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    I am made in the image of a flawed god.
    Disability is the new retirement.
    Connect the knots.
    Let's make Post Falls great again!

    Today I wore the same clothes I wore yesterday: deja moi!
    I love Bob Dylan, but he has made a few terrible albums: his Christmas album and his Sinatra covers come to mind. These would be hard to bottom. My suggestion: Dylan sings patriotic songs.
    We cannot imagine that we cannot imagine things we cannot imagine.
    Idea for a website:
    Sitting and Thinking in America.
    People are invited to sit in public spaces and share their thoughts about America, their community community, what they think, and where (we think) we are.
    What is it like to be human?
    Don't ask me. I just live here.
    (Art my Age:)
    I am living on thin ice.

    We may be in a knowledge-based economy, but we live in an ignorance-based social order.
    What is the rational response to this election?
    What about: This election is irrational!
    Or, the decision to vote for one candidate over another is not a rational decision?
    We are ignorant of so much that goes on in or outside us.
    We live blindly.
    We can shine a flashlight of consciousness and onto the inner machinery, but we have no idea how all this works.
    Language is used to communicate.
    The problem is that language is used to communicate among humans, with all their excrescences and foolishness.
    Isn't life the perfect thing
    to pass the time away?

    Mason Williams
    Why can't we all just get alon — oh right; assholes.
    Mat Johnson on Twitter 8/13/16
    I like to think I can think
    Suicide is a very late term abortion.

    I too might vote for Trump... if he were running as a Democrat... and I a little more thoughtless.

    There is a race between miscegenation and race.


    7.20    The Multi-Tasking Mind

    ... The human mind, consisting of the conscious mind and and the processes working to create a conscious mind, is an entity that is constantly multi-tasking. We are unaware of most of these "tasks" and furthermore it is not to be taken for granted that we can adequately speak | think of them.
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    7.17     Future Fears

    As robots become able to handle more and more of human tasks, what will become of humans? When only robots work, what happens to the dignity of work?

    As robots become able to drive, they will drive better and be highly coordinated. Humans will not be able to keep up and will be excluded from the Robots-Only roads. Another skill becomes a hobby. The interaction on the road is a real part of my respect for my fellow human beings. It is certainly not from reading the comment thread about politics.

    Robots can do swarms
    and swarms frighten us deeply.

    Appeal of Zombie movies:
    Though the media and the religions tell my fellow humans are is wonderful, witty and scared, they often seem dumb as zombies. And the media shows me a mindful of instances where they can be dangerous.

    Skills rotting on the vine.
    Finding. Knowing.
    ("I'll just Google it.")

    Skills are optional.
    Building on skills are no longer possible.
    We do not have skills in common.

    We have an unknown number of hooks for crowds,
    for being in
    and for being afraid of.

    July 12, 2016

    God is an atheist.

    It simplifies our life to keep others simple.

  • Internet / RedditInternet / Reddit

    Thinking stops thinking.

    Be suspicious of things that make the world so simple you can understand it.

    Of course authoritarianism is coming.

    iHuman: We are more danger from genetically engineered humans than robots.

    it is one thing to say philosophy sucks, another to engage in non-suck philosophy.

    Please don't substitute action for thinking. It is easier to blow it up and knock it down, and enter the simpler world of action, pain, danger.

    June 8, 2016

    Sleep is insidious. You wake up and suddenly it's later!

    I am constantly reinventing myself, even though I have yet to invent myself.

    as ignorant as a computer.

  • Internet / ffffound.comInternet / ffffound.com

    The mind is not the smartest organ in the body.

    The mind is clickbait.

    We think without thinking.

    March 26, 2016

    We tend to anthropomorphize humans.

    The hatchet, buried or not, flies back into the hand.

    The danger of thinking outside the box is that most of the people you want to speak to are in the box.

        plus ça change...

    We think in nets even as we think we think in names.

    The limits of language is not as interesting as what goes on right in the middle of language.

    I trust society because the people in my society ignore me.

    February 28, 2016

    You can say it but you can't understand it.

  • inside a violininside a violin

    The meaning may be the use, but we cannot describe the use.

    We often substitute knowing how to find the answer for the answer.

    We think something thing is like something else that is many ways isn't like that thing at all! How are we able to do that? Why is that?

    February 3, 2016

    The past is always safe.

    You cannot get out of your culture becuause you cannot de-educate yourself.

  • Sarah Fitzimons - http://www.sarahfitzsimons.net/homeSarah Fitzimons - http://www.sarahfitzsimons.net/home

    If you think you understand Wittgenstein, you don't understand Wittgenstein because you don't understand "understand."

    What would it be like to have a different history? Isn't history just something we have been told?

    It's organized but you cannot comprehend it. The truth cannot be put into words. Or into a sentence. Of course it can be said. Anything can be said in words.But words are not the truth. | reality. Stream of consciousness is a river, rivers of consciousness. Make the Multiple things going on: partial things.


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