cannot go on like this But we have to go on like this.

Everything is too hard to think about. And this is too difficult to think about as well.

God is an atheist.

I see I do not see.

Suicide is a very late term abortion.

There are no monsters, goblins, zombies out there, but there are people out there. Beware.

I no longer have the energy to believe I know it all.

We no longer run to the phone.

The world barely has enough time to wasting time.

When democracies are threatened the first thing that goes is democracy. [from a book]

Your imagination gets in the way of reality.

Connect the knots.

Today I wore the same clothes I wore yesterday: deja moi!

We cannot imagine that we cannot imagine things we cannot imagine.

What is it like to be human? Don't ask me. I just live here.

(Art my Age:)

We may be in a knowledge-based economy, but we live in an ignorance-based social order.

We must live out actual life, if nothing else to decorate our virtual Facebook life.

I am neither talented, intelligent, attractive or rich. I have been robbed.

Cannot imagine that we cannot imagine things we cannot imagine. Nations.

There are shortcuts in our thinking — o long cuts, only shortcuts.

As I age, like the galaxies, I move away form others.

Should he be called Neil Old?

Make America grope again.

Connect the knots.

YEAR 2017

Your precious self reminds me and puts me in mind of you.

The world is far too busy wasting time.

We have names for what we are, but we do not know who we are.

We have wasted all the time we had to waste. All our time is taken up by time-wasting.

the many kinds of like.

the mindless
the careful
the prudent

the this makes me better
the aaawwwww
the how can you not
the lower brainstem
the obligatory
the dumb
the guilty
the unspoken like

the classical
the honorific
the fake
the obligatory
the mom

the right thing to do
the how can it hurt
the careless
the thoughtless
the really!?

On changes: it would be good to make an anthology of writers saying what had changed in their lifetimes.

As we age, our marriage vows come due, and our marriage vows true.

Now I can see the young in the old. I still cannot see the old in the young.

What do we want from each other? Nothing for the most part.

The only ones who has it figured out are the one who have figured out that no one has figured it out. . . for it is impossible,

There are many kinds of like, not all of them snap after the gaudy lures of clickbait.

I can tell you why you cannot understand yourself, but that is not understanding yourself. It is just a limitation.

What are the varieties of Facebook's circle of friends? Are some better than others? What would be a profound FBCOF?

A symphony is not a learning experience.

It's not that you like crap but that you don't have a clue why you like crap. Or you think that just because you like crap, it is not crap.

We think we can sit inside others and experience what they experience, but we can't even sit inside ourselves.

No one can sit with me inside my bubble.

Dark thoughts are not very bright

On Facebook your friends determine your walls.

No one has the answer, but if they did, what makes you think you could understand it?

Everything is too hard to think about. This is too hard to think about as well.

God is an atheist.

We are more in danger from genetically engineered humans than robots.

I see I do not see.

Suicide is a very late term abortion.

There are no monsters, goblins, zombies out there, but there are people out there. Beware.

Time change: We no longer run to the phone.

With the constant social connections of Facebook, Our opinions and reactions are solicited from early age. We no longer have time to remain ignorant and involved in out studies. We must have opinion on everything.

There is a real world. It may be argued to be an illusion but it is a core illusion. It is the operating system and all its uninstallable apps. We can also say it is the behavior of the apps, the cerebral processes and processing that determines the reality of the ultimate reality.

Some things are, and some things are not, relative.

What brought us all here at this coffee shop?
Mostly subroutines.

To get to the truth you must go though stupidities.

The strong theory of philosophy: philosophy is bullshit! And of course it is. But neither is it simply false or fake, since that implies there is a true, or genuine, alternative.

Your understanding of the world is an oversimplification, most likely an educated guess.
It will always be an oversimplification.

So, why do we keeping seeking an understanding of the world?
And why do we think we could understand such an explanation?
(Things are endlessly unique.)

I wish that every day would be like an extra unexpected day.

Life is like a festival
in a park in the city in which you live,
where so many different things are happening at once.
Life is their harmonious confusion.

Why can't we all get along? is an important question.
It seems it would be an easy question to answer, doesn't it?
Why would you possibly think that?

Most people use their life as their persona.

