Before the truths, come the antitruths.


Sometimes you've got to cover up the mirror.


Time will tell
but time tells different stories to different people.


Where do we get off?


The only good thing about your option is that all your other options are worse.


The body is more than a vehicle for genes to reproduce themselves.
It is like the space program, the got us to go the moon but look here is Tang!


A man's house used to be is his castle.
Today a man's house is his glass cell.


Double entendres, of the philosophical kind need to be stated in single entendres.


I must pretend to be what I am.


Compared to Trump all the Democratic candidates seem so human.


ME: Can I get you anything from downstairs?
Wife: Can you get me water . . . and ice?
ME: Do you think I am made of refrigerators?


We are a stream of people who communicate in little packets of information
using the language language.


One problem is that all we can do on the internet is disagree.


In the future the computers may read your screen as you type.


Or you could get glasses that will tell you exactly who each person is whom you see aorund you.


People enjoy having their beliefs.
But what people really like to do
is to defend their beliefs.


The slowness of age means
I cannot play so many simultaneous games.


I have gone through my life without an identified identity,
though I have played a number of roles.
Was that a faux pas
a mistake,
a character flaw?


If music did not exist,
it would be necessary to invent it.


Our fundamental points of view are supported in part by fantasies.


The only good thing about your option is that all your other options are worse.


A new catchphrase: "It doesn't suck to be you."


Musicians are exceptional people
pretending they are us.


Think of a world without music.
That is what a world without philosophy would be like.


Perhaps we don't need an identity
but it is a fun thing to play with.


Thoughtless minds and mindless thoughts.


Thoughtless thoughts and
mindless minds.


Old age is a time to figure out who you were.


A good case can be made for a reality.


A new show: What's my Meme?


Understanding music does not absolve you from having to experience it.
Understanding life does not absolve you of living it.


Think of words as piano keys.
Who knows what a gifted musician can do.


About the Internet:
How did it get to be possible for total strangers to trash talk each other
when, in the cosmic sense,
we are all on the same team?
Some people believe we are here to fight, as in a thunderdome.
And how is it possible that we all watch this?
like the ring of students standing around to watch a school fight.


Much of what makes our contemporary lives so convenient and easy is bad for the planet.
The same is true for our economy.


In philosophy religion politics and academia, there are chords of truth.


Good not to know.


The thing with our perception of reality
is that we don't have anything to compare it to.


Is it that we feel we can at least give a nudge—no matter how small—to the zeitgeist?


A Twitter mob is like a Greek Chorus.


Not only don't we understand understanding,
we should at least consider the theory that
with our limited human understanding,
we cannot understand understanding.


We cannot give up what we never had.


Twitter is a form of ADHD


Atomic weapons have taken all the fun out of war.


Current politics is a reality show
where you in the audience
are constantly being drawn aside for your opinions
which do not matter in the slightest.


The media should preface things Trump says with "Further evidence that Trump is losing his mind: "


If you don't believe in consciousness,
what is it you don't believe in?
is most likely a question that should not be answered.


The Teenager's Guide to the Real World
that can be written
is not the true
Teenager's Guide to the Real World.


Do not confuse clicks with quality.


We're living for likes.


Religion has many good things,
but we should not make a religion out of it.


Ethnicity, like nationalism or race or religion, should be a spice, not the main ingredient.


Most people: Connect the dot la la la...


In a dream,
even if you were to look something up in the dream's academic library,
it would not make any difference
on the truth of what you were researching.


But also, of course you can step in the same stream twice.


With enough processing power,
each of us could have our own Wikipedia


Most people aren't looking for anything like a philosophical understanding of the world.
And I
don't know what it would be to be like that.


At least I'll get a breathing participation award.


Dividing the world into nations
and then giving nations weapons of mass destruction
is a demonstrated recipe for disaster.


Why theology?


There is philosophy and the study of philosophy?
There is theology and the study of theology.


Philosophers present alternative coherences.


By the way,
do you mind if we skip the actual proof
since it is so complicated
and just go to the conclusion?


FYI is not I.
FYI is seldom FYI.


The social network
lets you sleep safely in the bosom of your peers.


