Thoughts of a privileged white male:
I prefer slightly hard water.

We cannot possibly understand what is covered by what we call "history."
We can however call our limited understanding "history."
(Over time uur simplistic explanations change.)

The Internet empowers idiots and alternative realities by letting a group of them find each other and converge together.
Normally many ridiculous beliefs are held down by social pressure.

We probe the complex all-at-one-nessly, and ultimately incomprehensible, reality with metaphors.
And why do metaphors work?
In our multitasking minds, many simultaneous processes are making comparisons other knowledges and emotions of our subconscious, using at best semi-conscious multitasking.

The question is not only how an atheist should think about the religious person after they themselves embark on the spiritual path of atheism,
but equally, how should the religious person think of the atheist?

I want quality senior moments.

I am an adynamist: I do not believe in the Force.

"Sure as shootin'"
I had the meaning of that ohrase all wrong for all my seventy-one years.

No news is no bad news.

We are not allowed to disparage people of a certain race, gender, sexual-orientation, religion etc. but we are allowed to disparage liberals and/or conservatives.
How is that possible?

What did people look at before they looked at their phones?
Perhaps "looking" is the wrong metaphor here.

With a few exceptions, the military does not make us more secure. By using up money that could better be spent on health care and useful factories and infrastructure, the military makes us less secure.

If the military was necessary we would need to win wars. For the last seventy years the US has lost nearly every war (Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq) and it has made no difference to our nation(except to our national debt).

I could use a word-processor that saves to several locations at once, say to my hard drive and a cloud drive.

In modern warfare
machines fight machines.
When the best machines win,
then what happens?

Epistemology in a nutshell:
Epistemology cannot be presented in a nutshell.

It's not the tome but the thought.

We speak | think | understand in misleading terms.

Fuck the Zeitgeist
is my new Zeitgeist.

At my age,
in my life,
there is not enough life to go around.

I wanted to have a page of actual monitored news.
What would that be? Without all those things that are not news, the People Magazine of news.
So what is news?
To what extent is it individual, news to you?
What should be news?
Do we need any news?

Should we go away and be on a mountain,
or live in the crowded town for that matter,
and not listen to any news at all?
In theory perhaps,
but it does seem mistaken to condemn all the activities that take place in our equally supsect human social practices.

Nationalism takes competition, and battles, to be the paramount activity of human societies.
We must get beyond this.

Nationalism — out duty is to the state,
and not the other way around.

I am in danger of losing my faith in the stability of the state.

AS we age we must guard against solving the question of our being by adopting a truncated notion of being.

Musicians are the ones that actually do something worthwhile in life —
by creating musical beauty.

The question is: what can we do?
For most of us of course the answer is nothing.
And those who can do things, can have no idea of what they are doing.

What is wrong with nationalism?
If we don't make peace with each other, we will destroy human life on earth.
Nuclear weapons compel us to love, or die.

There is nothing wrong with the world,
the always present world.
This is after all the dance at which we are.

Meme-misunderstanding: Some men have vaginas.
I thought it meant that when we think about men, we must be thinking about women in the same honorific way.
Women can be are founding fathers.

What will make something not be science?

Weinstein Studios needs a good movie to make a comeback.
I recommend the movie Wesinstein!
Now who should we get to play the leading roles?

Government, the control mechanisms of society, which could be the solution to all sorts of problems through enlightened laws, allocation of resources, promoter of harmony, and leading by example.
Instead governments exemplifies gridlock and idiocy, all encased in corruption and easy appeals to tribalisms.
It can be done.
But how do we get rid of the assholes?

A fucked-up people will generate a fucked-up god.

In the world of the future
with the growth of AI,
you will be able interact with the characters in a TV series.
Who will learn from whom?

Do we want a multicultural culture,
or do we want many different cultures,
or both?

The world is not grokkable.

You cannot get your mind around it;
because your mind is also inside it
(not to mention somewhat small).

On our socially networked world,
we are endlessly distracted,
not so much from the world,
(admittedly a little too placidly predictable)
but from our own thoughts.
We are pulled out of ourselves.
It's all very third person.

I click
therefore I am not.

Friends and enemies is a too simplistic way to deal with the world of today.

The allure of the stupid.

The solitude of modernity.

I am always surprised
there are new melodies.