At times our understanding of the world is like the understanding of a simple country song that can be understood through layers of stupefaction.

We like harmonious aggregation of associations,
and we can share the aggregate of association. They are often called "understandings."

Why don't the transgenders have their own gender or two, distinguished by different dress, speech etc.?

We must look at humans in a new way. It may not be a pleasant way. In particular we must not let our slight lightly constructed virtual people get in the way.

Our pictures (metaphor) of people are created and fed by our ignorance to cover up our ignorance. (We cannot picture ourselves being ignorant.)

Racism is not multiculturalism. We can dislike (and that is not quite the word) different people of our own culture.

The societal attack on racism can hinder us in speaking about and thinking about and understanding racism. It stops thought, as of course it is intended to do. But thinking about racism as a not so simple problem with no simple solutions is not racism. It just goes against our pressure to conform.

Tomorrow is a whole other coconut.

The truth shall make you ignorant.

The truth about the world that can be understood is not the truth about the world.

People have no time because everyone is too busy wasting time.

Can we even live without our illusions, or would that be just another illusion?

Enlighten up!

YEAR 2018

no doub't

You want to say what cannot be said in words but that is something that cannot be said in words.

What if the refugees were really pretty?

What good are soldiers? Mostly to protect us from other soldiers.

The attractive trap is that study, losing oneself in a book, is the way to solve important problems.

Seeing the forest is overrated. Keep your eyes on the trees and the paths between them.

A good thing about being old I won't live long enough to see my latest hopes for the planet dashed.

We can easily process multiple tasks, but we cannot understand multiple processes.

Your thoughts are not what you think they are.

We think everything is a thing.

I'm looking inside a monkey who's looking at me.

The answer to a philosophical question is a response.

You can't talk about language if you don't know what language is, and you have a deeply oversimplistic thoery of language.
You can't talk about human beings if you don't know what human beings are.


Where there's fog there's rain.

The Internet does not make you stupid, your use of the Internet makes you stupid!

We humans are deeply ignorant about mostly everything, which is why intellectual caution is warramted.

I don't mind the ignorance so much as the confidence people have in their ignorant views.

We cannot understand what we cannot understand Yet we think we can.

What is fake philosophy?

Facts do not determine the truth.

Reading various philosophers isn't research abut facts. It is more like trying different hypnotists.

Things sometimes onlu make sense in our own easily understandable universe.

Old people (and form a numerical point of view I am one of them) are after all failures. Fail to exist, just as well failed to raise perfect kids, or be a hero, or even figure anything our.

Leaving high school behind. Shed skin to reveal a new you but actually just same you.

Life is single click.

Illusions, not delusions.

Every philosophy book is the last book in philosophy.
That is what being a philosophy book is.

We cannot write a book called Theory of Knowledge if there is no such thing as knowledge.
Or it would be a different book, explaining both its appeal and how the illusions of knowledge are accomplished.

We are inclined to say, but we are also inclined to understand.

Millennials can't seem to boogie down; they are all boogied up.

Creation may be a miracle but death is even more. How can you get nothing our of something?

A book may have a point of view, but I don't have a point of view in the same way: I am willing to change.

No one simply "understands" a philosopher. That is why there are so many commentators and teachers.

The world is not a puzzle to be solved.
The puzzle is what the world is.

We can all rationally share certain long-term aims:

  • We want humans to thrive in the long run.
  • We recognize a certain equality among all humans.
  • We do not want a war, genocide, terror, plague, atomic war.
  • We do not want racism (not least because that does not work) and will get out of hand; atomic war,
  • Pollution and global warming
  • Extinction of rich animal life on planet
  • Growth of leisure arts. (like we like through short term reasons, and understandings.

The ideals of youth are but a temporary cloak. Whatever the cloaks may be, they are temporary. As we age, we may lose the energy to carry on the multiplicities of a detailed cloak, we need a more comprehensive view. This is death for the cloak. It, and we, no longer fit the part.

Now I am old and find many aspects of being young tiring. So who is the most human, the young me or the old me?
(What the young have going on is often foolish, often trivial, and sometimes dangerous, so there is that.)

When you get right down to it there is no right way to get down.

We love our oversimplifications. We can stop thinking.