The harmonica is not a mouth harp.
It is a mouth accordion.


I am B-OK.




I see that your happiness is making you sick.
I'm afraid you will have to give up happiness.


We think different things about reality in the course of a day. So what is thinking definitively about reality?
Well, unimportant for one.


Is this intelligent design?
Hardly though aspects of it defines what intelligence is.


There cannot be one understanding of reality
but you have to keep looking anyway,
and think there is an understanding of reality.


I never trusted myself deeply enough.
So no one else did either.


I find it harder and harder to believe honey comes from bees.
(There is so much honey everywhere.)


The non-gendered look is a Western burkha.


Aspirin is my new comfy chair


Don't look for categories.
Look between the categories.


Being with Linda
my life
a complete success.


The internet is a great place to get away from thinking.


Perhaps life can be understood but this will not preclude us from having to live it.


We love our conclusions more than we love the truth.
We love simplicity more than we love truth.


Our minds are bimbos of thoughtfulness. Miss Americas caught in the klieg lights of reason
covering ourselves with a a ready made meme,


Don't repeat too many things you don't fully understand yourself,
even if you are the one who thought of them.
(Such as this one for example.)


The roads diverge.
The roads are taken


Does voting matter?
What a complex question!
Only a fool would answer it.


Can I ever convince you
or can I just convince myself
I could convince you?
(But that is not it at all.)


Modernity Tip:
After every horrible thing you think
and think you have to share
and do share,
always add an LOL at the end of it
to lighten the tone.


There are things
you should not
you can know.


Many laws are but somewhat random restrictions
and privileges.
I am more bothered by policies
which disregard equal rights
and deny respect to others
especially those that are different from us.
This I have bought into.
And though I am not a Christian,
this seems deeply unchristian.
All are my equals,
even the stupid ones.


We disagree vehemently about politics
but we have in common
an obsession with the same politics.
Perhaps this partly because we no longer share the same TV show.


People are like a landscape,
Each person its own world,
some more interesting to us than others,
but usually we barely look at the landscape.
And an important thing people have in common
is their reality. it is real.


You can't think about the future.
Whatever you say is at best an educated guess
and beside the future
is at all times a mindbogglingly contextualized.
The future, like the present, is a multiplicity.


The most difficult position to take on the burning social issues of the day is that we can't take a firm position on one side or the other—the issues are too complex.


One of the deep gifts of aging is the release from our dreams.
What can I do but live each day.
I am too old to get a new jobs or start a long-term project.
For what is a dream but a dissatisfaction with the present?


If a transgender person wants to be called a woman, should the word have an asterisk behind it?


Sex and gender may be different but the words "male" and "female", "man" and "woman" are used to denote both.


In the future we will have classes on when and how to remain private.


indeed | undeed


Unmind your mind.


In my house,
my name is a household word.


The philosopher
shuts out the world,
hoping to create a better one.


Everything I think about the world should perhaps be prefaced with the word "perhaps."


How many times have we clicked don't save when we should have clicked save?


Maybe being stoned isn't all that great.
But neither is being straight.


The world is going crazy and it doesn't need to be that way.
But people don't see that.


Since we cannot sum up the world
(whatever that means)
in a metaphor or two
we should get beautiful metaphors to think about the world.


I should not see the people around me as being in my way,
but as being my mission.


For many questions,
the answers do not matter.


What did people do before they had all this partisan wrangling over a dysfunctional corrupt sex-scandal administration to occupy their minds?
Asking for a friend.


We have opinions on everything.
At least that is the ways the philosophers see it.
We think opinions really matter.


We swim around in our life.


What do I deserve?
This question is traditionally answered by religions.


"little problem" or "a little problem"


One way to achieve
more world peace
is for me
to be
more peaceful.


God rubs those
who rub themselves.


It's better to not know things you could know,
than to not know things you could not know.


The forest that frightens you
is not
the true forest.


People shooting off their fingers on Twitter.


That strange malaise:
to think we are victims of democracy.


We're not so much privileged as indulged.


Regarding conceptual foundations:
Even a picture of a building must have a foundation.


I am the center of my world,
but we are not the center of our world.


I get the picture —
it's not a picture!