We have wallpaper of understanding.

We don't know what we don't know,

I am waiting for something to rehappen.

There is no minute like the last minute.

The hardest things to be open to is ignorance,

Philosophers take a memorable conceptual step forward and then have to rest.

All men are equal. We know this not only cognitively bit viscerally. Not just dignity (a clever answer stops the thinking process)

Some thoughts cannot be understood... including this one.

Truth, that guilty pleasure.

It is far too easy to construct your own version of reality.

The cry of the atheist: there is no help, but we can help ourselves,
or not.

Is there a god we own allegiance to or not?
Sometimes His non-existence would be the bigger gift.

Are you allowed to have inappropriate thoughts?

no doub't

I am having an out of mind experience.

Many brooks make the lake.

Do not confuse yourself with your appearance.

I gather my thoughts like in Pokemon Go.

You can talk about reality all you want
as long as you don't really think
you are actually talking about reality.

Too many people are confusing understanding with likes.

What should we say about the world?
How should we understand what we say about the world?

Marijuana shuts off a number of monitoring and evaluation systems.
Why would this make reality more real and enjoyable?

As humans we are hardly omni-scient;
we are barely bi-scient.

As age buckles our armor, we respond with repairs and denials.

Why do we feel a pull to reveal our political position?

At bottom, it is just Americans and immigrants.

Of course we read for conclusions, we have to have conclusions.
What would be the alternative?

Perhaps I should stop thinking that I am going to decease my way out of this.
(Though it is of some comfort.)

Also, don't pull the river.

I am not either or.
I am more or less (more or less).

Humans need food and shelter.
Cool shelter.

Most of my thoughts are shitposts.

We are all extras.

In the world of the future you will interact with characters in a tv series.

Fuck the Zeitgeist is my new Zeitgeist.


You are never too old to forget how old you are.

I would like an app to take away all references to Trump and his reality show politics on my Google News page.
The drama gets in the way of reporting on and fixing real problems because they do not surface.

The new name of my philosophy book:

All we can do is misunderstand.
And understand that we misunderstand
even as we most likely misunderstand our misunderstanding.

Genuine philosophy must in large part function as a guardrail.

Telling people how to do philosophy is like telling people how to write great poems.

These days the answers to most questions can be found on the Internet,
leavimg us with just questions that have no clear answer.
We have been given essay questions in the humanities.

After a certain age you can no longer be killed
no longer die,
as you have already been.
How would you grade your self?
And why?

Gray lives matter.

Better than microagression is nanoagression.

My life may not be a journey as much as a junket.

Privileged lives do matter,
but they are already
very well taken-care-of.

Not only do I not know
what color my parachute is,
I also do not know
who I am.

A New Exercise Program for the old: getting up!

My mind has a mind of its own,
which in turn has a mind of its own . . .
and so on.

I like to visit San Ity.

It has been a real honor to have been given a life, my life.

Too much is going on here to be said in words, and words are intrusive.
Let us enjoy the ineffability of it all.

Has anyone seen my pearls?
I am worried the swine ate them.

I forget, as I often do, that I am crazy... or as other people would say, normal.

I am at the beach.
The experience seems beyond rational comprehension.
Indeed it puts a;; thoughts of understanding it out of your mind.

I'm not sure you can bring great joy to anyone's life, but you sure can help them out.

In the future, all cars will be police cars.

Let nothing stand in your way. . . except reality.

Usually honesty is honored because it is part of a process of recognition and change.

We are too focused on the world going round.
The world, if we reconfigure our heads slightly,
also goes forward,
and at times backwards.

I have seen what was once harmless become anathema,
and the morally impermissible
become permissible.

I am a senior now.
I will be graduating soon.

Do not confuse yourself with your appearance.

We are too tied in with the world going round. It also goes forward, and possibly backward.

For many questions,
the answers do not matter.

What did people do before they had all this partisan wrangling over a dysfunctional corrupt sex-scandal administration to occupy their minds?

We have opinions on everything.
At least that is the ways the philosophers see it.
We philosophersthink opinions really matter.

We swim around in our life.

What do I deserve?
This question is traditionally answered by religions.

One way to achieve
more world peace
is for me
to be
more peaceful.

God rubs those
who rub themselves.

It's better to not know things you could know,
than to not know things you cannot know.

The forest that frightens you
is not
the true forest.

So many people shooting their fingers off on Twitter.

That strange malaise:
to think we are victims of democracy.

We're not so much privileged as indulged.

I get the picture —
it's not a picture!

You want to change who runs society,
but in no case will it be you.

The internet is like a mirror;
if an ape looks in, an ape looks out.
[apologies to Lichtenberg]

Life is single click.

Today genuine emotions are not frowned upon as much as semi-mocked.
We stand outside
and fail to share.

Nothing but gods, as far as the eyes can see.

"On the other hand, I have had several near-life experiences."

I am on an extended vacation from non-being.

All views are partial views.

In books
I can hang out with my kind
of snobs.

all sorts of things slide out from your particular conception
of things.

Why is arting not a word?

. . . or at least
rock and roll should not

A thing that did not live up to its hype in my life
was moonlight,
(though sunlight did.)

Enjoying art is an art.

Young people are radicals, looking to make stable molecules.

Can I ever convince you
or can I just convince myself
I could convince you?
(But that is not it at all.)

Does voting matter?
What a complex question!
Only a fool would answer it.

Don't repeat too many things you don't fully understand yourself,
even if you are the one who thought of them.
(Such as this one for example.)

Perhaps everything I think about the world should perhaps be prefaced with the word "perhaps."

I should not see the people around me as being in my way,
but as being my mission.

In my house,
my name is a household word.

In the future we will have classes on when and how to remain private.

indeed | undeed

Many laws are but somewhat random restrictions
and privileges.
I am more bothered by policies
which disregard equal rights
and deny respect to others
especially those that are different from us.
This I believe
and though I am not a Christian,
this seems deeply unchristian.
All are my equals,
even the stupid ones.

Maybe being stoned isn't all that great.
But neither is being straight.

Modernity Tip:
After every horrible thing you think
and think you have to share
and do share,
always add an LOL at the end of it
to lighten the tone.

One of the deep gifts of aging is the release from our dreams.
What can I do but live each day.
I am too old to get a new jobs or start a long-term project.
For what is a dream but a dissatisfaction with the present?

People are like a landscape,
Each person its own world,
some more interesting to us than others,
but usually we barely look at the landscape.
And an important thing people have in common
is their reality.

Sex and gender may be different but the words "male" and "female", "man" and "woman" are used to denote both.

Since we cannot sum up the world
(whatever that means)
in a metaphor or two
we should get beautiful metaphors to think about the world.

The most difficult position to take on the burning social issues of the day is that we can't take a firm position on one side or the other—the issues are too complex.

The philosopher
shuts out the world,
hoping to create a better one.

The roads diverge.
The roads are taken

The world is going crazy and it doesn't need to be that way.
But people don't see that.

There are things
you should not
you can know.

We disagree vehemently about politics
but we have in common
an obsession with the same politics.
Perhaps this partly because we no longer share the same TV show. Politics is our new TV show.

You can't think about the future.
Whatever you say is at best an educated guess
and beside the future
is at all times a mindbogglingly contextualized.
The future, like the present, is a multiplicity.

Perhaps everything I say can be prefaced with the word "perhaps."

Unmind your mind.

Is this intelligent design?
Hardly though aspects of it defines what intelligence is.

Aspirin is my new comfy chair

Being with Linda
my life
a complete success.


I am B-OK.

I find it harder and harder to believe honey comes from bees.
(There is so much honey everywhere.)

I see that your happiness is making you sick.
I'm afraid you will have to give up happiness.

Our minds are bimbos of thoughtfulness. Miss Americas caught in the klieg lights of reason
covering ourselves with a ready made meme.

Perhaps life can be understood but this will not preclude us from having to live it.

The harmonica is not a mouth harp.
It is a mouth accordion.

The internet is a great place to get away from thinking.

The social network
lets you sleep safely in the bosom of your peers.

There cannot be one understanding of reality
but you have to keep looking anyway,
and think there is an understanding of reality.

We love our conclusions more than we love the truth.
We love simplicity more than we love truth.
We love our understanding more than we love truth.