You want to change who runs society,
but in no case will it be you.


The internet is like a mirror;
if an ape looks in, an ape looks out.
[apologies to Lichtenberg]


Life is single click


Are we not here for happiness?


Today genuine emotions are not frowned upon as much as semi-mocked.
We stand outside
and fail to share.


Nothing but gods, as far as the eyes can see.


"On the other hand, I have had several near-life experiences."


Maybe inventing language wasn't such a good idea.


Was ordinary language philosophy more than a move in the game of philosophy?


I am on an extended vacation from death.


All views are partial views.


in books
I can hang out with my kind
of snobs


all sorts of things slide out from your particular conception
of things


Musicians outgrow things that appeal to a majority,
including novelty—things that appeal across the broadest spectrum—and burn out in gorgeous displays of inventivenesses.


Why is arting not a word?


. . . or at least
rock and roll should not


A thing that did not love up to its hype in my life
was moonlight,
(though sunlight did.)


I would like an app to take away all references to Trump and his reality show politics on my Google News page.
The drama gets in the way of reporting on and fixing real problems because they do not surface.


The new name of my philosophy book:


All we can do is misunderstand.
And understand that we misunderstand
even as we most likely misunderstand our misunderstanding.


Genuine philosophy must in large part function as a guardrail.


Telling people how to do philosophy is like telling people how to write great poems.


These days the answers to most questions can be found on the Internet,
leavimg us with just questions that have no clear answer.
We have been given essay questions in the humanities.


After a certain age you can no longer be killed
no longer die,
as you have already been.
How would you grade your self?
And why?


Gray lives matter.


Peace is an attitude.


Better than microagression is nanoagression.


My life may not be a journey as much as a junket.


Privileged lives do matter,
but they are already
very well taken-care-of.


Not only do I not know
what color my parachute is,
I also do not know
who I am.


A New Exercise Program for the old: getting up!


A celebrity face invites...
there can be no rejection.


Would our attitude to immigrants change if we only let pretty people immigrate?


My mind has a mind of its own,
which in turn has a mind of its own . . .
and so on.


I like to visit San Ity


It has been a real honor to have been given a life, my life.


Too much is going on here to be said in words, and words are intrusive.
Let us enjoy the ineffability of it all.


Has anyone seen my pearls?
I am worried the swine ate them.


I forget, as I often do, that I am crazy... or as other people would say, normal.


I am at the beach.
The experience seems beyond rational comprehension.
Indeed it puts thoughts of understanding it out of your mind.


I'm not sure you can bring great joy to anyone's life, but you sure can help them out.


In the future, all cars will be police cars.


Let nothing stand in your way. . . except reality.


Usually honesty is honored because it is part of a process of recognition and change.


We are too focused on the world going round.
The world, if we reconfigure our heads slightly,
also goes forward,
and at times backward.


I have seen what was once harmless become anathema,
and the morally impermissible
become permissible.


Many brooks make the lake.


Demonic thoughts are not put into our heads by a demon.
We are the demon.
We are partly demonic.
and that is only partly bad.


Do not confuse yourself with your appearance.


I gather my thoughts like in Pokemon Go.


and yet we disagree in our simplicities. And think there is no unreachable destination.


You can talk about reality all you want
as long as you don't really think
you are actually talking about reality.


Too many people are confusing understanding with likes.


What should we say about the world?
How should we understand what we say about the world?


What would be good reasons for granting a thought plausibility?


Marijuana shuts off a number of monitoring and evaluation systems.
Why would this make reality more real and enjoyable?


As humans we are hardly omni-scient;
we are barely bi-scient.


As age buckles the armor, we respond with repairs and denials.


Why do we feel a pull to reveal our political position?


At bottom, it is just Americans and immigrants.


Of course we read for conclusions, we have to have conclusions.
What would be the alternative?


Perhaps I should stop thinking that I am going to decease my way out of this.
(Though it is of some comfort.)


Our impotence is our shield.


Also, don't pull the river.


T-shirt that says:


I am embarrassed by what my country does,
but now more than ever, I am also ashamed.


I am not either or.
I am more or less (more or less).


Humans need food and shelter.
Cool shelter.