We think different things about reality in the course of a day. So what is thinking definitively about reality?
Well, unimportant for one.

We're living for likes.

Chritianity has many good things,
but we should not make a religion out of it.

Ethnicity, like nationalism or race or religion, should be a spice, not the main ingredient.

Most people: Connect the dot la la la...

In a dream,
even if you were to look something up in the dream's academic library,
it would not make any difference
on the truth of what you were researching.

But also, of course you can step in the same stream twice.

With enough processing power,
each of us could have our own perosnalized Wikipedia

At least I'll get a breathing participation award.

Dividing the world into nations
and then giving nations weapons of mass destruction
is a demonstrated recipe for disaster.

There is philosophy and the study of philosophy?
There is theology and the study of theology.

Philosophers present alternative coherences.

By the way,
do you mind if we skip the actual proof
since it is so complicated
and just jump to the conclusion?

FYI is not I.
FYI is seldom FYI.

YEAR 2019

Most people can't really distinguish the past from fantasy.
The important thing to keep in mind is that it did not happen all that long ago.
We think we had changed and put that genie in the bottle of history books

I made a bad them, but eventually I made a good me.

Our decoder ring is our understanding.
Our decoder ring is our understanding is our decoder ring.

If David Attenborough has taught me anything he has taught me that we are first of all food to each other.

Understanding music does not absolve you from having to experience it.
Understanding life does not absolve you of living it.

Life experienced, and language as well, is a river of chords.

There are chords of truth.

Nationhood is more of a stance than a narrative.

I am marooned here with all these other people around me.

It's all fun and games until the glaciers show up.

It's not clear that big government is the problem.
Bad government is the problem.

One should not judge a theory on its defensibility,
because a theory not simply true or false.

You don't understand language
if you don't understand you can't understand language.

I cannot imagine a world without music.

Think of a world without music.
That is what a world without philosophy would be like.

Musicians are exceptional people
pretending they are us.

Many so-called philosophic questions don't seem worth answering.
They are more in the nature of a competition.

We might think we want a unified philosophical theory.
Consider that there have always been a variety of religions.

There is no world peace because our "leaders" will not permit it.
Conflict strengthens authority.

There are many fortunate among us.

One dark lesson as we internetwork the Internet is that you are powerless to change another person's opinion.
It is painful to lose that crutch.

People have their beliefs.
They're a bit like their furniture.
But what people really like to do
is to defend their beliefs.

Thinking about who will run for present is avoiding the real issues.
One of which is, what to do,
and how to do it.

So we are a stream of people who communicate in little packets of information
using the language language.

We cannot comprehend the time scale of evolution,
with its depths of connections and miracles.
Even as it is a game of Survivors.

Then there is our immense sense of self-importance.
We love to think we were created by the most powerful being in the universe,
in its very image.
we think he made this world for us
to do with as we please,
as we are all that matters.
(More likely we are but a phenomenon.)

Instead of documenting the complexities of philosophy, you can throw out the whole enterprise and simply be happy.

I don't want to die.
I want to read tomorrows news.
I want to be around for season 2038 of this show
The plot has thickened.

I must pretend to be what I am.

A man's house used to be is his castle.
Today it is a glass cell.

Before god comes, there is the antigod.

Where do we get off?

Time will tell
but time tells different stories to different people.

Before the truths, come the antitruths.

Sometimes you've got to cover up the mirror.

Can we imagine a world without celebrities, legends, major accomplishers?

Everything you see, you should meta-see.

My path is the path of no paths.

People are drugged with spring.

You're probably the only person in the world who thinks you are not old.

I have never mat anyone high on life.
Life is a bad drug.
That's why we like to get high.

Everyone is on the spectrum now.

And who created God?
It's gods, all the way up!

The group has extended from the relatively civilized discourse of educated men and women, academics, theologians or politicians.
Now anyone can comment on anything, with small scruples and large egos.
Certainty is cultivated.
Things are presented with a sense of insight and beliefs,
often with contempt for those who think differently.

I've got nothing to say,
but (not sure) it's ok.

The American dream was mostly a European dream.

We substitute our understanding of the world for the world.

Over-reacting is reacting.

A name for a something:
The Last of the Great Mall Walkers

There should be a Reality App on your phone
that alerts you to things happening around you
and records the best parts for you.

The future has its own future.

We can say there are no tribes,
but look how easily we join them.

I want to see how good I can be at understanding the universe.

In times of peace, the main drama of people is illness or disease.

Perhaps all I can do is keep taking small steps, as the journey is said to be of a thousand miles.
I step along until I realize there is no journey.

It's the truthiness stupid.

Reality is a fantasy.

Philosophical sentences are like musical compositions, works to be performed.

Would you call someone enlightened,
who has found the perfect combination of drugs to achieve happiness?

Grammar Idea: a GoFundMe to change the spelling of "where" to "hwere", "what" to "hwat"
and (hwy not) "who" to "hwo."

We are becoming helicopter humans.

When I look at my fellow aged,
I look for a certain wink, a smile of conspiracy.
We have lived out life.
Oh we may not have been all that good at it,
and we wasted a lot of time.
But we got our shot, our ride, our journey our self, our memories, our four score and ten.
Even if someone were to kill me,
they actually could not kill me.
I have already been me.

When I was young I loved to read the classics and feel,
there us a person who I like to be
and with whom I feel a connection or community.
An early virtual community.
Now I want to feel there us a thirty year old who thinks like me.
But what did I know at thirty?

The limits of reality is a mirage,
A wall,
we paint on the walls of our knowledge.

All the philosophical questions we have are spectator sports.
But that may not be bad.

Philosophers are their own reward.

What do people think they should have an opinion on?

We all have a secret fantasy of who we are,
or who we might be,
if it weren't for all these losers around me.

Just because a statement is not simply true,
does not mean it is a simply false statements.

Clickbait is a less profound version of
and handlebait.

If you can't comment something nice,
don't comment anything at all.

As I am getting old, I realize I may not be able to solve all some any of the world's problems.

I don't have much time left to be happy.
I sure hope I have learned how to be happy?

And who created god?
It's gods—all the way up.

Youth is just a number.

Evolve or die.

Will I ever be winded again?

We think that if we figure out about the world it would mean little,
but we don't know that. It might not.

In philosophy your answers will only appeal to those
looking for your kind of answers.

The demons you fight need not exists.

Consciousness dances
but who composes the tunes?

Consciousness can be an honorific.

Socialism means many things — at once.

Driving through the west we hit zones of no cell connectivity.
We are out of brainge.

People need thrills
distractions and excitement
sitting safely in a chair.

Our self is a virtual self
concocted of dreams

In the future
our movies of missiles and rockets will seem like medieval movie where people made really big hammers.

True knowledge knows there is no true knowledge.

To write we must adopt several implausible and unconvincing beliefs,
The primary one being that we have something of importance to write.

No one notices reality.

We are reality.

We argue with our limited understandings,
in part because we love to fight.

Hope is in the task.
It might be to conform to God's wishes and plans, fight one's enemies, or to fix up the earth and deal with what we have done.

I think therefore I am
But I do many things without thinking.

Build a nest,
or, sadly, nests,
for the thoughtful contemplatives.

We ended up living in the virtual world
which we think of as the actual world.

And who is this person who thinks like me,
when it is far form obvious I think much at all?

I don't think
I read.

If we could hear ourselves think,
we would not understand it.

Don't even think you can think,

If liberalism is not true then conservatism is not true either.

The simplest way to think if not better, but more accurately,
would be to pluralize most concepts.
Instead of truth we have truths,
and knoweldges, moralities, selves, etc.

Don't step on my values.

What makes you think you know anything about reality?

A lazy day.
At least I didn't waste the morning by not wasting the morning.

"You're fat shaming!"
"You're shame shaming!"

One of the basic philosophical mistakes is to assume there are philosophical answers.

The Twitter Mafia: "That's a nice little reputation you have here..."

I am grandstepdad.

There is no one thing we are.
We are a composite, a bouillabaisse of mindings.

I am a village of limited mental processes

How can the world change its consciousness, if you cannot change your consciousness.

The smartest among us is still looking out their own window, no matter how grand a view.

Old people tend to run out of pep.

In fight between reason and certainty, back reason.

The real problems in modeling life is that no one understands life.

In life we appear in many plays, or contests.

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